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Admittedly I'm a huge fan of the "Nylon Dungeon" series of stories found on the TMF from back in the day, and they serve as the chief inspiration for this series of Poser comic.  "The Nylon Covenant" is an ongoing Poser comic series revolving around the lives and inner workings of a secret society of men and women who, for all intents and purposes, are bonded by their love of nylon tickling.  From the uber successful corporate CEO's, doctors, and lawyers, all the way to the average daily workers, they come from all backgrounds and financial status' for one thing...the opportunity to play out their nylon tickling fantasies in real life.

Every secret society needs a headquarters, and the Nylon Covenant is no different.  Located in an undisclosed area near our nation's Capitol, underneath a large (albeit normal-looking) manor, lies the custom-built multi-million dollar facility known simply as "the playground."  The brain child of the early members of the society, it's quite the modern marvel.  At nearly 50,000 sqft, the facility is a virtual underground city.  Staffed around-the-clock by members, it boasts dozens of "play" rooms, a conference room, offices, storage/cells, and more.  One thing is for sure...there is always something interesting going on.  The facility was financed and built entirely by Covenant members, thus remaining a secret to the outside world.

But this is no peaceful hippie commune...

The reality is much more sinister.  You see, the Nylon Covenant is a dreadful place filled with the suffering and tortured laughter of women.  Women from all walks of life, from the mighty super heroines to lowly prostitutes: all are fair game when it comes to who is brought to the facility.  Brought for one purpose: to become the nylon tickle slaves of the members, living out the rest of their days as tormented property of seemingly normal people with sadistic tendencies.

If that seems like an appealing concept to you, then by all means check out my Poser comic below.

Main Sections:

Nylon Covenant BIOS & Tour - Take a guided tour through the Nylon Covenant.  Learn about the twisted and sadistic members that make up this evil organization, what their goals and desires are, the written rules of conduct, and exactly what you can expect from the comic series.

Regular Issues:

Nylon Covenant: Issue #1 - Here is the first issue in the weekly series!  Tigress has been snooping around, so the Nylon Covenant send some goons after her in the forest.  Can they capture her, or will they come up short?  The first issue in my new weekly series - look for a brand new issue to debut each and every week!  Posted January 19th, 2010!

Nylon Covenant: Issue #2 - The first official "Thursday" update issue has now been posted!  Continuing where the first issue left off, police officer Jessica is brought to the Laughing Gas Interrogation Room, which seems to be occupied by another captured female cop!  Both are subjected to laughing gas torture in this episode!  Posted January 21st, 2010!

Nylon Covenant: Issue #3 - The story continues, as heroine Tigress is moved into a holding cell and has her first encounter with a member of the Nylon Covenant...the evil "nurse" Joanna!  Tigress is tickled by some licker machines and a little bit more in this fun little episode.  Posted February 4th, 2010.

Nylon Covenant: Issue #4 - Caliente (aka Francesca) is on the prowl looking for criminals (with emphasis toward the Nylon Covenant).  Unfortunately for her, so is one of the agents for the Covenant, who crosses paths with her.  Posted February 11th, 2010.

Nylon Covenant: Issue #5 - Tigress' ordeal continues, as she's tickled by the licker machines and forced to orgasm via vibrator, before being delivered to the "Break Room."  We also see an Asian spy trussed up in the "information extraction" room, forced to orgasm over and over.  Posted February 20th, 2010.