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I've always been a huge fan of nylon tickling fiction stories, whether they be damsel-in-distress, superheroine, or anything in between.  While my own writing skills are average at best, for the longest time I've wanted to create my own nylon-oriented fictional stories dealing with all the themes I enjoy filming, so that's what I'm going to do!  Below you'll be able to find fictional stories written by me, dealing with fetish themes such as tickling, bondage, foot worship, chloro/sleepy, wrestling, superheroine, forced orgasms, lesbian domination and more...featuring many of the "characters" I've either created or filmed.  And of course, always with a slant toward pantyhose/stockings.  Since I'm VERY new to writing fiction, I would very much appreciate feedback if you like it and/or I should continue with new stories.   If you enjoy the stories please take a brief moment to email and let me know.  Thanks!

"Jungle Womyn" Stories

Jungle Womyn is the super heroine queen of the jungle, and protector of all that dwell in it, human or animal.  A tall, striking woman in her upper 30's, with long auburn-colored hair and a tanned, toned body, Jungle Womyn is a fierce warrior, but is often tamed by her weakness toward being forced to orgasm, and tickle torture.  She wears a leopard-print two-piece bra/thong and always matches it with sheer suntan pantyhose. The character is based on my very good friend Hollywood and is in her likeness.

"Jungle Womyn: The Clean Room" - Story continued from "Jungle Womyn: In Route."  Jungle Womyn has been delivered to the Nylon Covenant, and is in the care of Joanna Crawford, who has been ordered to deliver her to one of the "Happy Rooms" so Jungle Womyn's spirit and resolve may be broken.  But Joanna wants to make a stop along the way...a stop that Jungle Womyn is NOT going to enjoy!  FFFFFF/F Body & Nylon Feet Tickle Torture, Bare/Naked Tickle Torture, Lesbian/Orgasm.

"Jungle Womyn: In Route" - Continued from "Jungle Womyn: Dungeon of Laughter," we now find Jungle Womyn tied up in the back of an SUV being driven by two sexy women in route to the Nylon Covenant.  Who said car rides are boring, as one of the ladies decides to have a little F/F tickling and nylon foot worshiping fun with Jungle Womyn before their arrival.

"Jungle Womyn: Dungeon of Laughter" - Jungle Womyn is after a white slavery group she suspects operates out of a seedy S&M Club.  But her investigation has hysterical results...and not in the way she'll enjoy!  A MMMM/F and FFF/F Tickling/Sleepy story...this is my first ever fiction story I've written.  Went together quickly, but I like the simplicity of it.

"Tomi Kat" Cat Burglar Stories

Tomi Kat is the super heroine thief alter ego of Tomiko, world famous philanthropist & fashion model, who uses her stealthy cat-like ability to right the wrongs in the world.  A gorgeous Asian-American woman in her upper 30's, Tomi Kat stalks the night, looking for criminals.  She wears a black form-fitting catsuit, and for extra-stealthiness, sheer suntan or black pantyhose.  Super ticklish, she often ends up in situations where she's tickle tortured beyond belief (among other naughty things), with only her will to survive saving her.  The character is based on my good friend Tomiko and her likeness.

"Tomi Kat: Unwilling Nylon Foot Model" Part 1 - Tomi Kat, the black catsuit-wearing super heroine thief, has set her sights upon shutting down a sleazy fetish smut producer, but encounters a little more than she bargained for during her sneak & peek mission.  Nylon Fetish, Nylon Tickle Torture, & Sleepy/Chloroform Play.  M/F.

"Carter & Lane: FCU" Stories

"Carter & Lane: FCU" is my portrayal of hard-edge cop Christina Carter who partners with fellow detective Akira Lane, both of whom work in the special FCU (Fetish Crimes Unit), trying to solve any and all crimes that have fetish ties.  Christina and Akira often team up with fellow detective Tomiko when a crime is particularly hard to solve.  The stories below follow the adventures of Detectives Carter, Lane, and Tomiko, as they involve themselves in solving crimes, often ending up in perilious situations where they're forced to endure all kinds of torments, including extreme tickle torture, nylon foot worship, endless forced orgasms, and many, many more horrible fates.

"Carter & Lane: House of Horrors - Part 2" - The story continues, as we're introduced to the sick and twisted couple that had captured Detective Carter in Part 1, getting a glimpse into their nefarious background.  While Detectives Tomiko & Akira play some tickle games in Japan while on vacation, Detective Christina Carter is introduced to the evil couples' world of extreme tickle torture and sexual depravity.  Story Content: MF/F Nylon Foot Tickling, F/F Nylon Foot Tickling, F/F Nylon Foot Worship, MF/F Sexual Play/Forced Orgasms, Laughing Gas Play.

"Carter & Lane: House of Horrors - Part 1" - Detective Christina Carter is investigating a series of long, ongoing cases of high-end call girls being abducted, tickled and tortured, and then released, with little to no information about the criminal doing it.  All she has to go on is that it *may* be a husband and wife involved, and that they live in a large estate house.  With her fellow detectives Akira & Tomiko out on vacation visiting relatives in Japan, it falls all to Christina to solve this case.  As Christina gets closer in her investigation, she strays a little too close for her own good and ends up in the clutches of the evil husband and wife!  The first of a multi-part story, this part features M/F Tickle Torture, and F/F Forced Orgasm Play, as well as MF/F Sleepy Play (Drugged Drink) and F/F Nylon Foot Worship.