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Since I'm not a big advertiser person (I practically don't advertise my work at all), I'm always amazed at the group of fans I have that find their way to my site.  So a word to all those that enjoy my work: feel free to spread the word at sites & forums you visit, about my site and what I do.  My goal is to allow all like-minded fans to find my site, so they can enjoy the work.  Honestly, the more fans that get to see my work and send comments, or enjoy the free pics, or buy the clips, the more motivated I get to share even more.  I know some of you do this already on your own, and for that, I'm incredibly appreciative.  I don't visit other sites myself, so for all you fans that do, if you feel like putting a word out, please do so.  The more fans that get to enjoy my work (whether it be the free material on ths site, or in my store), the better!  Also, if you're a site that caters to similar interests like mine, please feel free to email me your banner so that we can do a link exchange.  Below is a banner I created to use for my site - feel free to post it.

My really good friend Kobe Lee has her own incredibly awesome personal clips store up and running, so what are you freakin' waiting for...visit this girl now!  I was very happy to help create/build the store-front for her, and I must say...it's a rockin' place!  Really cool clips hand-produced and edited by Kobe herself, you're sure to find something you love.  Also one of the ladies I try and donate some of my shoot material to, so keep an eye on her store for exclusive Heroine Universe content.  But that's nothing compared to the fantastic clips she produces herself.  One of the best models in the industry, and a close friend, Kobe is the best.  A beautiful, beautiful woman with a personality to match.

Ok, seriously...do you like Pantyhose & Stocking Fetish as much as I do?  Of course you do if you're at my site lol!  And the BEST place around to see the hottest ladies in all kinds of sexy nylons (pantyhose & stockings) is at Pantyhose Lane, one of the main sites of my friend Akira Lane.  For all the nylon lovers out there, do yourself a favor right now and just visit this site NOW.  You won't regret it.  While you're at it, check out her links section to see Akira in bondage at her other main site, Akira Bound.  Either way, this lady is incredible, as is her work.

Yes you all know I think Christina is beyond incredible.  No surprise there lol!  Definitely stop by her ONE and ONLY Official site...Christina Bound!  A good friend of mine, Christina put together a fantastic site.  This is her baby, and something she's very proud to produce and share with you, her fans.  It's an awesome site, filled with all kinds of hot erotic, glamour, fetish, bondage, super heroine, foot fetish, nylon fetish, and much, much more.  THE number one lady in the industry's site filled with wonderful content...what's not to love!?!  Get your ass movin' and visit this beautiful, talented, funny, and most of all...genuine woman's site RIGHT NOW.

This sexy chick is definitely ON FIRE!  A very good friend of mine, Fayth is a walking, talking conglomeration of fetishes.  She does it all, from balloons, to stuck fetish, to messy, wrestling, tickling, bondage, foot fetish, heroine, and everything else (probably about 30 or 40 I'm missing lol!).  Sometimes I think she creates her own fetishes (yes she's that crazy!).  Check out her clips store to see a HUGE selection of wild & crazy scenes & scenarios featuring a very talented, but more importantly, a loyal & genuine friend that definitely serves as part of my inspiration.  Visit her now!

Here's the link to my girl Tomiko's place, also known as Tomiko1!  Just take a look at my "Ladies" page to see how I feel about this incredible woman, but in a nutshell, she's an amazing actress, tremendous worker, and someone that always gives me what I want.  She is credited as the first person I ever filmed (she even had a hand in helping me get started with information & opinions).  Way back in the day I used to commission her for custom work, and she does absolutely THE BEST custom work out there.  Seriously, you will NOT find better custom work from a model, anywhere.  Her attention to detail and passion for what she does is unmatched by all.  Check out her site, and see her "Merchandise" page for her clips store(s) and DVD's.

Webkitten, the home of my very good (and incredible) friend Hollywood!  I've known and worked with Holly for quite a while, and she was the first person in the fantasy/modeling industry that I got into contact with and developed a fun working relationship.  Back in the day I used to have her do a lot of custom work for me (much of which you can find on her website - and something I'd like to review in a special section on my site one day when time permits).  I love her character "Wonder Womyn," and have filmed many private movies with that character over the years.  Holly is just amazing, does really fun (and quick turnaround!) custom DVD productions for her fans, and is a joy to film.  Some of my favorite early productions I filmed included Holly, and they'll always remain in a special place among my favorite work.  Check out this sexy chica today!


Here are some cool places I like to post adverts and/or related material.  Slumberville is the home of the Chloroforum, a great place for content and fans of chloroform/gassing/KO's!  If you're at all a fan of knockouts and sleepy play, Slumberville is YOUR home.  The TMF is the greatest tickling forum on the internet, and if you're a tickle fanatic (like me), then stop by and take a look.  Finally, the Mousepad is for all the feet lovers out there.  I'm not much of a bare foot fan, but they do have a stockings/pantyhose area for fans like me.