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Welcome to my Blog area.  It's sort of a mix of a few things.  One part blog, where I like to occasionally post random nonsense going on in my world.  One part sneak previews, where I'll be posting a calendar of future movies/series making their debut in my store soon.  And finally, one part store history, where you'll find a complete record of ALL my updates to my Clips store from the very beginning (August 2009) until the present, with a little description of each scene.  For full details, please see my Clips Store, where I pride myself on being VERY descriptive of exactly what is shown in each clip/scene.  If you ever have any questions on a particular clip in the store, please email me for details, which I'm happy to provide.

At the bottom of the page you'll find archives of all the previous updates I've made by month.  In the beginning I mostly just listed info about the clips, but more recently I've been using it more as a blog in addition to clip postings (for fans that want to read a little bit more about me, the girls, and what's going on in my little hobby fantasy world).

In a related note, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the fans who have been showing me support, either by buying (and hopefully enjoying!) the clips in my store, or simply sending me emails.  No matter what you do, by taking time out of your busy lives to enjoy my clips or just simply send a message, it means A LOT to me.  It really does.  So for all you that I chat with, and definitely those who buy the scenes in the store, YOU are the reason I continue to share, and will continue to do what I do, sharing my silly nylon fantasies with you.  THANKS!


May 12th, 2010 - Wanted to make a special mention here: a MAJOR THANK YOU to all the fans who continually show me support by purchasing my work in my store.  As someone that doesn't whore himself out or shill all over the place, it's SO REFRESHING to know that I have such an amazing group of fans that enjoy the work, and the girls as much as I do.  So thank you as always for continuing to enjoy the work - your support makes me want to continue filming even more material to share with you all, which is exactly what I'm doing.

  • It's hump day (Wednesday for the non-weekly workers), which means, although I just uploaded a scene yesterday in my store, I'm going to go ahead an upload another one!  Part 11 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee is up!  This incredibly HOT series is coming to a close soon with the special Part 12 conclusion coming soon! Christina Carter & Kobe Lee have been battling it out to see how can make the other lady her nylon foot slave bitch, and so far, it's been about even between them. But for the last couple episodes, Kobe has been in control, having her complete way with Christina and her sexy body. We open here to Christina (wearing sheer black pantyhose & a thong), tied face down spread eagle (complete spread tie), as Kobe (wearing sheer black pantyhose & panties) is there to continue tormenting her body. Kobe takes out the hitachi vibrator, and begins heavily teasing Christina's pussy, as she moans from being forcibly pleasured! Kobe is relentless, as she WANTS to see Christina forcibly orgasmed once more, as Kobe pushes the vibrator in hard against Christina's pantyhose-covered pussy. As always, Christina tries to fight the urge, but is too weakened from all the torment Kobe has put her through, and resists less, beginning to enjoy the slow methodical teasing Kobe is putting her through. After much forced vibrator teasing, Christina is FORCED TO ORGASM, as she screams and moans like only she can as she cums!

    Now that she's been forcibly pleasured, Christina is moaning and enjoying herself (as much as she can being helplessly tied!), but Kobe wants to play with her more. Not wanting to hear her comments, Kobe takes out a black cleave gag, and pushes it in between Christina's lips, CLEAVE GAGGING HER! With Christina gagged and tied spread eagle, Kobe unstraps the leather straps securing Christina's ankles, and begins to HEAVILY WORSHIP CHRISTINA'S SEXY BLACK PANTYHOSE FEET. Kobe LICKS, SUCKS, KISSES, and WORSHIPS THEM (great up-close tongue action for the heavy nylon foot lovers), and generally has her way with Christina's sexy nylon feet during the last several minutes of the scene!

May 12th, 2010 - New content on both the site & store is coming late tonight, and all day tomorrow.  New photo sets, as well as a new scene in the store tonight (and a must-have if you LOVE seeing Christina getting forcibly pleasured and heavily nylon foot worshiped), as I continue to use my down-time to get this place up to speed.  As an average fan doing what I do as a hobby, you can imagine how trying it can be sometimes.  Thanks to all the fans who have stuck by and enjoyed the work I share with you!

May 10th, 2010 - The start of a very long work week for me (and probably for you too!).  Now that I've got a little break from shooting, I'll be able to start working more on the site, as well as uploading some very amazing content I've shot in the last 5-6 weeks that I'm VERY CONFIDENT you'll want to check out.  And since it's been over a month since the last scene in this (see below) movie, here is the latest episode!

  • A brand new scene in my store late tonight (and technically, Tuesday morning!), especially for you Hollywood nylon foot lovers out there!  Nice close up shots of Holly's sexy pantyhose feet being sensually kissed/worshiped, so a must for fans of that.  Part 3 of "Hollywood: Unwilling Fetish Queen," featuring Hollywood & Kobe Lee, is up and available!  Hollywood's journey of being turned into an unwilling fetish star by Kobe Lee continues! After playing sleepy and nylon foot worshiping games with Holly for several hours, Kobe Lee (looking amazing in a black latex dress w/ sheer black pantyhose) has Hollywood (looking super hot in bra/panties w/ sheer tan pantyhose) tied up full spread eagle on the bed, knocked out. Kobe wakes Holly up with a quick tickle on her belly, who immediately begins to protest. Hollywood tells Kobe she "doesn't do this fetish crap!" but Kobe doesn't care, as she TICKLES HOLLY'S PANTYHOSE SOLES TO GET HER IN THE SPIRIT! With Holly now protesting less (obviously not wanting to be tickled!), Kobe begins to SENSUALLY KISS & WORSHIP HOLLY'S NYLON FEET. Kobe just loves to kiss and worship Hollywood's sexy pantyhose feet, as she moves from one foot to the other, sensually kissing them. All-the-while, Holly continues to protest, but it's no use, as she's fully bound and helpless as Kobe continues to worship her nylon feet.

    Of course that doesn't stop Holly from continually protesting what's happening to her, telling Kobe she doesn't do bondage or fetish work and to let her go. When Hollywood's protesting gets too much, Kobe USES HER OWN SEXY PANTYHOSE FEET TO SMOTHER & RUB IN HOLLWOOD'S FACE! Holly winces and tries to struggle, but Kobe rubs and puts her sexy little nylon feet all over Hollywood's face to shut her up. Kobe knows Holly HATES this, so she just LOVES doing it to shut up her protesting! Now with Holly mouthing off less, Kobe goes back to sensually kissing Holly's nylon feet. But of course, Holly keeps up the protesting, which Kobe can only stand for so long before she gets tired of it, and using THE SLEEPY CLOTH, SMOTHER'S HOLLYWOOD WITH IT! Hollywood struggles but is soon in dreamland, lying knocked out, awaiting whatever Kobe wants to do next as her helpless slave!

May 8th, 2010 - Had a terrific day finally able to relax and have some fun (as if shooting incredible naked ladies in pantyhose as a hobby in my free time away from my office job would be considered "work" lol - but it actually is!).  Spent the day on the Chesapeake Bay fishing on the boat and having a great time in the sunny weather.  I turned 30 a couple months back, and like a lot of people, I thought life would start changing (usually for the worse lol).  But in all honesty, it's only changing for the better.  I have my friends over to film amazing lesbian and pantyhose fantasy movies on my weekends, and work at an incredible job during the week.  Life is really good sometimes, and I'm just so blessed to be able to do what I do at such a young age (as most people in my position are generally A LOT older).

But enough about me and my dumb life...I've uploaded a new scene in my store for you fans to check out!  If you're at ALL a fan of great improv dialogue, Tomiko and/or Fayth, and cool stories, and boot removal, this is definitely a scene to check out.

  • It's a beautiful Saturday where I'm at, hopefully it's the same way where you live!  And because of that, here is another great scene in my store, especially for you Tomiko and Fayth lovers out there, or those of you that love good dialogue/improv/stories.  While the boot removal is a highlight for those that enjoy shoe removal, the dialogue is really great too, and sets up the storyline of the movie very well.  Part 2 of "Tomi Kat: Obsessed" continues where the first part left off.  In the previous scene, black catsuit-wearing super spy Tomi Kat (Tomiko, wearing a black catsuit, boots, and sheer suntan pantyhose underneath) was rescued by passerby Fayth, who brought her in her home. What Tomi Kat didn't know, is that Fayth was an overly obsessed fan of hers, and being a lesbian, always fantasized about her (and a whole lot more, as is beginning to be revealed in this part!). Unfortunately for Tomi Kat, when she tried to leave, Fayth spiked her drink, and when that didn't work, ended up choking her out.

    In this part, we open to Tomi Kat lying knocked out on the bed, with her arms tied spread eagle, as Fayth (wearing a top & skirt, along w/ sheer suntan pantyhose and high heel pumps) comes into the room. Tomi Kat wakes up, and demands to be let go, but Fayth tells her it's for her own protection that she stays here with her. Some incredible back-and-forth dialogue between them, as it's revealed that Fayth knows a lot of inside information about Tomi Kat. As Fayth reveals more and more specific details about places and events in Tomi Kat's life, her obsession with her clearly starts to show. Tomi Kat begins to panic, really wanting to get out of the situation. Eventually, Fayth reveals that she's a lesbian, and in fact, she wants Tomi Kat to be her partner and live with her forever! Fayth slowly moves down to Tomi Kat's boots, slowly removing them one-by-one, as she exposes Tomi Kat's sexy sheer suntan pantyhose feet, which starts to panic and weird-out Tomi Kat even more, as the scene ends. A really great scene, especially for those that love good dialogue and stories, this entire scene was improv'd by Tomiko & Fayth (as was the entire movie), and turned out pretty amazing, as you begin to see Fayth's lesbian obession!

May 8th, 2010 - I just finished up my first meet and work with Nicole Moser last night, and wow did it exceed my expectations.  I've been blessed to both be friends and work with some of the top ladies in the industry (to me, they ARE the industry, as no one in my mind will ever surpass just how great they are to me and what we do together), so I'm generally the last guy that goes out of his way to invite new people to shoot with me.  You can't get better than perfection, and that's what my girls Kobe, Christina, Fayth etc are to me.  Cool  But last month Nicole had contacted me, wanting to discuss the idea of having her shoot with me (and my girls).  She seemed like she had a fun personality and a great attitude, so I set up our first shoot as a test to see how she handled herself, as well as how she was in person (and vice versa, for her toward me).  After just finishing that shoot, I can officially say I'm VERY HAPPY I took a chance on Nicole and invited her for a shoot, because she blew away my expectations, and showed me that she has the right attitude to join my little group of friends and become one of the ladies I film.  A super-cute blonde with a vivacious and sassy personality, she understands fetish work very well, and fit right in to what we were doing, with little or no coaching/directing from me.  Even more, she had some great suggestions and input on some of the scenes we were doing, which is always helpful.

But most importantly, what made me so happy about Nicole is that she was very professional and personable, and maintained a charming and wonderful attitude throughout.  No complaints, no problems, no issues, and a willingness to do whatever I wanted to make sure we got some HOT shots/scenes.  Being our first work together, I wanted to keep it very vanilla, but she seemed to be really comfortable with me (a trait that all my girls have with me, which always makes me smile knowing I'm doing what I do the RIGHT way and not the "producer" way).  Together Nicole and I shot a captured cop/damsel scenario that featured Nicole (in a couple different outfits) as an undercover cop who kept getting caught by a creep obsessed with tickling her and using chloro on her to keep her helpless.  We also filmed a fun corporate spy/tickling interrogation scenario for one of my custom fans, which turned out incredible.

So Nicole, you were incredible, and I can't wait to have you back later this Summer to film w/ my girls (and maybe some more with me).  You're definitely cool and fun enough to join my little group, and I can only see good things happening in the future.  Waiting and looking forward to our next work and visit!

The better news (for me), is that with this shoot, I'm now officially on a little 3-4 week break away from having the girls over to visit and film, which means I can FINALLY start updating more content on both my site and store.  I've been going very steady in my store releasing scenes, but I want to start getting the site updated w/ fun stuff as well.  Plus get my Shoot Archive updated and in order.  So between right now and the end of the month, look forward to A LOT of updates around here, as I start showcasing a lot of my new work I've done.  Until then....TAKE CARE!

PS - Had to mention (for both my nylon foot fans, as well as myself...since I'm the biggest one lol), Nicole has super cute pantyhose feet, and I really can't wait to have her back for some girl-girl nylon foot worship scenes.  Definitely going to be a HOT summer!

May 6th, 2010 - YAY!  It's almost the weekend, and I'm excited about working with Nicole Moser for the first time tomorrow!  She's stopping by the house, and we'll be filming a custom as well as a SUPER HOT Sleepy/Chloro/Carry/Tickling/Nylon Foot Fetish Police/Detective movie I'm shooting for me (that I'll definitely share with you as well).  Really can't wait, as I'm always excited before my shoots.  Just love it so much.  This weekend is going to be great, because this shoot will be the last one I do for a couple weeks, so I can now concentrate on updating this place with all the wonderful things I've been filming during the last 5 weeks or so.  Trust me, you're going to want to stop by and take a look in the next few days.

  • Ok folks, I'm slightly early with uploading this new scene in my store this week.  Generally I wait until Friday before showing you the hotness (lol!) to get you through the weekend, but with Nicole Moser stopping by my place tomorrow early-afternoon, I just won't have the time.  So I'm uploading a day early!  Definitely the scene of the week, if you're at all a fan of Christina Carter and/or Diana Knight and want to see some HOT lesbian domination, extreme tickle torture, heavy spanking and cropping, and an awesome hand smother KO, this is the scene for you to get your weekend started the right way!  Part 6 of "Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" is available, and OMFG is it awesome!  Diana Knight has spent the first few episodes in this movie heavily dominating Christina Carter, making Christina her little bitch. But now Christina is in control, has a lust for payback, and is going to show Diana just WHO is her little nylon whore! Diana (wearing just sheer black pantyhose looking amazing!) is face-down on the bed with her arms in leather straps tied spread eagle, as she begins to stir. Christina (wearing just sheer violet pantyhose, looking equally amazing!) comes in, and just RUINS Diana's world! Christina wants Diana to admit to her that Christina is the best Dominatrix ever...something that Diana completely refuses to do. Incredible improv dialogue between them, as Diana constantly curses at Christina to let her go, which Christina just LOVES to hear (it just makes her want to torment Diana more!). Christina is free to do whatever she wants to Diana, and she just LOVES TO TICKLE! Christina knows all of Diana's worst spots (yes, Diana is horribly ticklish and turns from a strong dominant woman into a screaming little girl when you tickle her the right way, which Christina does!), and she exploits them, HEAVILY TICKLING Diana all over her body, including her ribs, her ass, under her arms, and of course, her pantyhose feet! All Diana can do is be forced to laugh and scream, while cursing Christina out! Christina even does a little raspberry work on Diana's sides, causing her to scream (as only Christina can do!).

    But Diana never gives in and admits what Christina wants to hear, so Christina steps it up further, lifting Diana's pussy up on her lap as she sits in a position PERFECT FOR SPANKING! Diana is HEAVILY SPANKED by Christina until her ass is bright red. Christina even mixes in some tickling while spanking to really punish Diana. Christina takes out the riding crop, and HEAVILY CROPS Diana all over her body, including her ass and nylon soles of her feet! In the end, Diana still refuses to admit Christina is the better Dominatrix, so Christina wants to try something new. Christina HAND SMOTHERS DIANA, causing Diana to panic and squirm, trying to get away, but it's no use...after a heavy struggle, she's soon KNOCKED OUT AND HELPLESS, as Christina gives her a kiss. Just an amazing scene, filled with LESBIAN DOMINATION, EXTREME TICKLING (nothing playful about it), HEAVY SPANKING & CROPPING, and finally, an incredibly sexy HAND SMOTHER KNOCKOUT. Diana is definitely Christina's whore here, and her ass is Christina's playground (and we all know how much Christina likes to play).

May 5th, 2010 - Cinco de Mayo!  I'm really starting to get excited about having my first visit & film date w/ Nicole Moser this Friday.  One thing I mention often to my girls is my passion for this hobby/interest of mine.  We're such good friends so we talk about EVERYONE, so chances are I've heard all the stories at one point or another about how jaded some photographers who do this stuff for a living/business really are, but put on a false front to their fans (even trying with the girls).  How it has all become so routine for them...just another day.  And to me, that just shows you where their passion really lies....i.e. it's gone.  Maybe they had it at one point, but were worn down.  Or maybe they're just phony (yes, their are quite a few, don't get me started!).  But regardless of the reason, it's just a sad state of affairs when the girls work with some of these people, because you just KNOW these folks don't appreciate what they have.  Some of them are the scumbags of society...I liken them to used car salesmen or personal injury attorneys....always trying to shill their product, always trying to make a buck, and not caring how they do it, or more importantly...WHY.

Not to get off on a tangent here, but my point I'm laboring to make is that I'm SO THANKFUL to have my passion for this work even after so many shoots.  After 2 1/2 years of straight shooting almost monthly (and sometimes, weekly lol!), I still can't sleep when my girls are in town.  I still can't sleep the night before a big shoot, or after I've spent time hanging with them.  I just love this hobby so much, it makes me happy to think that the passion I have for it today is the same I had for it back in 2007 when I started inviting my friends out to film with me.  And I hope moving forward that I NEVER lose that passion, or become like those that have.

May 4th, 2010 - I had such an amazing shoot weekend with my girls Christina Carter & Kobe Lee, that I'm now trying to finally get time together where I can start updating my site with much of these new shoots I've been doing.  I was running pretty hard in April, with (it seems) a new shoot every weekend lol!  But now I'm getting a little break from them for a couple weeks (except for Nicole stopping by Friday!), so I'll be able to get on here and start updating.  Trust me...I've filmed some pretty amazing things in the last 4-5 weeks that I can't wait to share with you all.  I think many of you will like them *almost* as much as I do.

With Nicole stopping by in 2 days, I'm getting ready for her by trying to get some new scenes out in my store.  A brand new scene from Tomiko & Kobe Lee is out and available right now (as of tonight), and I'll be uploading another new scene sometime Thursday as well (because Friday....uh...yeah, super busy!).  So with that in mind, here is a brand new scene!

  • As I'm gearing up for my first work with Nicole Moser later this week, I'm trying to get out a couple new scenes in my store beforehand.  I've had 4 major shoots in the last 4 weeks, so I haven't been able to get on here and share some of that amazing content.  But this weekend I will finally have the time (and the next couple weeks) to start updating!  In the meantime, here is a brand new scene in my store!  Part 10 of "No More Feet!" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  For all you Tomiko fans that want to see her as a freakin' psycho lunatic, this is the scene for you! The story continues, as crazy roommate Tomiko (wearing a sexy blue babydoll lingerie w/ sheer suntan pantyhose) has Kobe Lee (wearing bra/panties w/ sheer suntan pantyhose) tied up on the bed face down (arms tied spread), as she comes in, on the phone. Tomiko is on the phone with the psychiatric hospital, changing the orders that Kobe had called in earlier for a patient pickup. Kobe tries to scream for help but Tomiko hand smother/gags her while she's on the phone, telling the hospital she needs a few extra days before "Tomiko" can be brought in.

    She hangs up, and tells Kobe that Kobe never told them what Tomiko looks like, so Tomiko's plan is to drive Kobe insane in the next few days and convince Kobe that she is, in fact, Tomiko! Tomiko unleashes her psychotic/crazy personality on Kobe, who is generally afraid in several scenes from the incredible improv Tomiko displays here! Tomiko slowly drives Kobe crazy, constantly telling her that Kobe is not Kobe, but in fact is Tomiko, over and over, while constantly tickling her. Tomiko tickles Kobe's upperbody, causing her to scream and laugh, but she heavily concentrates on tickling Kobe's sexy little pantyhose feet, in between kissing/worshiping them! All the while spouting improv dialogue that has to be heard to be believed (Tomiko fully embraces the psychotic character, displaying a crazy laugh and mannerisms). By the end Kobe is slowly starting to go crazy, as Tomiko continues to torment her nylon feet. A definite must-get scene for all Tomiko fans that want to see another side of her that she doesn't do very often!

May 3rd, 2010 - Just got done with spending a wonderful weekend with my friends Christina & Kobe, and WOW was it amazing!  These ladies treat me so well, and give me so much of themselves, I'm just blessed to know and work with such incredible women like them.  Seriously...every time they're in town, I can't sleep because I'm so excited about spending time with them, as well as the anticipation of filming something naughty and sexy.  For a regular joe like me, it's such an honor and a blessing to be able to live such a lifestyle like this.  I work SO HARD in my career/life away from this stuff, so to be able to unwind after a hard week and have my friends over to visit and film is just such a stress reliever.  I hope to continue it as long as we can, and you can bet I'll be sharing much of it with you.  Thanks again to C & K for making this another memorable weekend for me.  You are definitely my favorite girls, bar none.  LOVE YA!

We filmed a big lesbian domination movie for me (which I can't WAIT to share with you, as it was just too fucking HOT not to share), not to mention a really hot shorter lesbian detective movie (also insanely hot).  I had a couple customs from some of my awesome fans that I also filmed, and I think they came out great (editing them now).  All-in-all, it was a great trip, and I'm chomping at the bit until my friends are back (for Christina, it's about 4 weeks, and Kobe, about 6 weeks).  Much too long for my liking, but hey, that's cool for now.

I'm also kind of relieved (lol) to be able to get a small break coming up.  I've done 4 major shoots in the last 5 weeks, and that's just nuts for a guy like me who is NOT in this business, but a mere hobbyist.  Normally I try to spread them out, but April was just insane...but in a good way!  I'll never get tired of filming my ladies in naughty scenarios and movies...EVER.  I've got my new friend Nicole Moser stopping by for the first time this Friday, for her first official visit and shoot date.  I really can't wait!  I've only heard good things, and her being local to me makes it ever better.  I'm hoping she's as cool as my girls, I'm thinking she might be.  We'll know soon!

Ok enough o' that...I've still got Christina & Kobe on my mind, so with that (in mind...lol), here is a brand new scene in my store.  The conclusion to a hot scenario that the fans seem to really like (almost as much as I did filming it).

  • So here is Part 3 of "Super Heroines After Dark: Kobe Kitty & Christina Cat!"  Kobe Kitty (Kobe Lee, wearing a hot black catsuit w/ sheer suntan pantyhose) and Christina Cat (Christina Carter, wearing a leopard print catsuit w/ sheer suntan pantyhose), villainess and heroine respectively, are secret lesbian lovers, who have snuck away to a seedy apartment away from prying eyes to engage in their love for one another. The scene opens with Christina Cat tied down on the bed (wrists & ankles in leather straps spread eagle), while her lover Kobe Kitty heavily worships her nylon feet, licking and sucking them.

    Kobe Kitty then takes out the hitachi vibrator, and teases Christina Cat's pussy, as she moans in pleasure. Kobe Kitty then releases one of Christina Cat's wrists, as they rub each others' bodies. Kobe Kitty takes out the Sleepy Cloth, and uses it to consensually smother Christina Cat until she's asleep, waking her up with her gentle touch. Picking up the hitachi vibrator once more, Kobe Kitty now uses it to heavily tease Christina Cat's pussy again, eventually handing it off to Christina Cat's free hand so she can pleasure/tease herself while Kobe Kitty sucks and worships her nylon feet. As Christina Cat gets closer to orgasm, Kobe Kitty also takes hold of the vibrator (they're both holding it) as Christina Cat cums! After she's orgasmed and feeling wonderful, Kobe Kitty unstraps Christina Cat's ankles, as they both engage in heavy nylon foot worship, giving each other some nylon foot love. Kobe Kitty tells Christina Cat that she needs to keep up appearances, so before they leave, she'll need to handcuff her and drag her out of there. Christina Cat agrees, as the both stand up, and Christina Cat puts on the handcuffs on Kobe Kitty (hands behind her back). They share a single sensual kiss before Christina Cat walks the bound Kobe Kitty out.

May 1st, 2010 - A brand new month, and I'm out-of-my-mind excited about all my fun visits and shoots over the next 2 months!  I've got my girls Christina Carter and Kobe Lee pulling double duty, as they'll be here in May and June.  Also, my girl Savannah is coming back next month for some nylon fun as well.  Finally, I'll be working a couple times with my new girl Nicole Moser!  All this happening within the next 6 weeks, so obviously I can't wait, and it's going to be an awesome time all around (as it always is when my favorite ladies show up).

Speaking of which, my girls Christina Carter & Kobe Lee are coming in a few hours, and spending Sat & Sun with me this weekend, filming and having fun.  We'll be filming a couple customs for some of my awesome fans, as well as my own personal movie I'm shooting.  Haven't yet decided exactly what yet, but I've got something HOT on my mind, so I can't wait to get it on film.  Which also means since the girls are here, I won't be as available this weekend as I usually am, as we'll be having too much fun.  SOOO...for my fans, I've uploaded a brand new scene in my store to keep you occupied until I get back on with new hotness!  It's a sexy Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee scene, so hey, it should do the trick (it always does for me).

  • I've uploaded Part 9 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Hollywood (wearing a sexy evening gown/dress w/ sheer black pantyhose and high heels) has been on the receiving end of a lot of knockouts, tickling torment, and nylon foot worship at the hands of her evil roommates, three things she can't stand! So she's now planning on getting some payback, as we see her spray her sexy nylon feet w/ a knockout spray. We now see her roommates Tomiko & Kobe Lee (both wearing sexy black dresses w/ sheer black pantyhose and high heels) lounging on the bed, ready for a night on the town, when in walks Hollywood, sitting in between them on the bed. Holly tells them she's decided to come around to their side of things, and no longer will fight and resist their efforts to make her join them. Tomiko & Kobe are thrilled, especially that Holly allows them to worship her nylon feet without the need for them to attack her and knock her out! Tomiko & Kobe slowly remove Holly's high heels, exposing her sexy sheer black pantyhose feet, as they sensually kiss them, as Holly lays back and enjoys it, egging them on, knowing the sleepy spray will soon do its work. Within a minute, both Tomiko & Kobe are knocked out on the bed, as Hollywood enjoys having the power over her evil roommates once more.

    Holly has big plans for these evil chicks, but before all that, she wants to enjoy a little nylon foot love herself, as she removes both Tomiko's & Kobe's high heels, and begins playing with and worshiping their feet, as well as rubbing her own pantyhose feet on their bodies. Hollywood even removes Tomiko's black dress, leaving her in her sexy underwear and pantyhose. But Holly gets overconfident, thinking she can control the situation as Tomiko & Kobe begin to wake up. Big mistake, as they attack Hollywood, with Kobe holding down Holly's legs, and Tomiko using the sleepy cloth to smother and KO Hollywood! With Hollywood lying knocked out, Tomiko & Kobe now plot and plan what they're going to do to this sneaky bitch. First things first, they want to give her nylon feet the love they deserve, so both Tomiko & Kobe begin to sensually kiss and worship Holly's sleepy pantyhose feet!

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