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Do you have a custom idea that you want to see on film!?!  Well then, why not have me try my hand at creating it for you!  Take a look below at my price list, and see what fits both your idea and budget, and then feel free to EMAIL ME about it!  I started doing customs in February 2010 for my fans, and since then I've done quite a number of them, and EACH & EVERY fan I've done them for has had very positive things to say about the work and their experience with me.  Take a chance, and see what I can come up with for you!

For a 10 minute Clip:

M/F Tickling (1 Girl) = $75.00

M/F Tickling w/ Story = $100.00

M/F Scenario/Story = $150.00

Girl-Girl Scenario/Story (2 Girls) = $250.00

Girl-Girl-Girl Scenario/Story (3 Girls) = EMAIL ME

For a 20 minute Clip:

M/F Tickling (1 Girl) = $125.00

M/F Tickling w/ Story = $175.00

M/F Scenario/Story  = $250.00

Girl-Girl Scenario/Story (2 Girls) = $400.00

Girl-Girl-Girl (3 Girls) = EMAIL ME

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What do you get with a custom production from Heroine Universe?

A.  I give ALL my custom fans a choice of how they would like their custom video created and sent.  In the creation process, I'm able to give you the standard version (720 x 480) OR the high definition version (1280 x 720) - both in WMV format.  I have some fans who request both, which is also fine, and free of charge.  All my customs are also personalized by the girls involved to YOU, with a short thank you done at the end just for you.  Finally, a staple of my productions...I ALWAYS seem to film more than the custom needed, so you're sure to get something longer than you imagined.

2.  What is your turn-around time on getting my custom work to me?

A.  I realize that some photographers take FOREVER when you give them a paid custom request.  Not me!  I'll give you the date that we're going to shoot it, and that's exactly when we're going to do it.  I don't wait for my ladies to be in my area, nor do I try to coordinate myself in their area to film with them on the cheap.  Instead, I fly in each and every person I work with for private shoots.  Always have, always will, so when you get a date of your shoot, that's exactly the date.  As far as turn-around time for me to get your custom work to you after the shoot, I work VERY fast because I LOVE this hobby of mine, so I can almost guarantee you'll have your custom work within 2-3 days of shooting it.

3.  Do you discount for repeat customs fans?

A.  Absolutely.  In fact, I have several amazing fans who have gotten repeat customs from me, and continue to do so, and I love nothing more than to give discounts to loyal fans who are enjoying what I create for them.  So yes, definitely give discounts on future work.

4.  Are you easy to deal with, and how is customer service?

A.  I'm VERY easy to deal with (IMHO), as I'm a fan just like you, and (possibly) one of the favorite people my ladies enjoy shooting with.  We have a blast each and every time we're together, and I'm proud to say I've been told that several of them consider me to be one of their favorite producers.  It's not by chance that they feel this way about me...it's because I'm just a very nice guy, and make sure they have a fun time each and every time they visit and shoot.  As far as customer service, what you see is what you get - it's me!  I answer all my emails in a very timely fashion, and if I don't have answers for you, I try my best to get them.  Please realize I'm just a fan that works tremendously hard in the REAL world (as all this is but a mere hobby for me), so on the off-chance I take a while to get back to you, it's a rarity, and not the norm.