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The Incredible Ladies I Work With

The ladies I work with are simply...incredible.  Not only are they the best in the business, but they are the BEST for me and my style of shooting.  THEY, and they alone are what makes what I do so special.  I owe all my excitement, entertainment, and pleasure I get from creating these nylon-oriented fantasy movies exclusively to them.  Simply put: what I do wouldn't be worth doing if it was done with anyone else.  Most importantly to me, I consider them friends.  I'm a little bit different than most folks you'll find that photog.  I don't hire random models, but rather, consistently work with ladies I've grown to be friends with.  Here are some of my thoughts about these special women.

Christina Carter

From my first work with Christina I fell in love.  Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but her personality and character are rivaled only by her gorgeous looks.  A true stunner in every sense of the word, Christina is just plain fun to work with.  It's really no wonder she's the premiere bondage model in the industry.  On a personal note - she is my favorite model to use for my shoots.  I love her sense of style, her attitude, and what she brings to my work. 

I work with some of the top models in the industry, and I would have to say I've never been as initially impressed by someone as I was with Christina.  She blew me away in every way possible.  I've been blessed to work with only ladies that are into what they do for a living, but Christina takes it beyond - she really enjoys her work, and it shows on film (and in person).  To me, her best feature (like Tomi) is her eyes.  Christina can tell a story with her expressions.  She can bring passion, domination, and submission with a simple look.  I absolutely adore Christina as the sub...I've never met someone with such sexual energy as she brings; it's an incredible sight to behold.  I work with her as much as possible, and enjoy every minute of it.  She will now and forever be one of my favorite people to work with...rock on!

Kobe Lee

Ah...Kobe!  Probably the cutest woman on the planet.  Just naturally beautiful, Kobe has a face and body to die for.  Of course, being Kobe, her good looks are in fact overtaken by her personality.  Never have I met someone with such a bubbly and charming/down-to-earth personality.  Kobe is just crazy fun to be around and work with.  Her first work with me was actually the same day I worked with Fayth, and both just blew me away.  Out of all the ladies I work with, Kobe is consistently someone I have back as often as possible.  I don't exactly know why yet (LOL)...maybe it's because she's just wonderful in every way.  Her attitude and work ethic is off the charts, and she always (ALWAYS!) gives me 110%.  Always what I'm looking for.  Always willing to go beyond.  That's just Kobe.  On a personal note, the best thing I like about Kobe is her sense of self.  Like Christina, Kobe enjoys her work and it shows.  Her attitude, demeanor, and overall sense of style is what makes her one of the best models in the industry, and someone that will always remain one of my faves.  I'm honored to call her a very good friend.  More than that, away from shooting, she's a friend in the truest sense of the word, and for that, I'll always be blessed.


Tomi, Tomi, Tomi...where do I start!?!  Tomiko is the person responsible for getting me into shooting.  Taking a chance, I picked up my first camera and filming equipment on suggestions from her, and she was (of course) my first shoot subject I did.  Five minutes with her, and I was hooked!  Tomi is just awesome!  A true actress, she shines when doing story-lines, whether they be campy fun or serious business.  Her sense of humor makes her a natural at the campy stuff...OMG is she hilarious.  Naturally gorgeous, what I found most appealing about Tomi was her smile.  She just can't help it...like Kobe, Tomi smiles all the time, and it's her best feature (like her eyes).  She just has a generous and warm personality, and is fun to be around.   On a fetish note, I feel Tomi has the prettiest nylon feet and legs I've ever seen in my life.  Simply stunning! On a personal note - Tomi was the first model I ever followed as a fan way back when.  I LOVED her look, her attitude, and what she brought to her work.  She is probably the sole reason (in the beginning) why I even got into filming/shooting, and because of that, I owe her.  Tomi you're just incredible.


Fayth is definitely on fire!  From the beginning, Fayth has been my go-to girl.  Anytime I need a true player that loves the girl-girl scenes, she's the one I'm calling.  She brings to my shoots what many models couldn't...and that's a true passion for what she does.  Always making suggestions.  Always making sure I'm getting the shots and video that I want.  As Fayth would say..."you rock!" 

What keeps me bringing Fayth back time and again is not just her looks, but her attitude and personality.  Sure Fayth is beautiful, but it goes without saying...she is just a ball of fire!  Never have I met or worked with someone with such a verve for life...she is just energy!  Energy that translates into passion on film; Fayth just brings the noise when she needs to, which is quite often in my shoots!  I love her style, the way she operates in a scene no matter what she's doing (which is often having her way with Kobe, Christina and the ladies).  I'll say it now...NO ONE is better than Fayth when it comes to lesbian-type story-lines or scenes.  She doesn't fake it, because she doesn't have to - her passion for filming scenes like that comes through the camera VERY well.  Personal note - each of my ladies has something unique and interesting about them: Kobe with her bubbly personality.  Christina with her can-do attitude.  Fayth's unique quirk is that she's exactly that...unique.  Like I tell her all the time, to me she'll always be one of a kind.  And that's why she's special to me.

Akira Lane

Akira is amazing!  I can't say it any better than that; she's just a ball of energy.  I can't believe with how much this lady works she's still so down-to-earth and easy-going.  Incredibly beautiful, perfect body, and one of the most charming personalities this side of Kobe!  Akira is so much fun to work with, in fact, that she instantly makes me dream up new scenarios and story-lines to put her in.  She's just THAT appealing to me.  My shoots are very improv, and Akira always has an idea or suggestion, which is great.  As with Christina, I instantly fell in love with Akira, her work ethic, and her personality.  She has the cutest laugh, and is (not surprisingly) a very good actress.  But most important to me, just like Fayth, Akira is a very genuine and open person.  Akira is someone I know I'll be having back over and over for many, many shoots in the future.

Diana Knight

I've had the pleasure of working with Diana, and let me just say the pleasure was ALL mine.  She's a very strong-willed individual, with a take-charge attitude that is incredible to behold, especially when you're in need of a forceful dominatrix.  Absolutely the best dom out of all the girls I work with (just beating out Christina), Diana can really give it to the girls and force them to submit to her.  The movie production I shot with her and Christina is among my favorites, and is the shoot I credit with me moving into the more BDSM-side of things.  When she's in control, watching Diana is a true pleasure.  But if you think she's one-dimensional, think again: this lady makes a sexy sub!  With her reputation as a tough woman, it's refreshing to see her in a different light, as the submissive little girl.  Whether Diana is the dom or sub, I love her either way, and she's definitely someone I'm proud to include in my little shoot group.


Hollywood!  Along with Tomi, I've probably had the longest working relationship with Holly!  Way back before I started flying her out to me for shoots, I had Holly do quite a number of custom productions for me.  There's something about her that's special, which kept me coming back for more.  I've done a lot of shoots with Holly, and (along with Tomi's work) they're some of my all-time favorites.  Yes her Wonder Womyn is incredible!

What Holly brings to my shoots is professionalism and experience above all else.  She's done a lot in her career, so she knows what to do and how to handle just about any story-line or situation I could think up.  Holly is no stranger to the fetish side of things, as her past can illustrate, but her true calling is that of a wrestler.  She's a wrestling legend naturally!  But my favorite thing to do with Holly is put her in fetish story-lines, because it's something she doesn't always do, so it's exciting to see her in a different light.  She's just gorgeous beyond anything, with a fun personality (I know who my California girls are!), and someone that has helped me create some of my all-time cherished nylon films I've done.


I've only had the pleasure of working with Savannah a couple of times, but let me tell you it was definitely a pleasure!  A beautiful woman, Savannah is excellent at my shooting style, and she's an incredible improv performer (especially when paired with her friend Tomi).  The first thing that strikes you is her beauty; she is much prettier in person than any picture can do her justice (just like Kobe!).  I feel she could go either way (sub or dom), but she is very sexy when playing the sub role.  Playful yet professional, Savannah has an awesome personality and is just really fun to be around and work with.  My favorite thing about her is her demeanor and professionalism - she mixes a fun personality with a do-what-it-takes attitude that is very refreshing.  My first work with her was a 3-girl shoot, and she had a large role in making that one of my favorite shoots due to her improv skills.  Here's looking forward to future nylon fun!