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While my work and experiences deals with high definition movies that will forever remain private, what's presented on this site are photo's (screen captures) taken DIRECTLY from them, and are of an adult nature.  This is done to not only give you a little taste of what I make available in my store, but also to share with ALL fans of these ladies, whether you're interested in seeing the clips I make available or not.  Please read through the list below, and make sure you agree with each and every point below before proceeding.  By entering this website you swear/affirm under penalty of perjury the following:

1)  I am of legal age (18 years old or older) to view this site, and I understand that if I misrepresent myself I may be in violation of local, state and/or federal law.  If I misrepresent myself I absolve the owner/creator of this site of all responsibility of any repercussions.

2)  I am NOT prohibited by my country, local or state community and/or regulations to view and/or access adult material, including but not limited to fetish activities, bondage, and nudity and/or fantasy themes.

3)  I do NOT find offensive images or descriptions that depict fetish activities, bondage, or nudity, or anything dealing with fantasy themes or story-lines or of an erotic nature.

4)  I understand that everything presented on this site is of a 100% fictional/fantasy-nature and is NOT reality, and is 100% consensual among all those involved, and that everyone presented is above the age of 21 years old at the time of filming.  I understand that everything presented on this site was created as entertainment ONLY and is pure fiction.

5)  Everything you see in the Shoot Archive is MY OWN COPYRIGHTED WORK.  It will always be displayed free for you here, so if you want to view the pics, please view them here.  Under NO circumstances is my work to be displayed anywhere else, profit or not, commercial or free.  It's for your private viewing (as a site visitor) ONLY.

6)  I have carefully read this notice and agree to be bound by it's terms and conditions.

If you have read the six (6) points above and understand and agree with them, then feel free to enter my shoot archive and check out some hot & sexy photo's taken directly from my movies!  If you do NOT understand or agree with ANY of the six (6) points above, I thank you for stopping by, but please click the appropriate link below and go somewhere more suited for you.