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Below you'll find my archive of Poser art & comics!  I'm finally getting a chance to post up all my old stuff, much of which I never had the time to do in the past.  Several pieces (such as "The Nylon Covenant") are pet projects of mine that I really enjoy putting together, while others are either random art I've done (for fun) or just messing around.  I'm also posting a lot of my old art & comics that included a few issues but were never continued, just in case I get the time (and inclination) to continue them in the future!  Enjoy!

3/21/2010 - A quick update to let all my Poser fans know - I'm STILL trying to get re-organized and back-on-track with posting new material.  Ever since my HD crash last month, it's been real difficult finding the proper time to get what I want to do completed.  Unlike stories, or clips, or photo sets...Poser can be frustrating when it's not working the way you envision, and as a fan who does this in his free time (which is extremely limited to begin with) for no benefit at all (or any actual feedback, save for a random email every so often), it becomes more of a process rather than a passion.  Obviously I enjoy creating digital art, and will always continue to do so, but bare with me while I get back on track.

Main Sections & Poser Comic Series

"The Nylon Covenant" - ONGOING SERIES - I have to admit...one of my all-time favorite set of stories was the "Nylon Dungeon" series.  The concept/premise of them was amazing in its simplicity (a secret society of nylon-tickle fanatics), and the series will always remain my favorite.  A few years ago I wanted to try my hand at creating a "Poser" version of this concept.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to invest the time and effort to create it at the time, and the idea just went away.  But bringing back my site has given me a lot of motivation to try my hand again, and not only post the old material I created but never got a chance to post, but also continue the concept with new issues and expand upon it.  SO...I took the premise and created my own version I'm calling "The Nylon Covenant."

The Blue Angels Superfriends - A series of super heroine comics I put together many years ago.  These were my FIRST attempts to do anything in Poser, so the art is fairly dated, but they're a fun read, so definitely check them out!  I was able to finish about 7 issues before stopping, and all 7 as well as the bios are re-posted here.  Also includes several mini comics and one shots that featured the "Blue Angels" characters.

Old Poser Custom Comics - Here are some of the custom Poser comics I put together years ago.  Even with my limited skills, I think many of these turned out ok.  For those that missed seeing them, here they are, re-posted in their original state.  All the credit goes to General Zod, Mandrake, and everyone that requested a comic.

Mini Comics, One-Shots & Random Artwork

"Ebony Super Heroine Blaze Tickled & Forced To Orgasm" - Just a simple comic featuring an ebony super heroine in a red catsuit w/ sheer red stockings, who ends up enslaved by the sex slavers she was investigating, strung up naked in only her sheer stockings, and tickle tortured and forced to orgasm by vibtraor & tongue licker machine, before being sold off as a sex slave.

"Freedom: Water Torture Sex Slave" - It seems, like most heroines, Freedom always finds herself being captured and tortured in some fashion.  The villains come up with something nasty for her here, as she's strapped down in a large tub and undergoes Chinese Water Torture (as well as tease & denial!).

"Tigress: Heroine in Ecstasy" - A "As The Story Unfolds" 2-image set featuring Tigress in bondage, and then being teased with the vibrator as well as being groped by a mysterious female hand!  Not really a peril situation, since it's clear that she enjoys it lol!

Divorce Attorney Captured & Tickle Tortured - A mini Poser comic featuring M/F tickling.  A divorce attorney is captured & tickle tortured on her nylon feet by the husband of a former client before being sold off as a tickle slave.

"Cowgirl/Western Heroine Captured & Tickled" - A "western" theme heroine named Dakota is captured, strapped down, and tickled on her nylon & bare feet by an evil tongue licking machine.  Just a quickie Poser mini I put together for the tickle folks!

"Asian Police Officer: Tickle Slave" - A rookie female Asian cop stumbles upon a white slavery operation, and quickly becomes their latest tickle slave in this mini Poser comic.  FF/F tickling (nylon/bare) and vibrator play.

"Tickled Spy" - A little mini comic I whipped up featuring a catsuit-wearing CIA spy captured and tickle tortured before being sold off as a nylon tickle slave.  F/F Hogtied Nylon Feet Tickling.

"Tickled Detective" - Detective Sara (from the Blue Angels series) has been captured (as always!) and strapped down to a table so she can be tickle tortured on her nylon feet.  A small mini comic featuring M/F & F/F tickling.