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"Savannah: Foolish Model"

Savannah stopped by for what she thought was a simple bra & panties photo shoot, but I had other things on my mind!  After a little sleepy rag KO, she's down for the count on the massage table.  I quickly tie her down to the massage table, and when she wakes up I start in on what I like to best...tickling!  Several times over I tickle her, knock her out and change positions, and tickle her some more.  Rinse and repeat, I remove her bra as well for some upper-body tickling.  In the end she ends up in a hogtie, and after I've had my fun with her sexy nylon feet, I knock her out one more time.  This is a Multi-Part Series, with her "revenge" coming later (revenge...yeah right!).

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: