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"A Bad Day For Detective Carter"

More like a bad lifetime if Fayth gets her way!  Christina is Detective Carter, out to arrest the evil Fayth for various sex & fetish crimes (you know Fayth!).  But Fayth has other plans for the sexy cop, and puts Christina through an epic adventure of fetish behaviour, including many, many forced orgasms, tickling, bondage, extreme nylon foot worship, sleepy/ko, and did I say forced orgasms!?!  Fayth doesn't just want to toy with the sexy cop...she wants to "clean her" of her dirty ways (in Fayth's twisted mind all heroines are evil and should be dealt with in her special way).  Will Christina escape, or is she doomed to become the nylon sex toy of a crazy lesbian bent on domination - and if so, does she secretly like it?  You be the judge!  An incredible ending!  This is a huge story-line over many, many parts, pulled from a 3-hour movie I shot.  Featuring my two beauties Christina & Fayth.

Set 1:

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