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"Jungle Tomi's Sleepy & Tickled Weekend"

Jungle Tomi (Tomiko), just like other heroines, wants to relax on the weekend.  But when I'm around that's just NOT going to happen!  Through a series of encounters, I continually knock out, tie up, tickle, use sleepy play, fondle, and have my way with Jungle Tomi and her gorgeous nylon feet.  She's helpless to stop me (as always!).  She eventually does escape, but it's short lived, as she always fall prey to me in the end.  This is a fun collection of Jungle Tomi scenarios I pulled from a larger movie I shot, with the emphasis on Tomi's sexy nylon feet in sheer tan pantyhose.  Lots of tickling & bondage & foot fondling in this one!  Can she escape me?  HELL NO!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5