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"Savannah: No Revenge In Sight"

After her previous encounter with me, Savannah wanted to get some explanations for the tickle and sleepy abuse I put her through.  No answers for you honey, as I sneakily KO her again!  This time in her jeans and a t-shirt, I lay her knocked-out body on the massage table once more.  I want to play with her sexy nylon feet a bit, so I use some sleepy stuff on her to keep her drowsy-but-awake so I don't have to tie her right away.  Eventually I tie her, and give her another round of tickling until she's exhausted, finally using the sleepy stuff on her once again to send her out.  During the tickling I even put a blindfold and gag on her just to keep heighten her tickle torment!

Part 1

Part 2