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"Jungle Womyn: Nylon Foot Slave"

Kobe & Fayth are dreaming up who they want to capture next to make their latest nylon foot sex slave, and of course Jungle Womyn (Hollywood) pops into their devious little minds!  They make arrangements for Jungle Womyn to stop by, which she does, when they sneakily ambush her from behind.  Wrestling Jungle Womyn down on the bed, the evil duo begin the work of making her their latest nylon sex toy, as they continually knock her out and worship & play with her sexy nylon feet while she's in dreamland, only to send her back out when she wakes up.  Can Jungle Womyn escape these crazies, or will she indeed end up as their nylon love toy?  From a short scenario I shot with Kobe, Fayth, and Holly.