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"The Other Woman"

Hollywood has been seeing her girlfriend Kobe on the side for months now, and that just doesn't sit well with Fayth (Kobe's real girlfriend).  So Fayth & Kobe decide to ambush Holly and make her their nylon sex slave (that way Fayth can keep her girl, and both can play with their new toy).  Holly is meeting Kobe, but it's an ambush and she's quickly knocked out.  After some nylon foot worship and fondling, Fayth & Kobe carry Holly to the bed, where they strip her down and take advantage of her sexy nylon feet!  Holly wakes up several times and tries to fight them, but they double team her and KO her each time.  Can Holly escape, or is she doomed to become a nylon foot sex slave of this pair?

Part 1

Part 2