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"Ultimate Rival Models"

Tomi & Kobe are big rival models who love nothing more than to humiliate and dominate the other (usually through tickling and nylon foot worship).  Tomi starts the feud with a sneaky ambush, and it goes from there!  Kobe wants to make Tomi her nylon bitch, while Tomi wants to prove to Kobe that she's the superior woman (with superior nylon feet of course!).  Over the course of 4 separate encounters they trade dominant positions, and use sleepy play, tickling, and nylon foot worship to gain a dominant position over the other woman.  Who will come out victorious in the end, and can there be a mutual understanding between these rival chicks!?!  This is a huge Multi-Part Series featuring 4 separate encounters between these ladies, pulled from a 3-hour movie - one of my favorites.