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An epic 3 hour movie I shot with Christina & Fayth, displayed here in a huge Multi-Part Series!  Christina plays 3 roles here as 3 sisters who fight crime in their sexy cat-suits (each with a different color - purple, red and black!).  It seems the evil Fayth is back and up to her sick and twisted ways.  Fayth wants to "cleanse" the world of all heroines, who she sees (in her twisted mind) as unclean, dirty, and evil.  And she has set her evil eyes on the Carter Sisters (Kristen, Christine, and Christina) to become her next targets!  One by one, each sister is lured to her eventual doom, to become the nylon sex toy of Fayth.  Over time Fayth breaks each sister with much tickling, nylon foot worship and plenty of forced orgasms, until each sister is her willing nylon plaything.  Golden Guardian (Fayth) makes an appearance as well, and we get a little background origin for her character.  Can any of the sisters stop this evil crazy woman, or are they all doomed to become a trio of nylon sex toys!?!  Find out in one of my favorite productions!

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