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"Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star!"

From a fun movie I shot, featuring Christina & Fayth.  Christina is Wonder Christina, doing her best to rid the world of evil people.  Fayth is a down-and-out fetish clips mogul who has seen her business tanking of late and needs a "next big thing" to put her back on top.  Fayth is so desperate she's been donning a catsuit and stealing for a living, and just so happens to run into Wonder Christina.  Pulling a fast one, Fayth is able to knock out the lovely heroine, and suddenly has an idea, as she drags her away.  Wonder Christina wakes up in the bedroom as Fayth explains her evil plan...to keep Wonder Christina as her prisoner and use her as a fetish film model to put her business back on top!  What follows is a big Multi-Part Series with Fayth putting Wonder Christina through a lot of various fetish activities and scenarios, with a unique premise of having a silent cameraman "filming" it all (and thus, the girls interacting with the camera, who remains silent throughout).  Tickling, Forced Orgasms, and lots of Nylon Foot Worship make this an incredible piece!  One of my favorite movies!

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

Set 6:

Set 7:

Set 8:

Set 9: