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"You're Not Stealing My Woman, Bitch!"

Akira is really upset with friend Kobe, who is stealing her girlfriend away from her.  Akira won't stand for this, and attacks Kobe on the wrestling mat!  After wrestling her, Akira finally knocks her out, stripping Kobe's bra off and leaving her laying on the mat.  When Akira returns, Kobe plays possum and returns the favor with a low blow.  With Kobe in control, she makes short work of Akira, knocking her out.  But Kobe isn't done...she's going to teach this bitch a lesson that Kobe can have any girl she wants, as she drags Akira to the bedroom.  Waking up tied on the bed, Akira is tickled and forced-orgasm-ed into defeat by the superior Kobe, before being knocked out!

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: