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"Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave"

Kobe Kitty, cute & innocent heroine that she is, is lured to a location by the evil (and sex crazed) Fayth.  Fayth wants a new plaything, and Kobe Kitty fits the bill!  After knocking out Kobe, Fayth ties her down and goes to work transforming her from a sweet heroine to Fayth's personal nylon sex slave!  Can Kobe Kitty get away from this crazy chick, or is she doomed to become a nylon sex toy?  And if so...does she secretly enjoy it?  Find out here!  This is a huge Multi-Part Series pulled from a 3-hour movie, and goes on a journey featuring extreme nylon foot worship, tickling, bondage, forced orgasms, sleepy play, and much, much more!  One of my favorite movies, this one has it all, and is incredibly sexy and hot!