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Wonder Womyn: Laughter Filled Weekend!

All Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) wants to do is have a nice, relaxing weekend for a change, with no crime fighting whatsoever.  Not if I have my way!  As the evil villain, I want to have Wonder Womyn at my mercy and tickle her into insanity (as most villains would like to do!).  Wonder Womyn checks into a hotel for a long weekend of fun, but doesn't realize that I'm lurking nearby.  After rendering her knocked out, I put her through various ties, tickling her sexy nylon feet (and body) as she struggles to get away.  Can Wonder Womyn escape me, or is she doomed to become my nylon tickle slave for the entire weekend!?!  I think you know the answer!  From a movie I shot with Holly, with Holly in various types of bondage, always having her sexy nylon feet tickled until she couldn't stand it anymore!

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: