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"Clothing Thief Roommate: The Final Act"

Well, after all the tickling, sleepy, and nylon worship torment Kristiana endured at the hands of her roommates Tomi & Fayth, it STILL seems she's up to her old tricks!  Which means that Tomi & Fayth just have to try harder in their efforts to make Kris their permanent nylon bitch!  After knocking her out, they carry in her limp body to the bed once more and tie her down, ready to tickle, tease, and use sleepy torment to get this chick in line.  Multi-Part Series where Tomi & Fayth continue to tie Kris in different ways, tickling and teasing her body as she becomes their nylon bitch!  Will Kris ever steal their clothing again?  You decide in this final act of this storyline pulled straight from my movie!

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: