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"Wrestler: Double Teamed & Turned Into Nylon Slave"

Kristiana is an apartment wrestler who has drawn the ire of Tomi & Fayth, who happen to be up-and-coming apartment wrestlers.  Tomi & Fayth don't like Kris, and make that known.  As Kris is stretching on the mat, Tomi & Fayth attack her, continually wrestling and knocking her out.  In a multi-fall match, they double team her (throwing tickling and other torments into the match), and will only stop if Kris agrees to be their nylon bitch!  Caught in a hold and being tickled, Kris agrees, and is led out to a massage table where she's tied down by Tomi & Kris.  I don't think Kris had this in mind when she agreed to be their nylon slave, as she's tickled and tormented until she can't take anymore!  How does it end for Kris?  Find out here in this awesome scenario from a larger movie!

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: