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"Fed-Up Models"

Tomi & Fayth are very sexy models, but they're also professional models.  When their roommate Kristiana (also a sexy model) isn't prepared for a mutual nylons jungle-themed photo shoot they're doing, they get fed up with her and attack her, knocking her out!  It seems Kris picked the wrong time NOT to be prepared!  Tomi & Fayth drag Kris over to a massage table where they put her sleepy body on it, and begin to put the stockings on the knocked-out Kris!  After they have her looking right, they decide to tie her down to the table and teach her a lesson through tickling!  When Kris wakes up she's given a thorough tickling by Tomi & Fayth as a lesson NEVER to mess with their photo shoots again!

Part 1

Part 2