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"Jungle Girl: Alter-Ego Nabbed 1"

Jungle Girl (Kristiana) is in her sexy civilian clothes on her day off when she's suddenly attacked by a nylon foot-obsessed crazy guy with a sleepy rag!  After knocking out Jungle Girl, he proceeds to remove her shoes and fondle/play with her feet.  He then ties her up on the bed, and as she wakes up, makes his intentions known about wanting to tickle and tease her - which he does!  Jungle Girl can only struggle and laugh as he has his way with her sexy nylon feet (and upperbody!).  Sleepy rag KO's allow him to change her position several times, for better access to her body and feet.  She's teased, tickled, and tormented over several days, finally ending up on this creep's massage table for a closer inspection of her gorgeous nylon feet.  Can she escape this guy?

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5: