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"Late Night Partying Consequences"

Kristiana is decked out in a sexy black dress and nylons, and had a fun night out on the town the night before.  Unfortunately, she may have had a little too much fun, as she wakes up to find herself tied face down on her own bed.  Apparently one of the guys she was friendly to followed her home, and decided he wanted to have some fun!  He starts tickling her sexy nylon feet, waking her up with laughter.  All she can do is struggle and laugh as this apparent crazy guy tickles & fondles her sexy nylon feet!  After having his fun with her in this position, he knocks her out and re-ties her into a different one for more access.  Eventually she winds up on the floor with her gorgeous nylon soles in the air as he has his tickle & fondle way with them!  Will this guy ever stop?

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: