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Jilted Lovers Triangle

Easily one of my favorite productions I've ever done.  Christina and Kobe are lovers in a long term relationship.  But it seems Kobe has been cheating on Christina by sleeping around with her girlfriend-on-the-side Akira.  Being the paranoid lover that she is, one day Christina checks Kobe's blackberry and finds dozens of sexually-explicit text messages back-and-forth to/from Akira.  Christina interrogates Kobe about this, forcing her to call Akira under the guise of inviting her over for a quickie rendezvous.  Upon arrival Akira is ambushed by Christina and knocked out, only to wake up tied in a chair right next to Kobe (also tied), as Christina exacts her lesbian domination revenge against these two cheating bitches!  What follows next is an epic story-line of betrayals, revenge, shifting alliances, and finally a twist ending.  Who comes out on top, and who ends up as the sex slave - or slaves - of an out-of-control lesbian - or lesbians!?!  A little hint - you NEVER fuck with Christina's woman.

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