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Wonder Christina: Asian Influence

Tomiko & Akira Lane are two super sexy cat burglars looking for their next big score, but unfortunately, they're confronted by the gorgeous heroine Wonder Christina!  Caught red-handed, they have no choice but to attack her, and with a powerful bear-hug from Tomiko, they're able to knock out the superheroine!  Almost instantly, Tomiko thinks up a brilliant plan to get both of them out of a life of crime...they're going to cash in and sell Wonder Christina as a white slave!  They carry the heroine back to their lair, where the straight-laced business-oriented Tomiko starts making some calls, while the lesbian Akira only is interested in having her way with Wonder Christina, which Tomiko has to constantly reign in and keep her focused on the job at hand!  Tomiko finds a buyer, but she says they have to train Wonder Christina to be an obedient nylon sex slave before they can sell her, so that's exactly what they do!  Wonder Christina is forced to suck nylon feet, forced to orgasm, is tickle tortured, spanked, and much more on her way to becoming a willing nylon love slave!  But all good plans come apart eventually, and Wonder Christina gets free in the end.  But will she do the "heroine" thing and just arrest these sexy bitches, or does she have something more in mind for her revenge!?!

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