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This is a work of pure fiction and was created for entertainment purposes ONLY.  "Jungle Womyn" is a fictional character based entirely on the character I had a hand in creating, and have shot extensively with Hollywood, and the likeness is based 100% on her (see picture below for a character reference/appearance).  Any other characters found in this work of fiction are not based on any real person, and any such likeness is purely a creative coincidence.  The author does NOT condone any behavior described in this story except in the world of fictional fantasy, and this work was created with that in mind.  For origins and character biographies, please visit the Nylon Covenant section on my site.  Thank you!

“Jungle Womyn: The Clean Room”
Continued from "Jungle Womyn: In-Route"

As Joanna pushed the medical gurney, carrying the limp body of Jungle Womyn, down the darkened hallway within the Manor house, she couldn’t help but admire the heroine’s exquisitely-built body.  Jungle Womyn was clearly an older woman, but due to her rigorous training regimen, she had the body of a woman half her age.  “Amazing,” Joanna said aloud, as she continued to push the gurney.  “With all the women I see come through here, I’d have to say your body has them all beat,” she continued.  “I think that’ll be one of my first questions for you.  Just how DO you manage to keep your body in such great condition?” said Joanna, as she arrived at her destination.

Joanna pushed the button on the wall to bring the elevator.  For ease of transportation and movement, the Nylon Covenant had installed several large cargo elevators within the manor.  With a ring, the silver double-doors of the elevator opened, and Joanna grunted as she pushed the gurney inside.  The manor house that stood above the Nylon Covenant facility was three stories, and thus the panel inside the elevator had choices for each floor.  Joanna produced an electronic swipe card from her nurse’s uniform pocket, and swiped the card over an innocuous-looking reader just below the main button panel.  With an electronic “WOOSH,” the button panel suddenly shifted to the side, revealing another button panel behind it!  This panel had but one button, unmarked, directly in the center.  With a smile, Joanna pushed the button, as the double-doors closed.

“You’re on your way honey,” Joanna said to the sleeping Jungle Womyn, caressing the heroine’s forehead with her hand.  “Stark said he wanted me to bring you to the Happy Room to begin working on breaking your spirit and resolve.  But your outfit is smelling pretty rank…I can smell it from here!” said Joanna, as she got a whiff of the smell emanating from Jungle Womyn’s costume.  “Smells like perspiration and cum…two smells I’m VERY familiar with,” she continued, using her fingers to explore Jungle Womyn’s face.  “I can only imagine what those fucking animals who sold you to us put you through,” said Joanna, her voice showing a slight bit of remorse.  “Of course,” she continued, her voice suddenly becoming more sinister, “thinking about it also gets me fucking hot!" as she touched her breasts.  Joanna ran her hands down Jungle Womyn's sheer tan pantyhose legs, noticing all the cum and sweat stains.  "Just look at these nylons," she exclaimed with delight.  "Someone had fun."

With an audible “BING,” the silver double-doors opened, revealing the main floor of the Nylon Covenant facility.  Joanna pushed the gurney out of the elevator, and straight ahead down the long hallway, toward a set of large steel doors.  Outside the doors were two finely-groomed men in tailored black suits, complete with earpieces.  As Joanna approached with the gurney, one of the men spoke.  “Miss Crawford, Mr. Stark called ahead and instructed us to make sure this slave reached the Happy Room,” said the man.  “I understand that,” said Joanna, continuing, “but she smells like a fucking whore off the street, and I’m bringing her to the Clean Room first.”  “Who cares, she’s just going to end up smelling like shit again after spending time in the Happy Room, so what does it matter,” said the man, irritated.  “Listen fuck-stick, you don’t give the orders around here…I FUCKING DO!” said Joanna, raising her voice.  “I’m having her cleaned up, and that’s the end of the conversation.  Now get the FUCK out of my way.”

Moments later, Joanna was pushing the gurney past the guards and the steel doors, and was now entering the main level of the facility.  Various steel doors lined the hallway left and right.  Some led to conference rooms where Covenant members dealt with business matters.  Others led to holding cells, where newly-arrived slaves were held.  Yet others still led to the various Play Rooms, where every conceivable type of bondage and torture equipment was to be found.  But Joanna was on a mission, as she bypassed the other rooms, including the Happy Room, as she continued down the hallway, making turns when necessary.

“Ah, here we are,” said Joanna, stopping the gurney outside a set of black double-doors.  A small placard hung next to the doors, with the words “Clean Room” on it.  Joanna once more took out her swipe card, and swiped it in front of the electronic reader that hung on the wall just underneath the placard.  With a “BEEP,” the doors suddenly opened into the room, revealing a room roughly 30’ by 60’.  There was a wall of glass running down the center of the room, separating it into two 30’x30’ sections.  Joanna pushed the gurney into the room, entering the first section.  The walls of this room were painted in a light pink and lavender color scheme.  The floor was bathed in an expensive-looking plush white carpet.  Scattered about the room were a half-dozen makeup and beauty stations, complete with assortments of hair care, makeup, and dozens of other beauty products.  Each beauty station included a padded recliner chair, which one would mistake for a salon chair, save for the wrist and ankle straps.

“Slow day?” said Joanna, as she entered the room.  “Yeah babe, kind of a ghost town right now,” said a pretty Japanese woman in her early twenties, with long black hair, wearing pink doctors scrubs with sheer white pantyhose underneath, as she sat at one of the stations, her small nylon feet propped up on the legs of the struggling woman restrained in the recliner chair.  “It’s only me down here; the other girls are out to lunch.  This one…” the Asian girl continued, pointing at the struggling woman tied in the chair, “she was just brought in and is a mess, so I’m fixing up her makeup and nails.”  Strapped into the chair by her wrists and ankles was a naked blonde woman, with short curly blonde hair, and a bright red ball gag stuffed in her mouth.  “Who is she?” asked Joanna.  “Oh…they gave me her pedigree right here.  Let’s see…looks like her name is Tiffany.  Thirty years old.  Says here that she’s an attorney,” said the Asian girl.

Joanna walked over to the tied, struggling blonde woman, as she grabbed her by the hair.  “Isn’t it ironic…you spend your whole life fucking over people, and now you’re here with us, about to spend the rest of your life BEING fucked over,” said Joanna, emphasizing her words as she pulled on the woman’s hair.  “FFVVUCCK VVVUU!!!” screamed the woman from underneath the ball gag, her words distorted.  “That’s the spirit, honey.  You keep up the good fight.  After a few days of tickle torture and a couple hundred forced orgasms, I guarantee you’ll feel differently.  And DON’T think I won’t be stopping in to ‘visit’ you later,” Joanna continued, her evil sinister smile returning.

“So what’s up boss,” said the Asian girl.  “Who ya’ got over on the gurney,” the Asian asked, peering over Joanna’s shoulder.  “The one you’ve probably heard rumors about, my dear,” said Joanna.  “Jungle Womyn has arrived!” she continued, her voice excited.  “Holy shit, you mean she’s here!?!” said the Asian girl, jumping out of her seat.  “That’s right.  Stark wants her in one of the Happy Rooms right away to break her spirit, but the fuckers that sold her to us really did a number on her, so I want to clean her up,” said Joanna.  “Fuck this bitch here, I want you and the girls to make Jungle Womyn a priority,” said Joanna, giving Tiffany an icy look.  “FFVVUCCKK VVUUU, VUUU CCVUNNTT!!” screamed Tiffany.  Joanna looked Tiffany dead in the eyes, moving her face inches away from the restrained woman’s, as she said, “Just for that, when they’re done with you here, you’re going to find out just how much of a CUNT I am, BITCH!”  Tiffany’s demeanor suddenly grew from angered to frighten.

“So you understand?  The girls get back, I want you all to work on Jungle Womyn and get her cleaned up and then brought to whatever Happy Room isn’t being used and get her started on the treatment.  “No problem boss,” said the Asian girl.  “Oh,” Joanna continued as she walked out of the room, “text me on my cell when Tiffany is cleaned up and in one of the Play Rooms.  We need to have a little girl chat,” Joanna said, winking at Tiffany as she departed.

A Half-Hour Later…The Clean Room

While the first half the room was dedicated to the beauty stations and resembled a salon, the second half, enclosed behind a wall of glass that ran the width of the room, with a pair of double glass doors in the center leading into it, resembled a high end shower facility.  The room had three walls, each with dozens of racks filled with towels, clothing, bath and beauty products, and a host of other items.  Nearer the center of the room, several old-style claw-foot bathtubs with golden plumbing fixtures, dominated the room.  Also dotted around the room were several golden shower heads protruding down from the ceiling, with nearby manacles hanging alongside.  Bound and hanging in one of those sets of golden manacles with a showerhead directly above her was the limp body of Jungle Womyn.  The proud heroine hung limply by her wrists, her suntan pantyhose feet flat on the floor.  The room was deathly silent, save for the occasional water drip.

Back from lunch, the double glass doors separating the Clean Room suddenly opened, in walking six Asian women of various ages ranging from early twenties to early thirties, all wearing pink scrubs.  “Oh my God, I can’t believe we get to attend to such a superstar,” said one of the Asian girls, in a mocking tone, as the six ladies surrounded the sleepy hanging heroine.  “Ooh…Jungle Womyn, big bad super heroine!” said another, her voice dripping with sarcasm.  “More like our little bitch,” said yet another woman.  All six of the Asian women suddenly developed smirks on their faces, looking at each other.  “Joanna said we had to clean her up and make her look pretty.  But she didn’t say we couldn’t have some fun with her, did she?” said one of the Asian girls to the Asian woman Joanna had talked to earlier.  “Nope.  Let’s do it,” she replied, a smile growing across her face.

The six Asians then began slowly pulling Jungle Womyn’s clothing off.  First they removed her sweat-stained top, exposing her large size-D breasts.  With her breasts freed, two of the Asian women started groping and molesting them, using their tongues and mouths to suck Jungle Womyn’s nipples.  Several other of the ladies began to pull down Jungle Womyn’s cum-stained thong, getting it down by her ankles, taking it off.  Those same ladies now began to massage and explore Jungle Womyn’s pantyhose-covered pussy with their hands, rubbing in between her legs, glancing up at Jungle Womyn’s face while they molested her sleeping body.  The sensations began to wake Jungle Womyn, who started to moan slightly.  The women working her pussy glanced up at her, smiling that their efforts were having an effect on the heroine.

“Whhuuhuh,” said Jungle Womyn, meekly, as she moved her head side-to-side, opening her eyes the first time since being in the back of the SUV.  “Wakey wakey Jungle Womyn,” said one of the Asians, as they continued to molest her breasts and pussy.  “Whuunnnuuhh…hey…HEY!!!” Jungle Womyn screamed, as she suddenly came into consciousness.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?!  Stop that right NOW!  GET THE HELL OFF ME!!” she screamed, as the Asian women continued their work.  One of the Asian women sucking on her breasts suddenly stopped, and using her hand, hand-smothered Jungle Womyn.  “Listen bitch, you belong to the Nylon Covenant now.  You’re our property, and you’ll do and say what we tell you.  Got it?” she said.  “SSCCRRWWVVUUU UUVVVV!!!” screamed Jungle Womyn from underneath the hand-gagging.  Immediately one of the Asian ladies smacked Jungle Womyn’s suntan pantyhose-covered ass incredibly hard, causing Jungle Womyn to yelp in pain.  “I think the bitch needs to learn her place,” said the Asian, as she looked at the other ladies, all of whom nodded in agreement.

As Jungle Womyn stood naked in only her cum and sweat-stained suntan pantyhose with her arms bound above her head in golden manacles, the ladies suddenly moved away from her body.  One lady walked over to the wall and pushed a button.  Suddenly the manacles holding Jungle Womyn’s wrists began to raise.  Jungle Womyn struggled, but was soon pulled up several inches, her nylon toes just barely touching the floor.  Another lady walked over to the adjacent wall, turning a knob.  Suddenly the shower head above Jungle Womyn started pouring water down on her, soaking her hair, and then her entire body, causing her suntan pantyhose to quickly darken in color.  Jungle Womyn struggled, shaking her head side-to-side, spraying water everywhere.  “YOU BITCHES WANT TO TEACH ME A LESSON!?!” said Jungle Womyn, screaming at them as the water poured down on her.  “I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU ALL, YOU EVIL LESBIANS.  RELEASE ME NOW, OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL KICK ALL YOUR ASSES,” screamed Jungle Womyn, reading herself as best she could to fight off these ladies.

“Well, you were right about one thing,” said one of the Asian ladies.  “We’re all lesbians.  Unfortunately for you, we also LOVE a challenge.  Rest assured, we’re going to FUCK you, it’s only a matter of time.  Might as well make it easy on yourself and not fight us.  You do that, and we’ll be gentle.  You fight us, and BITCH…we’ll tickle torture your body so much you’ll BEG us to FUCK YOU,” said the Asian woman.  Being true to her spirit and personality of never giving up, Jungle Womyn could only think of one thing to say.  “Bring it, bitches.”

Like a pack of wolves, the pink scrubs-wearing six Asian ladies circled Jungle Womyn, who was trying to balance herself on her nylon toes, as the water continued to pour down on her head, obscuring her vision slightly.  Her pantyhose toes were slipping on the wet floor, making it hard for her to maintain balance.  Jungle Womyn could only turn her body so much before the manacles prevented further turning, so she quickly had to readjust herself so that she didn’t have too many ladies behind her.  The Asians continued to circle her, menacing smiles on their faces.  Some of them made tickling gestures in the air with their fingers, as if teasing Jungle Womyn about what was to come.  As if in unison, the six Asian ladies lunged at the hanging Jungle Womyn.  Using her super heroine reflexes, Jungle Womyn kicked up her legs, catching two of the Asian girls in their faces with kicks from each leg, sending them flying backwards.  Instantly, Jungle Womyn switched her position and using her legs, caught another woman around the head with a head scissors, squeezing the woman.  Unfortunately, this left Jungle Womyn open to the three remaining Asian ladies, who started tickling Jungle Womyn’s body!

Two of them went directly on each of her sides, using their hands to feverishly tickle torture Jungle Womyn’s ribs and underarms, while the third woman went to Jungle Womyn’s suntan pantyhose feet, tickle torturing them, her fingers scrabbling up and down Jungle Womyn’s silky-smooth nylon soles.  “COOCHIE COOCHIE COO, JUNGLE CUNT” said one of the ladies tickling her ribs.  Jungle Womyn gritted her teeth and had a pained expression on her face as she tried to block out the tickling sensations on her body.  If only she could knock out this woman in the head scissors, her chances would be greater to deal with the others.  “NNUUGHGH!!!” Jungle Womyn let slip from her mouth, as she gritted her teeth harder.  “TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE, ARE THOSE BIG SIZE 8 NYLON FEET TICKLE WICKLE ISH!?!” said the Asian tickling her feet.  The Asians on either side continued torturing Jungle Womyn’s ribs and underarms, scribbling their fingers up and down her sides, poking her in the belly button, scrabbling their fingers deep in her armpits.  "AWW...DOES THE PANTYHOSE MAKE LITTLE JUNGLE PRINCESS' FEET TICKLE WICKLE-LISH!?!" teased lady tickling her feet, as she used both hands to scrabble all over Jungle Womyn's nylon soles.

“NNHOOUUNNGH!!!” let slip Jungle Womyn, as the tickling was breaking down her will to not laugh.  Suddenly she felt the woman in between her legs go limp, as she released her head scissors hold.  With her legs free, Jungle Womyn kicked away the Asian woman tickling her feet, getting some relief for a moment.  Unfortunately for Jungle Womyn, the two Asian women tickling her ribs were too close to her for her to use her legs, as they continued to tickle torture her.  Recovering from the kicks they received earlier, the two Asian ladies rushed to Jungle Womyn, and before she could react, all four women were tickle torturing her!  “TICKLE TICKLE MY LITTLE TICKLE SLAVE!  YOU SHOULD HAVE LET US HAVE OUR WAY WITH YOU WITHOUT FIGHTING.  NOW WE’RE GOING TO NOT ONLY TICKLE TORTURE YOU, WE’RE GOING TO FUCK YOU ANYWAY!” said one of the ladies, as four Asian women used their fingers all over Jungle Womyn’s upper body.  Several pairs of hands tickled her armpits, her ribs, and hips at the same time, as Jungle Womyn shook violently, her head shaking back-and-forth, the tickling sensations too much for her.

The woman that had been tickling her feet and was kicked away was tending to the passed out lady on the floor, gently slapping her face to wake her.  She woke with a disoriented look on her face, but glancing up at the tickle torturing taking place, quickly grew a smile.  “You want in?” asked the lady tending to her.  “I want to hear her laugh,” said the recovered woman.  With that, she stood up, and all six Asian ladies attacked Jungle Womyn’s body with their tickling fingers.  “I THINK SHE LIKES IT, LOOK AT THAT BIG SMILE FORMING ON HER TICKLISH LITTLE FACE,” said one of the women, without missing a beat as she tickled Jungle Womyn’s hips.  “YOU’RE RIGHT, I THINK SHE LOVES IT.  TRY HER FEET,” said another.  With that, several of the women began grasping onto Jungle Womyn’s wet pantyhose legs, lifting them up and holding them in place, as yet other ladies went to her nylon feet.  Peeling back the nylon-covered toes on each foot, the Asian ladies scrabbled their fingers up and down Jungle Womyn’s now-dark colored pantyhose soles.

The water continued to pour down on Jungle Womyn, soaking everyone, as the Asians continued their tickle torture of her entire body.  At about the five minute mark, it became too much for Jungle Womyn, who could grit her teeth and bare it no longer.  “PLEEASE NO MORE TICKL….TICKLLI…TEEHEHEEHAHAHAHAHASTOOPAPAHAHA!!!” screamed Jungle Womyn, the sensations too much for her.  “NOOHOHOHAHAHSTOPPAHAHAPPLEEASEEAHAHAANNYTHINGGG” she screamed, the tickling sensations weakening her.  “GOODDDNNNOOOMORREEEAAHAHAMMEERRCCCYYHAHAHA!!!” was all that she could scream, in between the fits of forced laughter.  The Asians continued tickling her body, switching positions every few minutes so each could torture a different part of her body, giving her no respite.  “AWW…IS THE JUNGLE SLUT TICKLISH???  IS IT TOO MUCH FOR THE BIG STRONG WOMAN TO HANDLE???  SAY YOU’RE A TICKLISH LITTLE GIRL.  SAY IT,” one of the women teased Jungle Womyn.

“SAY YOU’RE A TICKLISH LITTLE SLUT, OR WE’LL NEVER STOP TICKLING YOUR TICKLISH LITTLE BODY.  TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE,” continued the Asian lady, clearly enjoying torturing Jungle Womyn’s body.  “AHHH…COOCHIE COO, DOES JUNGLE WOMYN HAVE LITTLE TICKLISH SOLES,” said one of the ladies running her fingers up and down Jungle Womyn’s pantyhose feet.  “PLEASEEHAHAHAANYTTHINGGGGMMMHHEERRRCCYYHAHAHA!!!” screamed Jungle Womyn, the prolonged tickling wearing her body down.  “WE’RE NOT STOPPING EVER, JUNGLE BITCH.  WE’RE GOING TO TICKLE YOUR TICKLISH BODY UNTIL YOU’RE ON THE VERGE OF PASSING OUT.  BUT WE’RE NOT GOING TO LET YOU PASS OUT.  WE’RE GOING TO KEEP TICKLING UNTIL YOU GO INSANE!” said one of the women tickling her belly button.  “NOOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” was all that Jungle Womyn could scream, as the Asian’s did their job to perfection.

Another ten minutes passed, and Jungle Womyn was in hysterics, her voice hoarse from laughter.  The Asian ladies had discovered that Jungle Womyn was most ticklish on her nylon feet, so all six of them had position themselves in that regard.  Two ladies were holding each leg stationary, while the other two ladies were busy scrabbling their fingers up and down Jungle Womyn’s pantyhose soles, in between her nylon toes, her heels, her arches, the tops of her nylon feet, and everywhere in between.  “NNNOOHHAHAHAHANNOOTTYYYYOUURRTONGGUUEE!!!” screamed Jungle Womyn as she felt both ladies using their tongues to explore her suntan pantyhose toes.  The ladies traded positions every few minutes, giving Jungle Womyn no relief or rest, as she now feel into silent laughter.  No longer able to control herself, Jungle Womyn pissed herself from the non-stop tickle torture, unable to control her body.  As the water poured down on her head, Jungle Womyn could only think of the laughter, as she screamed and begged for mercy.

“These pantyhose are pretty beat-up…let’s tear them off.  Besides, I want to play with her pussy,” said one of the ladies.  Like a flock of birds thinking as one, the ladies immediately tore into Jungle Womyn’s suntan pantyhose, tearing them off her completely, leaving her completely naked, hanging by her wrists.  One of the Asian ladies took Jungle Womyn by her chin, who was too exhausted at this point to pull away.  Looking into her eyes, the woman said, “But before we FUCK you, I think you need some more tickling!”  The six ladies all smiled, as Jungle Womyn grew a panicked look on her face.  With the ladies holding her legs firm, Jungle Womyn’s bare feet were now exposed, as the two Asian ladies went back to work scrabbling their fingers up and down Jungle Womyn’s now-bare soles, causing more fits of screaming, laughter, and begging.  “GGOODDNNOOAHOAHAHANNOTTAAHAHAHSSSOLLESSS!!!” Jungle Womyn screamed in horror, as her bare soles were ravaged with more tickle torture.

2 Hours Later.  The Clean Room.

Jungle Womyn hung limply from the golden manacles in the shower area where she had been tickle tortured for the last couple hours.  She had passed out at least twice - the first time the Asian ladies woke her up immediately and continued their tickle torture, as well as going down on her and inducing three separate forced orgasms with their tongues and fingers.  The second time, they decided she’d had enough for the time being, and let her sleep.  Jungle Womyn hung by her wrists, her bare toes barely touching the floor.  As she hung passed out, one of the Asian ladies was busy washing her hair, using various shampoos and conditioners, as well as body wash on Jungle Womyn’s body.  Jungle Womyn remained asleep throughout the process, her body too exhausted to wake her up, only letting out the occasional faint moan.  Ten minutes later, Jungle Womyn was completely clean, as several of the women began using towels to dry her hanging body.  “She cleans up good,” said one of the Asians.  “You can hardly even tell we just tickled the shit out of her body for the last couple hours!” she continued.  “Ok, looks like she’s all clean and dry.  Take her down and move her over to one of the stations so we can fix her hair, nails and makeup and get this bitch looking like the superstar she is,” said one of the ladies.

Several Hours Later. The Clean Room.

Jungle Womyn began to stir.  She felt like she was laying down on something soft, as she slowly opened her eyes.  Then it hit her: she was strapped down into some type of reclining chair.  Each ankle was bound in a leather strap, fastened to the chair.  Her arms lay by her sides, each wrist bound in a leather strap just like her ankles.  She was laying in a reclined position, her arms by her sides, her legs outstretched, almost laying in a horizontal position.  She tried to move her head, but couldn’t, as she realized she had a leather strap running across her forehead, pinning her head down.  “Welcome sunshine,” said one of the Asian ladies, whom Jungle Womyn recognized as the one she had put in a head scissor earlier.  “Oh…sorry about the head restraint.  Don’t want you messing up my makeup and hair job,” said the Asian lady with a smirk.

Jungle Womyn glanced down at her body, and was shocked to see the work that had been done while she was sleeping.  She was completely naked, except for a fresh pair of ultra sheer suntan pantyhose that had been put on her.  Her toes had been painted a glossy fire-engine red, as had her finger nails.  “Here, take a look,” said the Asian lady, holding up a mirror in front of Jungle Womyn.  Jungle Womyn looked at herself, and for a brief moment didn’t know what to say.  She looked beautiful.  Beyond beautiful.  One of the women who had just spent hours torturing her body had styled her makeup and hair in a gorgeous fashion.  Her auburn-colored hair draped down, smelling fresh-cut flowers.  Her makeup was flawless.  Jungle Womyn just laid there with a stunned expression on her face.

“Please.  Enough is enough.  Just let me go.  You need help, you’re sick.  You’re all so very sick.  Please…just let me go,” said Jungle Womyn, the slightest hint of a tear welling up in her eyes.  “Please.”  The Asian lady just smiled back at her.  “Do you think you’re the first woman I’ve had in this chair that’s said that to me?  You’re a smart super heroine, right?  I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of women tied in this very chair, say the exact same thing you just said to me.  And you know what I did for each and every one of them?  I caressed their cheek, and told them it would be ok.  But that’s a lie, and you’re far too smart a lady for that lie to work on you.  So the truth is, your life is over.  It’s over, and you belong to us now, until we either sell you off as a sex slave, or we keep you as a permanent nylon slave, to tickle and tease until we tire of you,” said the Asian woman in a matter-of-fact way, startling Jungle Womyn.

Jungle Womyn’s emotions got the better of her from hearing this, as she started crying.  “Please…just let me go…” she said in between the tears.  “FUCKING BITCH!” screamed the Asian woman.  “DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO DO YOUR MAKEUP, AND NOW YOU RUIN IT BY CRYING!?!” she continued, angrily.  “YOU WANT SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT?  I’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!” said the woman, as she snapped her fingers at the other Asian ladies who were milling about the room.  “THIS CUNT JUST RUINED MY MAKEUP JOB…GIVE HER SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT,” said the woman.

“NOOOO!!!” screamed Jungle Womyn, tears now flowing down her face.  “PLEASE…SOMEONE HELP ME!!!” Jungle Womyn screamed at the top of her lungs, as the half dozen Asian women approached her restrained body.  “Ok jungle princess…you're due in the Happy Room at five o'clock.  That means we have 2 hours.  The way we figure...all six of us are going to tickle torture your nylon feet for an hour, and then use the last hour to make you up again.  Don't feel bad if you pass out...it's going to happen, because we're just that good, as you already are aware.” said one of the ladies, as all six women pulled up stools and took a seat surrounding Jungle Womyn’s strapped-down sheer suntan pantyhose feet, toes painted bright red.  “Feel free to cry, there is no shame in it, and we won't tell anyone.  It'll be our little secret, princess…” she continued, as all six ladies reached toward Jungle Womyn’s suntan pantyhose feet, the once-proud heroine began to sob as they began making tickling gestures at her, forecasting the horrors about to be unleashed.