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"Tomi Kat: Obsessed" 

Fun-loving lesbian Fayth is coming home one day when she finds an injured black catsuit-wearing super spy heroine Tomi Kat outside of her door.  Taking the poor woman in to nurse her back to health, Tomi Kat has NO idea she went from one bad situation to an even worse one!  As we find out, Fayth not only knows of Tomi Kat, but she's completely and utterly obsessed with her.  When Tomi Kat tries to leave, things take a turn, and she ends up as a sexual prisoner to a lesbian with an out-of-control obsession with her.  This multi-part 2+ hour movie features everything from heavy nylon foot worship, extreme tickle torture, lesbian domination, strippings, multiple KO's, bondage, fighting, OTS carrying, nylon fetish, and more!  A super hot movie that I'm breaking up into multiple parts as a store release!  NOTE: There is SOOO MUCH going on in this movie (just like all my 2-3+ hour movies) that it's hard to showcase it in the preview pics below.  As I fill them in, you'll get a sense of the scale of this movie (just like all the long productions!).  Thanks!  ALSO NOTE: This was a very emotional movie, thanks to the awesome acting from Tomiko & Fayth.  Tomi went above and beyond with the dialogue in this one, as well as getting very emotional from the tortures.  Just incredible!

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