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Set 1 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" 

Fayth and Tomiko are lesbian lovers who have just come home from a night on the town.  Fayth (naturally!) wants to get frisky with her woman and play some tie-up and tease games, as she allows herself to be tied down on the bed.  Unfortunately for her, the minute she's restrained, Tomiko's demeanor changes completely.  She tells Fayth that it's over between them, and that as a cougar, Tomi likes the "young meat," as she calls in her younger, blonde girlfriend Savannah!  Fayth is shocked and angered that her woman would turn on her like this, but can do nothing about it as both Tomiko & Savannah tease and taunt her.  All Fayth wants is Tomiko, but Tomi wants nothing to do with her, as she and her new girlfriend torment poor Fayth!