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Store Blog Archives: September 2009 - October 2009

October 29th, 2009 - I added in a new clip to the store tonight.  I've been spending a lot of time creating screen grabs for my Shoot Archive this week, so not as many store clips.  But hey, I don't want to overload you guys either, so it works out!  It's not like I'm going anywhere:

  • Part 3 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Savannah & Tomiko.  Fayth is in full control of her cheating girlfriend Tomiko, and Tomi's little blonde squeeze on the side Savannah!  Fayth toys with Tomiko (who has her arms tied spread eagle on the bed) as well as Savannah, knocking them out and worshiping their very sexy sheer black pantyhose feet.  She taunts Tomiko about having her way with Tomi's secret girlfriend Savannah, while she licks and worships Savannah's feet in front of Tomiko.  After worshiping them both, Savannah & Tomiko wake up tied down on the bed with their arms above their heads (now only in their underwear/pantyhose).  They both have their high heels on, as Fayth comes in and continues to tease and taunt them.  Fayth removes both their shoes on screen, as she continues her worshiping.  A lot is going on in this clip, including Tickling, Teasing, Heavy Nylon Foot Worship, Chloro Knockouts, and more.  Definitely for the Nylon Foot Fans & Lesbian Dom Fans!

October 26th, 2009 - I'm still coming down from a major story-line production shoot with 3 of my hottest ladies, but I'll be posting some really sexy content later this week, so definitely check back.  In the meantime, I've posted 2 new clips tonight!  A little Christina Carter being vibe teased into oblivion to start your week, as well as some fun domination from Tomiko on Hollywood:

  • Part 4 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Christina is still the captive of demented lesbian Fayth, and in this installment, is heavily teased with vibrators (pocket rocket & hitachi) until she's nice & horny, when finally Fayth forces her to orgasm.  No escape in sight for the sexy detective, as she continues to be Fayth's love prisoner.
  • Part 4 of "Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan!" featuring Tomiko & Hollywood.  Jungle Womyn (Holly) continues to be the captive of crazy obsessed woman Tomiko, who keeps the sexy heroine tied up as her play toy.  Tomi belly punches Jungle Womyn into a stupor, keeps her tied up to a column, forces her to worship her gorgeous nylon feet, and kisses/worships Jungle Womyn's helpless nylon feet as well!

October 23rd, 2009 - Akira, Christina & Kobe are stopping by this weekend for nylon fun, so I'm pretty busy as you can imagine.  In preparation for lots of new stuff coming very early next week, here are 2 brand new clips in my store!

  • Part 4 of "Ultimate Model Rivals" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Kobe is in control of Tomiko here, rubbing her nylon feet in Tomiko's face, and then tickle torturing Tomiko for being the bad rival model she is!  But never count Tomi out, as she is able to escape her bonds and knock Kobe out!  Now it's Tomiko's turn to strip Kobe down a bit, put her in bondage, knock her out a couple times, and of course worship Kobe's sexy size 6 pantyhose feet!
  • Part 3 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Fayth & Kobe Lee!  Kobe Kitty is the love prisoner of demented lesbian Fayth, as Fayth continues to tease and torment the sexy heroine.  Fayth licks & sucks Kobe's super sexy sheer tan pantyhose feet, strips her out of her leopard print catsuit, teases Kobe with the vibrator, and more!  Very sexy nylon foot worship and lesbian domination!

October 20th, 2009 - Tonight I added one of my FAVORITE scenes from one of my FAVORITE productions!

  • Part 4 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Kobe Lee is in control of Christina now, and has her at her mercy, tied spread eagle.  Christina continues to try and mouth off, but Kobe has something for her mouth...her gorgeous size 6 nylon feet!  Kobe force-feeds her feet to Christina, who has no choice but to LICK, SUCK, KISS, and worship them.  Extreme nylon foot worship here, some of my best work yet in this regard (or I should say, the girls best work!).  Kobe wants to make this bitch suffer, so she breaks out the Hitachi and goes to work teasing Christina (while forcing her to worship her nylon feet!), getting Christina extremely hot & horny.  But Kobe is such a tease, as she wouldn't let Christina orgasm even though she desperately wanted to!

October 18th, 2009 - Added a new clip to the store this afternoon!

  • Part 3 of "Ulimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  In the last installment we saw Hollywood completely dominated by Tomiko & Kobe.  Here we open up to a quick bonus scene - it looks like Tomiko & Kobe weren't finished with Holly last time, as they wake her up and nylon foot smother her back to sleep just for laughs...poor Holly!  We then open to Tomiko & Kobe later, in bikini's ready to go to the beach when in walks Holly (also in a bikini) who takes her revenge on these two roommate chicks!  In a unique scene, Holly has Tomiko pinned down to the bed with a knocked-out Kobe laying on top of Tomi (thus, pinning her down), as Hollywood gets her tickle torture revenge against Tomiko (and some nylon foot love with Kobe's sexy feet!).  But you know the girls...at the very end it looks like Holly gets a little careless.

October 16th, 2009 - Uploaded a new clip within a new series making its debut!

  • Part 1 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Fayth as the evil psycho lesbian she plays so well (or is that just how she really is!?!) is obsessed with capturing the three Carter sisters, and will stop at nothing until she has turned each and every one of them into her nylon foot sex slaves!  It starts here, with purple-clad catsuit-wearing sister Kristen (Christina) confronting Fayth, only to end up as her prisoner.  Really HOT struggling/fighting from Christina, and a definite for those that want to see the victim fight her captor!  Nylon foot worship, fighting, struggling, shoe-removal, the works!

October 15th, 2009 - A new clip has been posted in the store this morning!

  • Part 3 of "No More Feet!" starring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Here we find Tomiko now has control over her sexy roommate Kobe, and extracts some domination & tickling revenge against her!  Tomi ties Kobe up on the bed (on screen), tickles her nylon feet, gives Kobe's feet some nylon foot worship attention, and finally uses her own gorgeous nylon feet to smother KO Kobe out!

October 14th, 2009 - Added a new clip to the store (the next part of my best-selling series of clips actually!):

October 11th, 2009 - BIG posting of clips in my store tonight!  Things are heating up with the clips, as story-lines progress, the action keeps getting hotter!  Here are 3 Brand New Clips from some very sexy productions:

  • Part 2 of "I Dream of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood & Fayth.  The dream sequence for Fayth continues, as Fayth has the object of her affection (Hollywood) ALL to herself.  Fayth continues to play with Hollywood, now tickling Holly's sexy sheer tan pantyhose feet.  Some very hot unrestrained tickling here.  Eventually though, her dream starts to take on a different direction, as Hollywood begins to tickle Fayth back, which leads to a fun dual-tickling for each of them - tickling each other!
  • Part 3 of "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Ok OMG...this is a VERY sexy clip, and definitely the one to pick up if you've been enjoying the series so far.  You know me - I don't promote my work (very often) - but THIS IS THE CLIP TO BUY!  Fayth continues to torture & torment Wonder Christina and her gorgeous body (and beautiful nylon feet!).  Fayth attacks her with the electric toothbrush for some good ol' tickle torture.  After about five minutes, Fayth gags Wonder Christina with black tape so she can't protest.  Then Fayth takes out the Hitachi again and teases Wonder Christina with the vibrator for some good tease & denial.  After teasing Wonder Christina and getting her hot, Fayth forces her to orgasm!  Wonder Christina is definitely defeated here, nothing more than Fayth's slave to play with.  And definitely one of my hotter clips!
  • Part 2 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're Both My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Tomiko, Savannah & Fayth!  Story-line continued, with Tomiko hooking up with Savannah and double-teaming Fayth.  Fayth's torment continues, as she's tied with a hitachi between her legs.  Eventually the girls tire of torturing the poor girl and knock her out, as Tomiko carries Fayth out to dump her in the trash!  We now see Tomi & Savannah together for a lovely night together, but they're interrupted by psycho Fayth who crashes their party.  I'm not going to spoil it, but these ladies are about to become Fayth's nylon bitches.  The majority of this clip is Fayth starting her revenge!

October 9th, 2009 - Posted a new clip in the store this afternoon:

  • Part 3 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Continued from the last part, here we see Detective Carter's continued lesbian domination at the hands of a very crazy (yet hot!) Fayth!  This is DEFINITELY a scene for the Nylon Foot Worship fans as well as the Lesbian Domination folks.  Christina is Fayth's love prisoner 100% here, and her nylon feet really get a nice worshipping!

October 8th, 2009 - I posted a new clip in the store tonight:

  • For the tickle lovers, I posted Part 3 of "Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan," featuring Hollywood & Tomiko!  The story continues, as crazy chick Tomiko has Jungle Womyn (Hollywood) tied down to the massage table as she continues her tickle & nylon foot worship abuse of the heroine!  Mostly tickle torture here, but also nylon foot worship, a belly punching KO, and more!  This is a definitely a fun scene!

October 6th, 2009 - I added a new clip today!

  • Part 3 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Tomi has escaped from her previous encounter with Kobe, but has a second encounter with her here.  Tomi tells Kobe the next time things will be different and she'll be the one in control, but Kobe has other plans for Tomi (and her gorgeous sheer off-black pantyhose feet)!

October 5th, 2009 - I added a short clip tonight:

  • "Tricked & Tickled Model" - Just a short POV tickling clip I shot with Tomi in sheer black stockings.  Really fun tickling the entire clip, and Tomi laughs her head off as always!

October 4th, 2009 - Posted 2 new clips in my store tonight:

October 1st, 2009 - Well, my debut month of September has come and gone, and it was an awesome one thanks to all of you who bought clips in the store!  I can't thank you enough, and I hope you continue to enjoy my work.  Trust me...it only gets better, hotter, and sexier!  Speaking of which, here are 3 new clips I'm uploading to my store today:

  • Part 1 of "Girlfriend Games: Akira & Kobe" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Akira and Kobe are sexy girlfriends who want to unwind after a hard week of work, so they do what they do best...play with, worship each others nylon feet, knock each other out, tickle and tease each other!  More of a mutual/consensual type scenario, Akira has control early, but Kobe regains control and tickles and teases Akira!
  • Part 2 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood, Kobe & Tomiko!  Tomiko & Kobe continue their tickle and nylon foot worship punishment of roommate Hollywood, who is tickled and tortured on her sexy helpless nylon feet!
  • Part 2 of "No More Feet!" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Kobe continues her nylon foot worship & tickle torture of her sexy roommate Tomi's gorgeous sheer black pantyhose feet.  But her domination is coming to an end...

September 28th, 2009 - I added 3 new clips to my store!  They are:

  • Part 1 of "I Dream of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  Fayth wants to be more than friends with Hollywood, but Holly isn't having any of it, so Fayth turns to an experimental drug in order to make Holly show up in her dreams.
  • Part 2 of "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star!" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Fayth continues her torture of Wonder Christina, licking and sucking her nylon feet, as well as tickling her with an electric toothbrush, as she plays to the camera!
  • Part 1 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Tomiko & Savannah.  Fayth & Tomi are a couple, but Tomi has dumped Fayth for the younger Savannah.  With Fayth betrayed, Tomi & Savannah tease and torture a helpless Fayth.

September 27th, 2009 - Added in a new clip to the store:

  • Part 2 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Fayth continues her torment of Detective Carter, as she tickles, foot worships, strips her bra off, and finally teases her with vibrators!

September 24th, 2009 - Added in a few clips yesterday and today:

  • Part 2 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Kobe Lee & Tomiko.  Watch as Kobe tickle tortures Tomi's sexy helpless nylon feet!
  • Part 2 of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Kobe continues her domination of Akira the sexy cat burglar, forcing her to worship her feet, knocking her out and removing her cat suit!
  • Part 2 of "Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan!" featuring Hollywood & Tomiko!  Tomi the evil obsessed fan continues her torment of Jungle Womyn (Holly), wrestling with her, including several knockouts (sleeper hold, chloro rag), nylon foot worship, and some tickling/teasing at the end.

September 22nd, 2009 - Added in a new clip:

  • Part 2 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Christina is forced to worship Kobe's nylon feet and then forced to orgasm with the hitachi, helpless to stop it!

September 21st, 2009 - New Clip added to the store!

  • Part 1 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  Kobe as a jungle heroine Kobe Kitty, as Fayth as the psycho lesbian who wants Kitty as her sex slave!

September 20th, 2009 - Uploaded a new clip today:

September 18th, 2009 - I added in two clips today:

  • Part 1 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood squaring off against sexy roommates Tomiko & Kobe in an epic 10 part series!  Can Holly survive the fetish antics of these two gorgeous chicks, or is she destined to become their nylon plaything?
  • "Tomi Kat Sleepy Feet" - a fun clip with a super heroine flair that is all about Tomi's nylon feet being Fondled & Tickled.

September 17th, 2009 - Added a new clip this morning:

September 14th, 2009 - Clip posted in the store:

September 13th, 2009 - Added another first installment clip in the store:

  • Part 1 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Detective Carter arrests the evil Fayth for various fetish crimes, but Fayth escapes and begins a long saga of teaching this silly detective the error of her ways.

September 12th, 2009 - Updated the store with 4 new clips, and will be continuing to add new material every few days!  Lots of first parts going up of some long & sexy story-lines, so definitely check them out.

September 7th, 2009 - Posted 2 clips in the store from the past.  First is "Jealous Roommate," featuring Tomi & Fayth.  Really fun damsel/tickling scenario story.  Second is "Nylon Wrestling," featuring Holly, Kobe & Fayth.  Fun back-and-forth multi falls pantyhose wrestling match between the girls (FF/F, with Kobe & Fayth taking on Hollywood).

September 5th, 2009 - I added 2 clips to the store this morning.  "Tomi Kat's Biggest Fan 2" featuring Tomiko, Fayth, and Kristiana, this clip is sort of a continuation from the first "Tomi Kat's Biggest Fan" that featured Tomi & Fayth.  Very fun & sexy tickling/damsel F/FF domination type clip.  The second clip is called "Tomiko: Sacked & Wrapped Collection."  I wanted to make a compilation clip featuring Tomiko tied "mummy" style and being tickled, so here it is!  Features both M/F & F/F tickling, as there are scenes with both myself and Fayth tickling Tomi's gorgeous sheer tan pantyhose feet.