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Store Blog Archives: November 2009 - December 2009

December 31st, 2009 - The last day of 2009 is here, and I'm totally sick!  How nice!  But anyway, I had auto-scheduled a clip to be uploaded today, so take a look in the store, as it's been uploaded!

  • Part 6 of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Akira the cat burglar has gone through quite the ordeal (tickle tortured, foot worshiped, forced to orgasm), and now she's completely and utterly exhausted from it all, and totally submissive to Kobe's desires.  Kobe rubs her hands and nylon feet all over Akira's body, and then forces Akira to kiss and worship her nylon feet (as she does the same with Akira's).  Akira gives up some information that makes Kobe leave, but not before hand smothering Akira out, leaving her sleepy helpless body lying on the bed.

December 30th, 2009 - The last day of this year that I'll be uploading clips.  Unfortunately, I'm also down sick with the flu/cold right now, so I won't be able to upload much for a few days (1 new clip also coming tomorrow, though).

  • Part 7 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  A very sexy little scene with Tomiko being choked out, her sheer suntan pantyhose feet sensually kissed/worshiped by Kobe, and finally being stripped out of her clothes down to her underwear and nylons.  Honestly, just how I like to imagine ALL my girls everyday lol!  A great little scene in this incredibly fun story-line!

December 27th, 2009 - Christmas is over (and it was fantastic for me, btw, hope it was the same for all of you!), but that doesn't mean I'm stopping the uploading of super hot new scenes & clips!  Case in point...

  • Part 2 of "Dom Battles: Christina vs. Diana" featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight!  Watch as Diana slowly works Christina over, turning her into her nylon slave bitch!  We all know Christina doesn't lay down for anyone, so Diana's going to have to work extra hard to get this wild woman under control.  But I think Diana is up to the task, as she breaks out the hitachi and vibe teases & finally forces a massive orgasm out of Christina!

December 24th, 2009 - The night before Christmas, and I'm running all over the place, so barely enough time to get on here and upload something.  But I wanted to upload a new scene before the big day, so here is one!

  • Part 6 of "No More Feet!" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Watch as Kobe drives her already-crazy roommate Tomiko even more crazy with tickle torture!  Kobe's plan is to tickle torture and foot worship Tomiko until she goes insane, and this is just the beginning!

December 23rd, 2009 - Right before Christmas, I have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!  Well, not super huge, but I think it's pretty cool.  :)  Starting today, I'm going to be offering ALL new clips in 2 formats: standard (the same great quality you've come to enjoy in my store) and high def (with crisper/cleaner visuals!).  Both will be available for the same price, so you choose what version is best for YOUR needs.  To debut this, a super hot new scene featuring Christina Carter (who else would I debut this with...seeing CC in high def is a dream!):

  • Part 7 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Detective Carter is now continually knocked out & posed by the evil lesbian Fayth, who takes advantage of Christina's gorgeous helpless sleepy body by licking, sucking and worshiping her sexy nylon feet!  Christina wakes up every now and then, only to be put back to sleep via hand smothers so that Fayth can enjoy her body!  Available in 2 formats!

December 21st, 2009 - Uploaded a brand new clip tonight.  As Christmas approaches, I'm trying to get a couple new scenes out since I'll be away for a few days during & after the holiday.  Enjoy!

  • "You're Not Stealing MY Woman, Bitch!" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Akira caught Kobe cheating with her woman, and tries to confront her.  Unfortunately it doesn't work out quite well for Akira, and she ends up knocked out and tied up on the bed...ready for Kobe to teach this bitch that she can have any woman she wants!

December 18th, 2009 - HOT HOT HOT on my mind tonight, as I upload the following clip:

  • Part 2 of "Jilted Lovers Triangle" featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Christina has caught her lover Kobe cheating with Akira, and now has both of them tied up in chairs, at her mercy (or lack of!)...and she's going to teach these two cheating bitches you DON'T fuck with Christina when it comes to her women!  Total lesbian domination of Akira & Kobe at the hands of Christina, and so sexy I can't even describe the action here!  Take a look in the store for full details, but all you need to know is...it's damn hot!

December 17th, 2009 - Tonight I obviously have Kobe on my mind, as I upload this scene.  Trust me - this is a super hot clip, with Kobe experiencing just an amazing forced orgasm.  I love Kobe's orgasms' *almost* as much as I do Christina's.  While Kobe isn't a screamer like CC, you can tell she definitely LOVES them, as she squirms, contorts her body, and moans in ecstasy.  Awesome stuff, I'm so privileged to see it on a consistent basis!

  • Part 6 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  Super Heroine Kobe Kitty is still under the control of lesbian Fayth, who wants to complete Kobe's transformation into her latest sex slave!  Fayth has the vibrator out, and uses it to first tease Kobe's pussy, but then moves on to forcing the unwilling heroine to cum with a massive forced orgasm!  After she's been defeated & exhausted, Fayth wastes no time, having her way with Kobe's sexy nylon feet, licking, sucking and worshiping them.  Just HOT all around, and I love this scene!

December 14th, 2009 - I wanted to upload something incredibly sexy tonight (I guess I'm in a Christina mood - I usually am).  Yes it's true, I can never get tired of seeing Fayth have her way with Christina.  NEVER!!!  And the following scene illustrates that:

  • Part 4 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  And incredible tease & denial scene, with Christina SO wanting to cum, but the evil lesbian Fayth (why do I always call her "evil lesbian"...maybe because she kind of is!) just won't let her orgasm!  Super hot nylon foot worship & vibrator teasing/denial action in this scene, and Christina has never looked more hot when you KNOW she wants to cum but isn't allowed to!

December 13, 2009 - Had a feeling I should upload 2 new clips tonight, so that's exactly what I did!

  • Part 5 of "I Dream of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  A very sexy scene of Fayth continuing to have her way with the ultra sexy nylon feet of Hollywood, tickling and worshiping them.  Nuff' said, this scene is HOT!
  • Part 5 BONUS SCENE of "No More Feet" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  This was some bonus footage that I shot during the main story-line, and wasn't sure if I was going to release it or not.  But it is pretty sexy, so what the heck, I made a clip!  Kobe has Tomiko tied up on the couch, as she uses her own gorgeous nylon feet to smother and torture Tomiko, while giving Tomiko's nylon feet some kissing worship of her own!

December 11th, 2009 - Hey all!  I've uploaded 3 brand new clips in preparation for a super huge 3-girl shoot day I've got lined up for early this coming week.  Some really hot stuff in here, so definitely take a look at the descriptions in the store and see if they're something you'd like:

  • Part 6 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Kobe is on the phone bragging about how she took care of Tomiko last time, and is totally caught off guard by Tomiko when she attacks!  Choking Kobe out, Tomiko wastes no time playing with Kobe's sexy little nylon feet.  Tomiko strips Kobe out of her clothes, plays with her feet some more, rubs her own sexy nylon feet all over Kobe's body/face, and leaves her knocked out on the bed!
  • Part 5 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Tomiko & Savannah!  Lesbian Fayth is in total control of her ex-girlfriend Tomiko and the lady Tomiko was cheating on Fayth with, Savannah.  Both Tomiko & Savannah are tied up on the bed, as Fayth totally has her way with their sexy nylon feet, licking, sucking, and kissing them.  Tomiko & Savannah are stripped out of their bra's, exposing their breasts, and eventually knocked out so Fayth can enjoy their nylon feet as much as she wants.
  • Part 6 BONUS SCENE of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Before Part 7 debuts, I had an incredibly HOT 5-6 minutes of footage that I couldn't fit on the previous Part 6 due to space limitations, so I'm making it available as a Bonus Scene.  Christina is in control of Kobe, and what follows is some EXTREMELY HOT nylon foot worship from both of them.

December 8th, 2009 - I've uploaded a brand new clip in a brand new series in my store tonight!  The "Dom Battles" series makes its debut, with a super hot beginning to a super hot series!

  • Part 1 of "Dom Battles: Christina vs. Diana" featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight!  A new series begins here, with Christina calling out Diana and challenging her to a knock-down, drag-out battle to see how the best Dom in the business is, and who is the little slave bitch!  Diana pays a visit to Christina, and gains control quickly.  Diana is going to show Christina just WHY she's considered one of the best Dom's...right now!

December 7th, 2009 - Ok, back after an awesome shoot with the girls, so here is a fun clip for all you tickle torture fanatics!

  • Part 5 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Tomiko & Kobe continue to get their revenge against roommate Hollywood.  Instead of the bed, this time they carry a knocked-out Holly over to the massage table and tie her down.  After a very brief session of kissing/worshiping her nylon feet while she's passed out (the first minute or so), they wake her up and the rest of the scene is them tickle torturing the crap out of Hollywood!  She gets her punishment here, as both Tomiko & Kobe tickle torture her nylon feet and her upperbody.  Kobe gets up on the massage table and straddles Holly's feet while they both tickle torture them.  They both move to her upperbody and torture her, then back to the feet, and so forth.  The greatest thing I enjoy about having Holly tickle tortured is that she's such a MILF...and for a young guy like me, it's always fun to see an incredibly sexy older woman get the business!

December 4th, 2009 - Ok, I have the girls flying in tonight, and plan on spending a lovely (and snowy!) weekend with them, so I might as well upload a clip to last the few days.  And as usual, I've saved the best for the weekend.  This is probably (in my opinion, for whatever it's worth) the hottest clip in my store at the moment.  It features Akira's first-ever forced orgasm for me, and something I'm very happy to share with you:

  • Part 5 of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Fetish mogul Kobe reaches the high point for her work turning the captured cat burglar Akira into an unwilling fetish star, as she forces Akira to come full circle here.  Akira is forced to suck and lick Kobe's sexy pantyhose toes while at the same time, Kobe forces Akira to orgasm with the hitachi!  SUPER HOT, and if you're at all interested in seeing two of the hottest women together in a steamy scene with forced orgasm & forced foot worship, THIS is the scene you want.

December 2nd, 2009 - A special super hot double release in the store tonight!  I'm gearing up for a big shoot this upcoming weekend, so I'm trying to release a couple new clips since I'll be tied up several days (lol no pun intended) with the girls!

  • Part 6 (Conclusion of the Series!) of "Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan" featuring Hollywood & Tomiko!  Crazy obsessed fan Tomiko has regained control over Jungle Womyn (Holly), and has retied her to the bed spread eagle.  Tomiko interrogates the sexy heroine with belly punching & nylon foot tickling in order to get some information about Wonder Womyn.  In the end, Jungle Womyn is too exhausted and breaks, giving up the info, as she's knocked out and left sleeping tied on the bed.
  • Part 6 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Detective Carters (Christina) ordeal continues, as crazy lesbian Fayth continues to torture and torment her sexy body and nylon feet.  Christina is repeatedly knocked out via KO spray & hand smothers, has her entire body fondled, and her nylon feet heavily worshiped.  Very sexy scene, and very sensual, with no escape for Christina in sight at the moment!

November 30th, 2009 - As November comes to a close, I've uploaded a clip tonight.  Thanks again to all of you for making November an awesome month, and I hope you've been enjoying the clips I've been sharing so far.

  • Part 5 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  The series continues as heroine Kobe Kitty is further teased & tormented by the ever-evil lesbian Fayth!  Fayth teases her with vibrators (pocket rocket + hitachi), sucks on her nipples, and then HEAVILY licks, sucks, kisses and worships Kobe's nylon feet.  Fayth loves nylon feet (as you can probably tell by now...just take a stroll through my store lol), and it's no different here, as super heroine Kobe Kitty can only moan in protest as Fayth has her way with Kobe's sexy sheer tan pantyhose feet.

November 27th, 2009 - The final clip in my Christina holiday special!

  • Part 1 of "Jilted Lovers Triangle" featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  A brand new series begins, as Christina & Kobe are lovers, but Christina is the jealous type and searches Kobe's blackberry, only to find dozens of sexually explicit text messages from Akira.  Enraged, Christina tricks Kobe, while fondling her body and stripping her out of her clothing, puts her in a choke hold and knocks her out.  Kobe wakes tied in a chair, as Chirstina interrogates her about Akira, finally forcing Kobe to call Akira and invite her over for a little "girl chat."  When Akira arrives, she's quickly knocked out by Christina via choke hold, as Christina prepares for her forthcoming revenge!

November 26th, 2009 - The second Christina clip in my holiday special is up!

  • Part 3 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Sister "Kristen's" horrible ordeal continues as she remains evil lesbian Fayth's love slave.  Now submissive to Fayth, she is forced to call one of her sisters and lure her into Fayth's trap.  After which, her ordeal continues, as she remains Fayth's nylon love slave, as her nylon feet are heavily explored via Fayth's tongue.  She's knocked out a host of times, has her body arranged/manipulated while sleeping, and fondled.  Very hot!!

November 25th, 2009 - My Christina Carter Holiday Special is here!  3 Days of Christina, with 3 super hot clips!  And I'm starting off with possibly the best one (at least in my opinion)...definitely the hottest!

  • Part 6 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Christina is fully in control of Kobe here, forcing her to suck and lick her nylon feet (very heavy worship!!), as well as forcing her to orgasm with the hitachi vibrator.  There is no one better at having their way with my ladies, and Christina shows you why in this scene!  Very hot force-feeding nylon foot worship on Kobe, an incredibly hot forced orgasm on Kobe, and super hot (yes, THAT hot!) consensual nylon foot worship from Christina (because hey - she's my queen and she can do whatever she likes, which is worship nylon feet - yes she loves it).  :)

November 24th, 2009 - Uploaded a new clip in the store today, leading up to my big Christina Carter special holiday clip update!

  • Part 4 of "I Dream of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  Fayth's dream ends, but she takes a heavy dose of the secret formula and viola...Hollywood appears once again in her bed (now wearing a sexy blue babydoll lingerie & sheer suntan pantyhose).  Fayth wastes no time kissing and worshiping Holly's sexy feet, and then "wishing" she was tied up - which happens.  With Hollywood tied and helpless, Fayth begins to have some real fun with her...tickling her all over her body in a very hot & sexy tickling scene!  Holly's feet get explored very well, and this clip is a must for fans of Hollywood's nylon feet.

November 23rd, 2009 - Uploaded a new clip to the store!

  • Part 5 of "No More Feet!" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Here we see Kobe get some revenge against Tomiko, as she continually knocks out Tomiko with the chloroform rag, after which she worships Tomi's sleepy nylon feet!  After several minutes of this, Tomiko finds herself tied up on the floor with her feet running up the side of the bed...perfect for Kobe to tickle torture them!  Lots of tickle torture and kissing foot worship in this clip!

November 22nd, 2009 - I've updated the store tonight with the conclusion of a very popular series:

  • Part 5 of "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star!" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  It ends here...Wonder Christina has been tickled, tortured, forced to orgasm, had her nylon feet and breasts licked/sucked on, among other things (lol!).  Now we find her tied to the headboard of the bed (arms spread tied to each post) as evil lesbian fetish site mogul Fayth continues to torture Wonder Christina until she gives in and becomes her willing slave.  After a thorough dose of tickling torture via electric toothbrush and hitachi, Wonder Christina submits in the end, as Fayth unties her and lets Wonder Christina pleasure herself with the hitachi while she sucks on her sexy nylon feet!  Just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL who've enjoyed watching this series, and for making it popular.  You're awesome!!!

November 20th, 2009 - Added in a new clip for the weekend tonight:

  • Part 4 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Savannah & Tomiko!  Fayth (as the crazy, ex-lover of Tomiko) is totally in control (or should I say out of control) here!  She was Tomiko & Savannah tied to the bed, as she continues to torture and torment them both, as well as having her way with their sheer tan pantyhose feet.  Heavy foot worship, tickling, chloroform knockouts, and crazy lesbian behavior (lol) are here!

November 19th, 2009 - Added in 2 new clips to the store this afternoon!  Many, many new clips are coming before the end of the month, starting this weekend - just in time for the upcoming holiday!

  • Part 5 of "Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan!" featuring Hollywood & Tomiko!  Jungle Womyn (Holly) has been tortured and tormented by crazy fan Tomiko for a long time, and now it's time for her to get a little revenge!  Waking up while Tomiko is worshiping her feet, Jungle Womyn attacks Tomiko, wrestles with her on the bed, and eventually knocks her out with a headscissors!  Putting a pair of handcuffs on Tomiko (as well as removing her dress), Jungle Womyn briefly kisses Tomiko's feet before waking her up for some tickle torture revenge!  Jungle Womyn tickle tortures Tomiko's nylon feet, belly punches her, and generally dominates her.  But don't count sneaky Tomi out, as in the end she's able to get Jungle Womyn to let her guard down just enough for Tomiko to get her in a headscissors and knock her out!
  • Part 4 of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Cat Burglar Akira has been tickled, teased, and tortured by fetish producer Kobe for a long time, and it's no different here, as Kobe continues Akira's punishment with more tickling and vibrator teasing!  Kobe smothers Akira out with her feet, and then returning later wakes her up for a round of tickle torture and hitachi vibrator teasing, getting Akira Hot & Horny, but not letting her orgasm.  Kobe is such a tease!

November 16th, 2009 - Hey folks - I added in 2 Brand New Clips to the store tonight.  I'm working on resolving a slight computer issue, so in the meantime I figured you guys would like to see some new clips:

  • Part 5 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter," featuring Christina Carter as the distressed detective, and evil lesbian Fayth as...well...the evil lesbian!  Fayth has Christina tied spread-eagle face-down on the bed, as she goes to work kissing, sucking, licking, and generally having her evil little way with Christina's nylon soles, as she remains helpless to stop her.  Just how I like Christina myself...tied up and helpless being dominated by a wicked lesbian.  Don't you?
  • Part 4 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood being totally dominated & tickle tortured 2-on-1 style by Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  In a unique scene, Tomiko & Kobe pin Hollywood down (face-down, arms by her sides and legs together) as one lady lays across Holly's back, essentially pinning her down, while the other tickle tortures Holly's nylon feet!  The girls trade off, always keeping Holly pinned and helpless, as they torture and tease the crap out of Holly, even giving Holly's nylon feet a few kisses every now and then, mostly because they know Holly hates it!  Hollywood is totally dominated with tickling here.

November 13th, 2009 - Ok it's Friday the 13th, but around my place that's a cause for celebration and not despair!  And to celebrate, here's a super hot new clip just in time for the weekend (I always save my really hot ones for the weekend, doesn't it seem lol!?!):

  • Part 5 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Kobe has control of Christina (who remains tied spread eagle on the bed, wearing the slave collar) as Kobe force-feeds Christina her nylon feet to suck and lick while she teases Christina with the hitachi vibrator, getting her horny.  But Kobe wants Christina to admit she's the best, and pushes down hard on the hitachi, forcing Christina to orgasm!  After forcing an orgasm out of Christina, Kobe begins to kiss and suck on Christina's nylon feet, but gets careless and falls victim to a headscissors by Christina!  Waking up tied spread eagle, Kobe now must endure some payback from Christina, who tickle tortures her nylon feet with both her fingers and the hitachi, not to mention forces Kobe to suck and lick her nylon feet!  Christina removes her collar and puts it on Kobe, and the scene ends with Christina forcing Kobe to suck and worship her dominant nylon feet!  Whew!

November 12th, 2009 - I added a new clip to the store on this gloomy, rainy East-Coast day!  I've also got a really HOT clip coming up tomorrow to kick off the weekend the only good way - with sexy nylon action!

  • Part 5 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Here we see Tomiko in control of Kobe, as she has her tied up and at her mercy.  Tomiko rubs her sexy nylon feet all over Kobe's face, as she teases the poor girl about her situation.  Tomiko tickle tortures Kobe as revenge her the tickling she received in a previous part, and leaves Kobe lying knocked out.  But don't count out Kobe just yet, as she escapes and knocks out Tomiko, who ends up sleeping face down on the massage table as Kobe gets the last laugh.  Lots of great SLEEPY PLAY (Chloroform knockouts), TICKLING, and FOOT TEASING/WORSHIP.

November 10th, 2009 - I added in a new clip to the store tonight:

  • Part 4 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave," which features Kobe Lee & Fayth!  Evil lesbian Fayth has Kobe tied up and helpless, as she fondles, teases, vibes, and dominates her!  On-screen bondage, vibrator teasing, and a whole lot of lesbian domination make this a very hot clip!  For those that enjoy seeing a super sexy woman like Kobe tied up and helpless while hot lesbian chick Fayth dominates her, this is your clip!

November 8th, 2009 - A new clip has been uploaded in the store.  Requested by the fans, here is Part 2 of "Girlfriend Games: Akira & Kobe."  I've done something a little different with this clip - I've made it available in a few different ways.  First, the regular "full" scene, which is the entire thing.  Second, I've broken it up into 2 "scenes," the first deals exclusively with hot nylon foot worship, while the second deals with a forced orgasm/vibrator teasing.  So if you're a nylon foot guy like me and ONLY want to see that...you now can without buying an entire scene.  If you're a forced orgasm person, you have a choice too.  And if you just want to see the whole incredibly sexy clip, you can too!

  • Part 2 of "Girlfriend Games: Akira & Kobe."  Akira and Kobe are sexy girlfriends who love to play with each other after work hours, and in Part 2 Kobe is totally in control of her girl, heavily worshiping Akira's super sexy sheer tan pantyhose feet (with great close up shots as always), as well as forcing her to orgasm with the hitachi to finish her off for the night.  This is an incredible scene which I recommend to all the fans!

November 5th, 2009 - In preparation for my big weekend filled with shoots, I've uploaded a super hot brand new clip featuring Christina Carter in a purple catsuit, and Fayth, her evil lesbian tormentor, really giving her the domination treatment!

  • Part 2 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  The story continues as Kristen (Christina) is tied spread eagle on the bed, as Fayth continues to torture and torment her sexy body.  Fayth pulls down her top exposing her breasts, sucks on her breasts/nipples, licks/sucks her nylon feet, tickles her feet with an electric toothbrush, breaks out the electric vibrators and teases her, and finally takes out the hitachi (2 of them, actually) and forces her to orgasm!  The premise with this series is that Christina loses her powers and becomes submissive the more you tease and torture her body, so Fayth really vamps up the lesbian domination!

November 4th, 2009 - I added in a new clip to the store this afternoon:

  • Part 3 of "I Dream of Hollywood," featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  Fayth's sexy dream sequence continues, as her dream woman Hollywood is all her's in the bedroom.  Fayth wants to play some sleepy games with Holly, so she decides to tickle Hollywood and play a game.  Whenever Hollywood says the wrong thing, Fayth puts her to sleep with the chloroform rag!  As you can probably guess, Holly takes a trip to sleepyville at least a half-dozen times in this sexy clip that features fun tickling mixed with sleepy play!

November 3rd, 2009 - Added a new clip to the store tonight:

  • Part 4 of "No More Feet!" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Psycho roommate Tomiko is in control of Kobe here, as she tickle tortures (and foot worships) Kobe's sexy sheer black pantyhose feet, with Kobe helpless to stop her!  But at the very end, Kobe has a surprise for Tomiko...

November 2nd, 2009 - Start your Monday (and November!) off the RIGHT WAY...with a little Wonder Christina in a frogtie being forced to orgasm and having her nylon feet sucked and licked by a crazy lesbian!  Life really should be like this all the time lol!

  • Part 4 of "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Wonder Christina has been tortured by the evil lesbian Fayth for so long (she the previous installments!) that she's getting desperate now!  Opens to Wonder Christina tied spread eagle on the bed, really mouthing off and cursing at Fayth (and the camera - "viewers") to let her go and stop this madness.  Fayth gets a notice that her illegal fetish web site business, thanks to all the clips she's been making with Wonder Christina, has really taken off.  WC really mouths off, so Fayth knocks her out with the chloroform rag.  We now see later Wonder Christina has been put in a frogtie, as Fayth continues to torture and torment her, licking and sucking her nylon feet, as well as breaking out the hitachi vibrator and teasing WC, getting her hot, until the very end when she forces WC to orgasm in a VERY hot forced-o scene (see Christina try and stop Fayth, but she can't and is forced to orgasm!).  SERIES NOTE: Due to the great fan response from this series, I've decided to EXTEND IT with a 10-minute "final conclusion" clip coming later this month.  Find out the fate of Wonder Christina!  I've attached a 15 second preview of that to this clip.