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Store Blog Archives: January 2010 - February 2010

February 28th, 2010 - It's Sunday, which means the end of a weekend, and soon to be the start of a new week.  ARRGGH!!  Oh well, such is life.  But I want to take this time to debut a brand new series in my store tonight - featuring my very good friend JB (aka Hollywood).  It's a proven fact - I will NEVER get tired of watching Hollywood being taken out (via sleepy methods, or vicious 2-on-1 beatdowns, etc).  Just something about that which is appealing to me.  Don't know why, because she's a personal friend of mine, and someone I love dearly, but OMFG is she great at selling beatdowns and knockouts!  Maybe it was because she never did much nylon work before I came around, and now it's nylons all the time thanks to me!  Who knows!?!  Either way, here is the start of a fantastic new series that caters to the KO/Sleepy fans and the nylon foot worship folks:

  • Part 1 of "Hollywood: Unwilling Fetish Queen," featuring Hollywood and Kobe Lee!  Kobe is friends with Hollywood, and invites her over to talk about shooting some fetish work.  But Holly is anti-fetish, and refuses to shoot anything with foot worship, or nudity, or bondage, etc.  So Kobe (being the little sexy minx that she is), tricks Hollywood, and then uses a hypo needle to the butt to knock her out!  Kobe has her way with Hollywood's sleepy suntan pantyhose feet, and everytime Holly wakes up, Kobe uses the chloroform cloth to knock her out again!  Several times this happens, and Holly remains Kobe's sleepy love slave.

February 26th, 2010 - Right in time for the weekend, I've uploaded something for my KO fans!  Actually, for the KO fans, stop by Sunday night to check out a brand new series making its debut that is right up your alley.  But for right now, here is a cool new scene from a HOT series:

  • Part 8 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Tomiko and Savannah!  Tomiko and Savannah remain as evil lesbian Fayth's sleepy prisoners, as Fayth has them so hopped up on chloroform, that they're worshiping each other's nylon feet, as Fayth spreads lies about them.  When they start to question the lies, Fayth uses the chloroform rag to knock them out again.  In the end, Fayth ties them up on the bed, facing each other, hands tied behind their backs, as she prepares her next big thing for them!

February 24th, 2010 - It's hump day for us weekly workers...which means it's downhill toward the weekend baby!  I uploaded a new scene into my store tonight - a tickling scene, since I haven't posted a tickle-oriented scene in the last few that have been going up.

  • Part 9 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Kobe has Tomiko tied up in the red mummy sack, and all she wants to do is tickle torture Tomiko's gorgeous sheer suntan pantyhose feet!  Tons of nylon feet tickling, nylon foot kissing worship, and ballgagged tickle torture as well!  A really HOT scene for the tickle fanatics to enjoy!

February 22nd, 2010 - Ok, it's Monday, and I wasn't planning on posting anything in the store until tomorrow, but like I said...it's Monday.  *sigh*  For all you folks that do a daily grind like me, here is a clip to really get your blood going!  The "Dom Battles: CC vs Diana" series is definitely one of the highlights in my store.  While I love each and every movie I shoot, this one will always remain one of my special ones to me.  It was my first work with Diana Knight, who turned out to be amazingly sexy and give me a performance that I just loved.  And Christina...nothing better I can say about her that I haven't said a million times before.  She just rocks my world.  I'm a young guy, and I can see myself flying her in to visit and film over and over (like I do now!) for a very, very long time to come.  This particular scene also highlights a reversal, with Christina now being in charge, making Diana her fucking bitch, which is just fantastic to witness.  For all you lesbian dom fans out there, you owe it to yourself to pick up this scene, if nothing else.

  • Part 4 of "Dom Battles: Christina vs. Diana" featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight.  Diana has been in control for too long (at least Christina thought so last scene, when she used her powerful legs to body scissor Diana and gain control), so now Christina is going to show Diana just WHO the real BITCH is in my heroine universe fantasy world!  I'm totally not spoiling it here, but jump over to my store and read the full description of what happens, and decide for yourself whether YOU think this is as incredibly HOT as I do!

February 21st, 2010 - Damn...end of the weekend!  Oh well, not the end of the world I guess.  And here's a great excuse to make today a fun day...bring a little psychotic Tomiko into your lives!  One of my favorite things to do, and I guarantee you this isn't done by many people who film out there, is give the girls my vision of what I want to see, and let them improv their way to achieving it.  Tomiko is the BEST at this, because she is a true actress in that sense.  She is so good, in fact, that she's scary sometimes lol!  Case in point the scene below - all I told Tomiko was to bring out a crazy character, and she really impressed me with her portrayal, even scaring the shit out of Kobe several times!  If nothing else, it's a great domination and tickle torture scene, so definitely check it out!

  • Part 8 of "No More Feet!" featuring Kobe Lee & Tomiko!  Kobe has her roommate Tomiko tied up face down on the bed, and has been tormenting her for days.  Kobe forces pills down Tomiko's throat, and calls the psychiatric hospital to have them commit her!  Unfortunately for Kobe, Tomiko escapes, and turns the tables on the sexy Kobe Lee!  With Kobe tied down and at her mercy, Tomiko goes off the deep end of crazy, tickle torturing her roommate!

February 19th, 2010 - TGIF baby, which means (in my tradition I'm trying to aim for!) I'm posting a new scene in my store.  I usually try and save the extra spicy clips for Friday, because I don't know if you're like me, but I like a little spice going into my weekend, especially after a hard week at work lol!  But in all seriousness, if you're like me and have a grind at work each week, Friday is a welcome relief.  So to kick it off the right way, here is a little Christina Carter in action!  This particular scene is a bit different, as it has her in control.  While I'm perfectly happy filming Christina all day being teased and tormented, sometimes you gotta give the girl a break and let her have some fun.  Ok - who am I kidding, she LOVES being teased and tormented!

  • Part 9 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Fayth the evil psycho lesbian has, for lack of a better description, teased and tortured the crap out of Detective Carter for the last 8 scenes, but finally....FINALLY...the sexy cop is able to wrestle control away from Fayth, and now has her tied up on the bed. But don't think she's taking her to jail...oh no!  She has plans for this lesbian bitch...first starting off by teasing the hell out of her pussy with the vibrator, before forcing her to orgasm, and then having her suck her beautiful nylon feet.

February 17th, 2010 - It's the middle of the week, which means this is hump day for most of us in the professional world.  On our way toward the weekend...not yet Friday, but thank God it's not Monday!  Which also means that before the weekend gets here, I want to update my store with a hot new scene.  I think it's about right time for some hot 3-girl action, don't you!?!  I always love filming Hollywood being dominated by other women...don't know why.  She's such a great wrestler, but she can sell a beatdown like no one else, which is why it's always fun to have the other girls double team her!  Of course, not so much in this scene:

  • Part 7 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates: The Costume Party Showdown Part 2" featuring Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Hollywood, dressed as her famous super heroine character on her way to the costume party, but just like in the first part, she continues to tickle torture her rival roommates Tomiko & Kobe (both dressed as hooters girls) for revenge!  Holly just LOVES to torture their sexy bodies & nylon feet, and can't get enough.  Unfortunately for her, after she leaves and comes back near the end of the scene, both girls have escaped and corner Hollywood on the bed, before administering a little chloroform justice!  With Hollywood knocked out, her nylon feet are their playthings as they kiss and worship them!

February 15th, 2010 - A brand new series has debuted in my store (and of course, right at the time that C4S has taken down store previews from everyone's stores for site maintenance!).  Other than that, not much else to report.  Although I am making a lot of progress in updating the site with new nylon fiction, photo sets, and poser art, with new stuff going up almost daily (or whenever life permits me the free time to do it, which isn't often!).  But back to the good stuff - check out the new scene in my store:

  • Part 1 of "Super Heroines After Dark: Kobe Kitty & Christina Cat" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Kobe is the black catsuit-wearing villainess thief, while Christina is the leopard print catsuit-wearing heroine Christina Cat.  Sworn enemies, but secret lovers, as they often sneak off together to enjoy their lesbian love for one another.  Here they meet in their usual out-of-the-way spot, and with no one watching, can enjoy each others bodies.  Christina Cat takes charge first, giving Kobe Kitty's nylon feet the love they deserve, before tying her down spread eagle on the bed and playing some sleepy games with her, before giving her feet more attention.

February 14th, 2010 - The snow storms are over (for the time being), and I'm on my little winter break away from flying the girls in constantly (because flying them in during blizzards and/or super cold temps just stinks!).  But the good news is that with the little extra time that I'm not devoting to filming, I can use toward updating my site & store with new content.  I noticed I had more footage from a really sexy shoot I did with Fayth back in the day where I tickle tortured her nylon feet extensively.  Here is a cool scene with a POV angle:

  • "Fayth: Suntan Soles Made For Tickling" has Fayth tied up on the bed (hands above head, feet together), as I come in and just enjoy tickle torturing her sexy little nylon feet.  But I want her more helpless, so I switch camera angles to a POV style, and ballgag her, so she's nice & helpless, as I continue to tickle torture her little suntan pantyhose feet, as she begs, laughs and screams at me to stop.

February 12th, 2010 - It's been a LONG damn week with all this snow, and finally the sun is out, and everything is right in the world again.  Not to mention it's freakin' TGIF baby, so time for a new hot scene in my store!  I noticed Christina got back from her trip abroad, so now I've got her on the brain, as I call her and try and figure out some future shoot things.  So she called me and we figured out some new shoots I want her for during the Summer (which I'll be posting on my front page soon), as well as some info about some clips & scenes I've donated to her for her member site.  If you haven't checked it out, definitely do so.

  • Part 2 of "Wonder Christina: Asian Influence" featuring Christina Carter, Tomiko, and Akira Lane!  The story continues, as cat burglars Tomiko & Akira now need to use domination training on Wonder Christina to soften her up for her life as a sex slave, before they can sell her and make a fortune!  Way too sexy to describe here, so check out the store description, as I go into heavy details about what transpires!  Let's just say this scene has a little bit of EVERYTHING, and is definitely the one to pick up if you like forced druggings, heavy nylon forced foot worship, vibrator tease & denial, forced shoe smelling, and more!  Or if you just like seeing Wonder Christina being totally dominated!

February 9th, 2010 - As expected, we just got hit by another snow storm!  This one dropped about 10-12 more inches on top of the 28" we already got.  Some people are really having it bad (upwards of 50+ inches dropped), but thankfully in Northern Virginia we had about 40-44 inches total from both storms.  Of course now everything is a freakin' winter wonderland lol!  Which means, we're stuck inside.  Damn I wish my girls were here - with nothing to do, perfect time to film something hot, especially when it's so cold out!  With that in mind...

  • Part 8 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  Heroine Kobe Kitty has been tortured by Fayth repeatedly in the previous parts, but now that she's in control, she can start to get some revenge against this psycho lesbian!  The Kitty has Fayth tied down spread eagle, as she forces Fayth to heavily worship her superior nylon feet, and then takes out the hitachi vibrator to at first tease, and then force this sexy-but-evil lesbian to orgasm, before torturing her now-sensitive pussy even more after the orgasm!  Kitty Power!

February 7th, 2010 - Superbowl day!!!  Go Saints!!!  Of course, we just got slammed by what they're now calling "The Blizzard of 2010."  Why do the news organizations ALWAYS have to give events ridiculous names, trying to garner ratings and scare the idiots of the world?  I'm looking at you Fox News.  Although, the title is accurate in this case, because my home town (Northern Virginia) just got about 28" of snow in the span of about 18 hours.  Just insane amounts of snow around here, and they're predicting even more soon.  But enough of that, it's Sunday, we're snowed in, so why not bring home Christina Carter with you.  She makes a great snow bunny, doesn't she!?!  Who am I kidding...she makes a great ANYTHING.

  • Part 4 of "Jilted Lovers Triangle" featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane, and Kobe Lee!  Christina has been torturing her lover Kobe, whom she found out had been cheating with Akira, as well as Akira.  She's had her way with their nylon feet, she's molested them, and forced both of them to orgasm while tied side-by-side.  Now she wants some pleasure for herself, as she straddle-sits on both of them, and using the hitachi vibrator, forces herself to orgasm like ONLY Christina can do!  After an amazing orgasm, Christina removes Kobe's tape gag and lets her know she still loves her, and Kobe reciprocates, telling Christina that she indeed loves her, and that Akira was only a fling.  Akira is screaming under her tape, but Kobe & Christina go off to a night of pleasure, leaving Akira struggling.  In the morning they return, and have decided to keep Akira as their love slave, as they knock her out and carry her to the bedroom!

February 5th, 2010 - It's time for a new scene in my store, because I never understood WHY photogs (private like me, or business/vendor guys) take FOREVER to release something.  Not mentioning any names of course, but DAMN some guys are just freakin' lazy.  Oh well, the one thing the fans can NOT accuse me of is taking a long freakin' time to release something new for them, because just how I enjoy flying in my ladies for private shoots as often as I can, I realize that fans who enjoy the work, enjoy seeing it on a fairly regular basis.  With that in mind, kick start tonight with some of my girl Christina Carter in action, in a brand new scene from one of my very popular series'.

  • Part 5 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter and Fayth.  The story rocks on, as red catsuit-wearing sister "Christine" goes looking for her missing sister Kristen, and comes upon the evil Fayth!  After a struggle, Fayth gets the upperhand, and Christine is totally under the control of the sinister lesbian.  Fayth knows that these sisters lose their powers when subjected to fetish acts, so Fayth goes to work on Christine, molesting her breasts, removing her shoes and sucking/licking her hot nylon feet, and having her way with Christine's body!

February 2nd, 2010 - Yes I have Hollywood on the brain today, and it's time for a Holly scene!  Truth be told, Holly is just so incredible, and I'm in LOVE with how she sells a beatdown.  Although that's not what's featured below, it's something of a personal fantasy of mine that I'll be exploring later this year.  Something that I *may* call "A Very Hollywood Destruction," or maybe "Hollywood: A Tale Of Destruction," where I have Christina just completely and utterly destroy Holly's body from top to bottom and make her Christina's nylon love slave bitch.  There is no one better than Hollywood at selling a total destruction and making it look sexy at the same time, and to have Christina just have her way with Holly...OMG!  Definitely on my short list of personal fantasies to-do list.

  • Part 7 of "I Dream Of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood and Fayth!  Fayth's lesbian dream of Hollywood continues, but she's been losing control after taking the entire secret formula!  Hollywood and Fayth trade control in a tickling battle, as first Hollywood gets a shot at tickling Fayth's sexy sheer black pantyhose feet, and then Fayth regains control over Holly and is able to tickle torture (fingers and nibbling!) Hollywood's gorgeous sheer suntan pantyhose feet!  In the end, Fayth foot smothers Hollywood with the chloroform rag to knock her out and firmly regain control.

February 1st, 2010 - The start of a new month, which means I want to kick-start this cold bitch of a month (Northern Virginia baby!) with something super hot!  Christina Carter and Kobe Lee doing their thing, which means being rivals and wanting to dominate the hell out of each other!  It's no secret that Christina & Kobe work amazingly well together, and I'm not ashamed to say that this is by far my favorite pairing of girls that I do (just see my 2010 shoot calendar on my front page to see that how much I like booking them together for private shoots).  Ok, enough of that, let's get to the hot stuff!

  • Part 8 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Rival models Christina and Kobe have been trading dominant positions all day, and here is no different!  Christina is in charge, and has the sexy Kobe Lee strapped down, face down, on the bed, as she enjoys torturing (and pleasuring) Kobe's helpless body.  Christina just LOVES to suck on Kobe's sexy tiny little sheer black pantyhose feet, and when she has the hitachi in hand...watch out!  Christina forces Kobe to orgasm against her will, and loves every second of it.  Super hot nylon foot worship & forced orgasm action!

January 29th, 2010 - Life is funny sometimes.  I'm actually sitting with Fayth right now in my shoot studio/apartment as we're both editing scenes/clips for our respective stores (check HER store out if you haven't, it's just insane), while watching "Watchmen" on HBO in the background, and just shooting the shit.  Fayth - yes your girlfriend is cute lol!  Just a silly glimpse into the life of a hobbyist photog that is me.  Which is probably why I also uploaded this particular scene into my store tonight.

  • I uploaded a super hot new tickle torture (with emphasis on torture) scene into the store - "Fayth: Given What She Deserves."  If you've glanced around my site, you realize just how much I like Fayth.  I would go further and say I do love her, as a friend.  She's just so kooky and crazy, yet loyal and honest and caring as well.  With that in mind, she always seems to be the one in control, so sometimes you just have to take control from her!  I have her tied up on the bed (face down arms tied spread, feet tied together, cleave gagged) as I just go to town tickle torturing the crap out of her sexy little sheer suntan pantyhose feet, while she screams and laughs the whole time, with very little rest.

January 27th, 2010 - Ok guys & gals...I've uploaded a hot new scene in my store tonight.  Probably because I have Tomiko & Fayth flying in for a private shoot in a couple days, I picked this scene to upload.  I just LOVE how Fayth has her way with my girls.  All very improv, and never any need for heavy directing from me.  She just "gets me" and my style, which is why I love her so much.

  • Part 7 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Tomiko and Savannah!  Fayth continues her torture and torment of her ex-lover Tomiko, and Tomiko's cheating lover on the side Savannah, with a lot of sleepy play and body posing, along with heavily worshiping their sleepy nylon feet!

January 25th, 2010 - One of my most popular scenarios is due for a new scene to be uploaded, so that's exactly what I'm doing.  This particular series has garnered by far the most positive feedback from fans (aside from the "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star"), so for all that, a big thank you to the fans who are enjoying it.  Hope you like this one too as much as I do.

  • Part 7 of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Slave" featuring Akira Lane & Kobe Lee!  Kobe thinks she has everything going according to plan.  Sexy cat burglar Akira was captured, tortured, teased, forced to orgasm, and all captured on film for Kobe to sell on the internet!  But never count Akira out, as she is able to wrestle control away from Kobe and put her in a sleeper hold.  When Kobe wakes up, her world is suddenly different now that she's on the receiving end of a cat burglar who wants to put her through the same abuse she endured over the last few days!

January 22nd, 2010 - As I often do, I have Tomiko & Kobe on the brain once again - and here is another scene from one of my earlier works that I really loved filming.

  • Part 8 of "Ultimate Rival Models" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Having stripped Tomiko down to her underwear & sheer suntan pantyhose in the previous scene, Kobe now wants to have some nylon foot fun with her hated rival.  With Tomiko lying knocked out, Kobe rubs her sexy nylon feet all over Tomiko's body, legs, and feet.  Kobe moves down to Tomiko's gorgeous suntan pantyhose feet, kissing and worshiping them like they deserve, while Tomiko remains helplessly asleep.  When Tomiko wakes up, Kobe quickly uses the chloroform rag to put her back to sleep.

January 20th, 2010 - Uploaded a new scene in the store today from one of my HOTTEST scenarios available!  We all know Diana's reputation as being a tough dom, and the following clip pretty-much proves it!

  • Part 3 of "Dom Battles: Christina vs. Diana" featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight!  Continues the story-line of Christina inviting Diana over to find out who the number one dom is, and who is the bitch.  Well so far Christina as regretted her decision I would imagine, as Diana has been in control, and here is no different.  Diana has Christina bound on the bed, in nothing but sheer violet pantyhose, as she gives her ass and body a real workout!  Tickling, spanking, cropping, and other bdsm elements are used on Christina to make her submissive.  But don't count her out just yet...she has a surprise for Diana in the end.

January 17th, 2010 -  A new clip is up and available in the store.  I must have Tomiko & Kobe Lee on the brain lately, because I just LOVE Tomiko's nylon feet - especially when they're being worshiped & tickled!  And with that in mind...

  • Part 7 of "No More Feet" featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  Kobe has sexy roommate Tomiko tied up on the bed in a blue babydoll lingerie w/ sheer suntan pantyhose, and she's continuing her nylon foot worship & tickle torture as much as she pleases.  Kobe realizes that this is making Tomiko relive certain things in her past and it's torturing her emotions, but she's perfectly content with that...all part of her plan!

January 16th, 2010 - Hey all...adding in a really fun clip to a new Wonder Christina series going up in my store!  I know the fans really love Wonder Christina just as much as I do, so this clip is for all you super heroine junkies out there (yes I'm one of them)!

  • "Wonder Christina: Asian Influence" Part 1 is up, featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane & Tomiko!  Tomiko & Akira are two cat burglars looking for their next score, but are interrupted by Wonder Christina.  Quick thinking allows Tomiko & Akira to capture Wonder Christina, but it also gives Tomiko an idea...to leave their life of petty theft behind by selling Wonder Christina as a white slave and cashing in!

January 14th, 2010 - How about a double release for today!?!  And not just any old double release, but a super sexy one with some great characters & outfits, and hot premises!

  • First up is "Ultimate Rival Roommates" Part 6 featuring Hollywood, Kobe Lee & Tomiko!  Tomiko & Kobe are going to a costume party contest with the hopes of winning best costume (as hooters girls), when in walks roommate Hollywood as Wonder Womyn!  Tomiko & Kobe realize her costume is far superior to theirs, and that they can't let this stand, so they attack her!  Big mistake!  They both end up tied-up and helpless as Holly gets some tickle torture revenge on them!
  • Next is "A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 8 featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Fayth continues to have her way with this sexy detective, but things are changing, and soon Fayth will find herself helpless and under the control of a gorgeous cop looking for revenge!

January 12th, 2010 - Start your week off the RIGHT WAY, with some HOT action!  Ok I'm totally biased, but if I'm not thinking about Christina in these situations, I'm probably thinking about Kobe, so why not a scene featuring my other favorite lady!

  • Part 7 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  Kobe has been utterly defeated, and is Fayth's nylon plaything now, as Fayth continues to enjoy Kobe's nylon feet.  But don't count Kobe out just yet, as things are about to take a turn for Fayth...!

January 9th, 2010 - Ok, simply put, I'm going to post and share one of my HOTTEST scenes ever filmed!  Nuff' said, and if you're a fan of these ladies, and seeing 2 forced orgasms and some VERY hot and sensual nylon foot worship, you owe it to yourself to check this out.  Up till this point this is the hottest clip in the store released yet!

  • Part 3 of "Jilted Lovers Triangle" featuring Christina Carter, Kobe Lee & Akira Lane!  Christina is in full control here, and performs some very HOT nylon foot worship on each of these cheating bitches, as well as individually forcing each of them to orgasm via hitachi!  Super hot scene, and a personal favorite of mine.

January 8th, 2010 - Leading up to the weekend (with an incredibly sexy clip debuting tomorrow), I thought I'd post something for the M/F nylon tickling lovers out there.  Tomiko will always be one of my good friends and favorite ladies to film, and this particular scene was a lot of fun to create!

  • "Tomiko: Pretty in Purple" featuring the gorgeous Tomiko!  I have Tomiko tied up in purple lingerie and purple sheer stockings, in a hogtie on the bed, as I come into the scene and remove her high heel shoes.  Knowing she's incredibly ticklish, I enjoy every minute of tickling her sexy nylon feet, forcing her to beg me to stop amongst her hysterical laughter!  Electric toothbrush tickling, extensive nylon foot tickling, and more!  She's totally exhausted by the end.

January 7th, 2010 - Oh yeah, this week just keeps rockin' and rollin' along!  I have a very special little scene to share with you, from one of my favorite story-lines, simply because it's 3+ hours of Christina having done to her exactly what I LOVE to see done to her!

  • Part 4 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Fayth has completely defeated Carter sister "Kristen" with tickling, forced orgasms and nylon foot worship.  Now Kristen will do anything to cum, which is exactly what Fayth forces her to do here!  Tied in a frogtie and forced to orgasm, Kristen is turned into Fayth's nylon love slave, and can look forward to a life of servitude, being forced to orgasm over and over forever, just as Fayth plans for her sisters!

January 5th, 2010 - Uploaded a new, super hot clip in a really sexy series!  Tuesday's are NOT boring in my world, and here is a prime example why:

  • Part 6 of "I Dream of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  Fayth's sexy fantasy dream continues as she wakes up to find Holly missing, so she desperately drinks the entire secret formula, and once again, Hollywood appears, looking sexy as ever!  Fayth plays with her nylon feet, and tickle tortures her just because she LOVES it.  But will taking that whole formula lead to consequences for Fayth soon...?

January 3rd, 2010 - The new year is here, and I'm still down sick with the flu!  What a way to ring in the new year *sarcasm*!!!!  But honestly, getting better, and to kick start the new year, here are 2 brand new clips uploaded in the store!

  • Part 6 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Tomiko & Savannah!  Fayth continues her revenge against these two cheating bitches, as she continually knocks them out, poses their sleepy bodies in provocative ways, and heavily worships their nylon feet, licking, sucking and having her way with them.
  • Part 7 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee!  Christina is in full control of Kobe here, having changed her into a hot pair of sheer black pantyhose, as she continues her domination!  Christina forces Kobe to lick and suck on her nylon feet & toes, and then breaks out the hitachi, teasing and forcing an orgasm from Kobe, and then giving herself an orgasm (because Christina can do whatever she likes in my shoots, and she just LOVES to cum!), before having Kobe worship her feet more.