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Store Blog Archive: March 2010 - April 2010

April 28th, 2010 - Just when I think I'm out...they pull me back in!  Seriously, I just finished up what was possibly my longest/biggest shoot weekend ever (shot for 3 straight days w/ my girls), and now I've got Christina Carter & Kobe Lee for the upcoming weekend Saturday and Sunday!  Yeah, I freakin' love my life lol!  Everything is just going so perfectly, I'm beyond happy with how the Spring is going so far.  Lots of hot lesbian, wrestling, domination, tickling, sleepy action, and I LOVE IT!  But it's also hump day, which means the perfect opportunity to upload something for you sleepy fans out there (and yes, I know there are quite a few of you, so I've got you covered with an incredible fan custom I filmed last weekend):

  • Hey fans!  I've uploaded a brand new scene straight from one of my awesome custom fans that I shot this for this past weekend w/ my good friend Savannah!  It's called "Savannah: Sleepy Fondled Damsel in Distress," and features Savannah getting the same treatment Kobe received in her feature movie...but with an even more sadistic chloroform torture during the last 8 minutes that is a must-have for all my sleepy fans!  From a fan custom, the same fan that brought you "Kobe: Sleepy Fondled Damsel in Distress," has the silent masked creep returning for more sleepy damsel fun. This time, he's set his sights on gorgeous blonde Savannah as his next victim! Savannah (wearing a white top, tight jeans and black socks), comes home after an exhausting day modeling, only to be grabbed from behind by the masked creep! He clamps the sleepy cloth over her mouth and nose, and she struggles furiously, but is soon knocked out. He drapes her limp body over the edge of the couch, and has his way fondling her ass over her tight jeans. The creep then uses rope to tie Savannah's ankles together, and then her hands behind her back (all done on-screen), before a little more ass fondling.

    The creep then puts in a tight cleave gag in her sleepy mouth (on screen), before she finally starts to wake up. Gagged, tied and helpless, Savannah struggles on the couch, then is able to stand and hop around a little bit, before falling back to the couch. She's struggling, whimpering, and screaming the entire time, trying to escape. The creep then makes an appearance again with a white satin blindfold, which he uses to blindfold Savannah (on screen), as she screams and struggles heavily, her top coming down, exposing her gorgeous breasts. Now with her completely helpless and not knowing what's going on, the creep fondles her ass some more, as she screams everytime he touches her. He even briefly tickles her socked feet! The creep then takes out the sleepy cloth once more, and uses it to clamp over Savannah's face, as she tries to fight the urge to sleep, but fails, and is knocked out.

    But her ordeal is far from over! We now see her tied in a chair with her hands behind her back, as the creep approaches her (she still has the cleave gag & blindfold on, and her top has been pulled down to expose her breasts). The creep now plays a sadistic sleepy game, where he constantly clamps the sleepy cloth over her nose & mouth, as she screams and struggles furiously each time, only to be put to sleep, until he slaps her awake each time, only to repeat the process! This happens for nearly 8 minutes straight, as her horrific sleepy ordeal begins to make her crazy as she screams and struggles. He eventually removes the blindfold so he can see her terror in her eyes, as he continues! This movie is a MUST-HAVE for all the sleepy fans out there, with a huge amount of knockouts!

April 26th, 2010 - Officially home from work this morning recovering from all the fun I had this past weekend!  Normally I wouldn't need a little home time away from the office on a Monday morning, but seriously, this was the most I ever shot on consecutive days!  I filmed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with not much of a break in between any of that.  Not to mention hanging with the girls most of the time, which was lovely.  I just love all my girls to death, and we always have such a good time at my shoots.  I don't speak for anyone and never would presume to, but I always get the impression (and not just because they tell me lol), that they have a handful of friends they film with that they REALLY enjoy, and I think it's safe to say I'm on the short list.  Which just makes me feel so happy that I can strip away the shoot/business aspect of what we do and make it personal and fun for them each and every time.  Not many photog's get to do that, because it's all about the content, or what they're doing.  But with what we do, it's more about improv and fun.  LOVE IT!

Now, it's Monday, and I know it's the start of a long work week for most of us paper pushers of the world (yeah I'm the biggest one lol!).  So, because of that fact, why not take a look in the store and see the new HOT scene to get you through your Monday!?!  LOL I SOOO suck at being a pitchman!  :p  But in all seriousness, why not take home a hot scene of Christina Carter as a sexy cop knocked out and helpless while being bound and then abused by a sexy lesbian!?!

  • For all the bondage & lesbian domination lovers out there, here is a scene you won't want to miss (especially if you're into seeing Christina Carter helpless and knocked out while being bound on camera by a sexy lesbian!).  I've uploaded Part 11 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter," featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  It's been several days since Detective Carter (Chrisitna Carter, now wearing sheer black pantyhose w/ white lace panties underneath, and white ankle socks) had been captured by the evil lesbian Fayth (wearing a bra, mini skirt, and sheer black pantyhose - Fayth removes her bra during the scene), who was bent on keeping the sexy cop as her private love slave and has done so quite nicely so far in this HOT series! The scene opens with Detective Carter lying KNOCKED OUT cradled in Fayth's arms, as Fayth rubs her breasts. After all the abuse and torment she's taken over the last several days, Fayth cleaned up Detective Carter and now she's fresh again, ready to be played with and tormented more! Fayth takes out and slowly PUTS A SLAVE COLLAR ON DET. CARTER, with great close-ups of the knocked-out sleeping detective helpless to stop this. Fayth then takes out and slowly PUTS A RED BALL GAG IN DET. CARTER'S SLEEPING MOUTH (and more great closeups). The sexy cop is helpless to stop this humiliation as she remains the sleepy prisoner of Fayth. Fayth now moves away from cradling the detective from behind, and moves down to her socked pantyhose feet, as she slowly REMOVES THE SOCKS, as she begins to get this sexy cop bound. Detective Carter remains asleep while Fayth puts leather ankle and wrist straps on her (nice close-ups of this being done), and then takes out rope and ties her down complete spread eagle on the bed, with Detective Carter helpless and knocked out the enitre time (very sensual tying/bondage scene).

    With the gorgeous cop now completely bound and helpless, Fayth WAKES HER UP BY SUCKING AND LICKING HER BEAUTIFUL BREASTS! With Detective Carter bound and gagged, Fayth begins playing with her body near the end of the scene, SHOVING A POCKET ROCKET DOWN THE FRONT OF DET. CARTER'S SHEER PANTYHOSE, as well as briefly teasing her with the hitachi! Much more in this awesome series is coming, and this particular scene is a must-have for those that enjoy seeing a gorgeous woman being sensually and completely tied up (collar, ball gag, wrist/ankle straps, and final rope spread eagle all done slowly and on-screen by Fayth), as well as lesbian domination!

April 25th, 2010 - Well, I was planning on spending today updating the site with some new stuff and basically doing site work on my day off, after all these amazing shoots.  But you know, my good friend Tomiko had some jerk flake out on her and not show up for a job she booked with him.  Some dudes are just assholes!  So, me being her friend, I can't just let her sit in her hotel for 6-7 hours hanging around because some punk decided to back on her, so what do I do?  Bring her over to my place to film some impromptu nylon fantasy movies!  Specifically, we filmed a single 1 1/2 hour movie I'm calling "One Last Job," that follows a sexy cat burglar who is trying to retire, but has to perform one last job before she does, stealing an idea from a location.  Unfortunately, the home owner is a nylon/sleepy fetishist, who captures her and makes her his sleepy prisoner!  TONS of chloroforming's in this production (possibly 20-30 KO's), gags, bondage, tickle torture, ass, body and breast fondling, and much more!  Honestly, spending a Sunday fondling and KO'ing Tomiko was truly wonderful, and I'm glad I could help out my friend at the same time.

April 24th, 2010 - Spent ALL day w/ my girls Hollywood, Savannah and Tomiko doing a major 3-girl production, where BFF's Savannah & Tomiko team up to take out Hollywood, who is the new chick in town and stealing all their modeling gigs (as well as dates w/ the men!).  But they come up with an even better plan for Holly once they capture her...to make her the unwilling star of their own live web cam show where they're the hosts, and take requests from the fans as they torture, torment, tease, beat-up, tickle, chloro (about 30+ times!), and dominate poor Holly!  She escapes, but it's short lived...can she escape in the end?  The production was amazing, with some hilarious outtakes, and ALL fans of these ladies will want to check out the 2 1/2 hour movie when I share it with you in the near future.  Guaranteed!

April 23rd, 2010 - Late night, just got done spending the entire afternoon & evening w/ my girl Savannah!  Filmed an awesome custom for a fan (lots of ass fondling in tight jeans, struggling/damsel, tight cleave gag & blindfold, and TONS of chloro!).  Not to mention I personally think Savannah has some incredible breasts, so of course her top is coming down until its's finally all the way down for the special bonus 7-minute chloro marathon we shot!  A wonderful dinner, and an even better conversation catching up with this amazing woman.  While she as here I booked her twice more for this Summer, so you're going to be seeing a WHOLE LOT more of this good friend of mine soon as I share with you great fans.

April 23rd, 2010 - Just a really nice way to spend a Friday!  Spent the day hanging with my friend Savannah, and shot an awesome custom for one of my fans.  Went out to dinner and had a great night, and an even better conversation.  Really just LOVE this girl, and have already made plans to have her back to film with me in June and July!  Now I'm at home getting ready for a big 3-girl shoot day tomorrow where we're filming a crazy wrestling/cat-fighting/chloro/ko/ots/forced nylon foot worship/domination movie (LOL!), which I'll probably be sharing with you guys very soon.

Just a really busy weekend, but I did have time to upload a brand new scene in the store this morning.  Just a quickie scene in the "Ultimate Rival Models" movie, that finishes up Part 9 very well (with Kobe continuing her tickle torture and foot play against rival model Tomiko, until she KO's her with chloro at the end).  Nice little short scene for you guys!

  • I've uploaded Part 10 of "Ultimate Rival Models" in my store!  Before moving on to the next (and final) major ambush between these two titans of fetish, here is a 6-minute bonus scene that I wasn't able to fit on Part 9, but finishes up the scene! Kobe Lee (wearing pink bra/panties w/ tan pantyhose) has rival model Tomiko tied up in the red body sack (who is wearing sheer suntan pantyhose, and has a ball gag in her mouth), with her head and nylon feet sticking out, as Kobe continues to tickle her! Kobe has clearly been enjoying having the power over Tomiko (once again!), as she continues to tickle Tomiko's nylon feet, who can only laugh and beg through her ball gag. After a short time, Kobe removes the ball gag from Tomiko's mouth (on screen), and then lays down parrallel to Tomiko on top of the massage table, her head down by Tomiko's nylon feet. Kobe continues to play with Tomiko, tickling her feet, and rubbing her own nylon feet in Tomiko's face, who is helpless to stop it. Kobe tells Tomiko she'll give her a break from tickling her if Tomiko worships her nylon feet! Tomiko reluctantly agrees, and begins kissing Kobe's sexy little pantyhose feet, while Kobe lays back and enjoys it. After a short period Kobe gets up and leaves Tomiko alone to struggle...but not for long, as she comes back with the sleepy cloth and uses it to knock out Tomiko! Tomiko is left sleeping on the massage table tied up in the red body sack! This is a fun transitional scene to end the previous ambush, and make way for the next one coming up!

April 22nd, 2010 - Spending today working from home, which of course has me sitting and reflecting on what exactly it is that I do in re: filming my fantasy and fetish dreams with my friends.  Sometimes I think I might be a little naive in believing that it can go on forever, because in the end, I know one day my friends will drift away, either by retiring from what they do, or get in relationships where they have to give up their lifestyles, or find new projects or ventures (or maybe a little bit of all of the above).  We'll always be friends, but the filming aspect may be destined to end one day.  Unlike photogs who do what I do as a business, to me it's incredibly personal.  Above all else, it IS personal.  Something I cherish doing with the ladies I do it with.  As I say in other areas of my site - it wouldn't be worth doing without these ladies.  I think because I've had such a great last 2-3 years with having these friends of mine over to visit and film, I haven't given much thought to it.  Something to ponder for the future I guess.

Just me rambling of course, so pay it no mind.  I'm trying to find the time to update with some hot new content, but as it seems, my free time is taken up by filming with the girls.  Just like tomorrow and the rest of the weekend - all filming all the time!  Not that I'm complaining, because my store will always have new content for you.  Now just to work on the site.

April 21st, 2010 - April keeps moving along nicely, and of course, I'm incredibly excited about my big upcoming fantasy shoot weekend!  I've got three of my friends coming in for big-time nylon fantasy movies, so we'll be rockin' & rollin' all day & night Fri & Sat!  LOVE IT!  I'm filming both my own fantasies (including a big near 3-hour movie!), as well as some customs from fans!  Like I keep telling you guys, if you want customs, just email me.  My prices are as good if not better than anyone else, and I'm very dedicated to the process.

NOW...on to the real news about why I'm posting.  I just posted in my store what will surely be the HOTTEST SCENE IN THE STORE THIS MONTH!  No joke, this scene is mega hot, and is a definite must-buy for all superheroine, forced orgasms, and lesbian domination fans out there!  Wonder Christina is forced to orgasm two separate times, and is heavily dominated by these two sexy Asian cat burglars!  Just amazing all around, here is the description below!

  • I've uploaded Part 4 of "Wonder Christina: Asian Influence" in my store!  Ok guys, THIS is the scene of the month in my store! An absolute MUST-BUY, if you're at all a superheroine, forced orgasms, and lesbian domination fan, this is the scene you want. Guaranteed. Watch as Wonder Christina is FORCED TO TWO SEPARATE ORGASMS! The scene opens with Wonder Christina still the sexual prisoner of the two sexy Asian cat burglars Tomiko (wearing just sheer suntan pantyhose and nothing else!) and Akira Lane (wearing a black catsuit w/ sheer suntan pantyhose - she removes the catsuit a few minutes in on-screen!), as they attempt to SEXUALLY TAME her so they can sell her as a sex slave and cash in! Wonder Christina (Christina Carter, wearing sheer suntan pantyhose, and her top pulled down exposing her breasts) is TIED SPREAD EAGLE on the bed, as Akira continues to work her over with the hitachi vibrator, heavily teasing her, while Tomiko constantly uses her own sexy nylon feet to rub and tease in Wonder Christina's face while she's being forcibly pleasured, FORCING HER TO WORSHIP THEM. Tomiko & Akira verbally tease and taunt the proud heroine continuously, talking about how much money they're going to get from selling her as a sex slave. Akira is relentless with the vibrator, and FORCES WONDER CHRISTINA TO ORGASM AGAINST HER WILL! She's been tamed, but Tomiko & Akira aren't done yet! About 3 minutes into the scene, they bring in their own silent cameraman henchman as they "demo" Wonder Christina for their perspective buyers, pointing out all her various body parts (nylon feet, breasts, etc). Wonder Christina is VERY verbal with the camera, telling you to help her, cursing you out for watching them torment her like this! Akira HAND SMOTHERS Wonder Christina to shut her up, and then takes out the hitachi vibrator once more and begins HEAVILY TEASING Wonder Christina's pussy, while Tomiko rubs her nylon feet in Wonder Christina's face, teasing her! All-the-while everyone verbally interacting with the "camera" henchman (who remains silent). After heavy teasing, Akira FORCES WONDER CHRISTINA TO AN UNWILLINGLY FORCED SCREAMING ORGAMS THAT IS JUST INCREDIBLE TO WATCH! We see that Wonder Christina has been sexually defeated and tamed at the end, but this series is far from over! 2 episodes left...can Wonder Christina escape, or is she doomed to become a sex slave!

April 18th, 2010 - Hehe...technically it's Sunday morning, but really it's late night Saturday as I'm writing this.  One of my awesome fans took it upon himself to post about his experience with a custom he commissioned at the Chloroforum, and because of that, I had quite a few emails wanting to know about his scene.  I was going to wait until later to upload it to my store, but since several people expressed interest, I'm staying up late tonight and making sure it gets put in my store before heading off to bed.  Thanks again to GD (or Zumini as he's known at the forum) for getting the custom, but more importantly, thank you for enjoying it and the kind words.

  • I've uploaded a fan commission scenario in my store!  This one I called "Kobe: Hypno'd Hooters" (mostly because I stink at namely things but that seemed appropriate lol).  This is a fan commissioned custom featuring Kobe Lee! Kobe (wearing a hooters outfit w/ sheer suntan pantyhose, and boots), is coming over to a photographers place for a shoot, but is really tired from a long work week. She sits on the couch waiting for the photographer, who shows up wearing a mask (which he explains is for some of the material they'll be shooting later). The photographer notices Kobe is tense, so he offers to use Hypno on her as a method of relaxation. She is reluctant but agrees, as he produces a pendant charm, waving it in front of her face, as her eyes follow it. Soon she begins to relax, and eventually falls asleep! With Kobe sleeping, he manipulates her head and legs a little bit, before picking her up in an OTS carry. He carries her around the room, until he stops at the couch, putting her down. After positioning her, he removes her boots, exposing her sexy little sheer suntan pantyhose feet, which he briefly rubs/massages. He then picks out a pair of high heels, which he puts on her while she remains sleeping. The photographer then picks up the sleeping Kobe in a cradle carry, and carries her briefly until he puts her down on her feet as she wakes. He mentions that it would be more relaxing to go to the bedroom, which she agrees, as he charms her back to sleep, picking her up OTS style. More brief OTS carrying, as he heads to the bedroom. He drops Kobe on the bed, and removes her high heels, playing with her pantyhose feet a little bit. She eventually wakes up, but he gives her the ultimate relaxation method...smothering her with the sleepy cloth! BONUS SCENE: I've added a short 1-minute scene of Tomiko carrying a KO'd Fayth OTS style as a bonus for fans who pick up this custom-requested scene. Both are as hooters girls, so it fits the theme. The scene is from a forthcoming episode in "Tomi Kat: Obsessed," but the carry fans can get a nice early glimpse of it here!

April 16th, 2010 - OMFG it's Friday!!!!  Thank God, it couldn't have come soon enough.  After a punishing week at work, I'm SOOO excited to be able to spend a couple days having fun for a change.  The weather in NoVA should be decent (a little on the cool side), so I'm using the opportunity to take the boat out on the Chesapeake Bay for some fishing & fun, as well as taking in 18 holes of golf.  I suck ass at it, but hey...it's one of those things you can play when you're a 30 year old dude like me, or when you're a senior citizen.  Still the same game.  LOVE IT!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I uploaded just an amazingly HOT scene in my store today that EVERYONE who calls himself a fan of lesbian domination/forced orgasm scenes will want to pick up.  Seriously, it's HOT!  But really, it's just a fun scene all around, and the girls are beyond sexy as they always are for me, and it's a great way to kick start your weekend the right way...by bringing home some sexy chicas doing naughty things!

  • Yes folks, as always, I've saved the best scene of the week for Friday, and here it is! If you're at all a fan of lesbian domination and multiple forced orgasms in a single scene, THIS is the scene you want to get.  Part 6 of "Jilted Lovers Triangle" featuring Christina Carter, Kobe Lee & Akira Lane! Lovers Christina Carter & Kobe Lee (wearing nothing but sheer black pantyhose) have the woman Kobe was cheating on Christina with, Akira Lane (wearing nothng but sheer black pantyhose), tied up on the bed, and have been tormenting her body, and now, they want to humiliate her and force her to surrender to their evil lesbian whims by, what else...BEING FORCED TO ORGASM! Akira is tied full spread eagle down to the bed, as Christina lays on one side of her, USING THE HITACHI TO HEAVILY TEASE AKIRA'S PUSSY! At the same time, Christina's lover Kobe is TEASING CHRISTINA'S PUSSY WITH ANOTHER HITACHI! Akira tries to fight the forced pleasuring from Christina, but after several minutes of Christina pushing down hard, it's a losing battle for Akira, AS AKIRA IS FORCED TO AN AMAZINGLY HOT ORGASM (you definitely HAVE to see it!). After they've defeated Akira and made her their little orgasm bitch, CHRISTINA & KOBE DECIDE TO USE THE HITACHI'S ON THEMSELVES! Christina & Kobe begin pleasuring themselves with hitachi's, as Akira remains exhausted, moaning and watching them. KOBE IS THE FIRST TO ORGASM HERSELF, and then CHRISTINA FORCES HERSELF TO ORGASM IN WHAT IS JUST AN INCREDIBLY HOT SCENE!

    That's right folks, 3 forced orgasms from 3 girls in a single scene! Not something you're going to want to miss! But it's not over, as after Christina & Kobe have pleasured themselves, they cuddle together and begins talking with Akira. Akira tries to tell Christina that Kobe is lying to her about their relationship, and that it wasn't just a one-night stand. But Christina isn't hearing it, as Kobe leaves to go get something. With Kobe gone, Akira is able to point out some evidence to Christina about her ongoing relationship with Kobe. When she finds the evidence, Christina is devastated, and immediately WANTS REVENGE against Kobe! Kobe returns, thinking everything is ok, as Christina starts massaging her, but then turns malevolent and PUTS KOBE IN A SLEEPER HOLD! Kobe struggles but is soon KNOCKED OUT! With Kobe KO'd on the bed, Christina starts to believe what Akira has been saying, and starts untying her from the bed as the scene ends with some saucy language from Christina about her ex-lover Kobe!

April 15th, 2010 - Wanted to post a little note: I'm uploading a SUPER HOT scene in my store tomorrow, so definitely stop by the store and take a look if you like.  My girls Christina Carter, Kobe Lee & Akira Lane in "Jilted Lovers Triangle" Part 6...coming tomorrow morning, right in time for the awesome weekend!

April 14th, 2010 - Uploaded a brand new scene in the store this afternoon!

  • Part 10 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  WOW is this scene HOT, and a must have for all forced orgasm, lesbian domination, and heavy nylon foot worship lovers out there! Continuing where we left in Part 9, heroine Kobe Kitty (Kobe Lee, wearing panties & sheer suntan pantyhose) is tied with her arms spread on the bed, and her legs in a FROGTIE position. Evil lesbian Fayth (wearing bra/panties w/ sheer black pantyhose) is there to torment her, trying her best to push her over the sexual edge, turning Kobe Kitty into her complete sex slave! Fayth takes out her POCKET ROCKET vibrator, using it to torment the helpless heroines pussy, as she puts it underneath the pantyhose, turning it on, as it HEAVILY TEASES Kobe Kitty's pussy! Kobe Kitty moans with forced delight as the vibrator gets her very hot. At the same time, Fayth HEAVILY WORSHIPS KOBE KITTY'S NYLON FEET, LICKING AND SUCKING THEM! This combined with the pocket rocket being turned on and off by Fayth (who just LOVES to tease her helpless slave girl), gets Kobe Kitty incredibly hot and bothered, but she's not allowed to cum. Very sexy TEASE & DENIAL, as Kobe comes close on a couple occasions, only to have Fayth turn off the pocket rocket! All the while she continues to suck and lick Kobe Kitty's helplessly bound nylon feet. Eventually, Fayth takes out the big hitachi vibrator, and begins teashing poor Kobe Kitty, who continues to moan as she's forcibly pleasured. She screams at Fayth that she doesn't want to surrender to her, but Fayth HAND SMOTHERS KOBE KITTY WHILE FORICBLY PLEASURING HER, releasing her hand right when she FORCES KOBE KITTY TO CUM & ORGASM! Kobe Kitty has been defeated by lesbian Fayth, as she's now her nylon sex toy. Fayth begins to untie Kobe Kitty's legs, and releases her from her bonds, as she lays on the bed and moans as Fayth continues to heavily worship Kobe Kitty's nylon feet! This is a SUPER HOT scene, and definitely not one to miss out on! Only a couple episodes left in this sexy series!

April 14th, 2010 - Just a quick word to all the fans that enjoy the site - if you've been thinking about a tickling, chloro/KO/sleepy, damsel, nylon foot etc custom, NOW is the perfect time to try one with me!  Nicole Moser lives nearby, and will be working with me beginning on May 7th!  Since she's local, it'll be very easy for her to stop by to visit & film, so if you've wanted to try a HOT custom with a gorgeous, sexy blonde, now is the perfect opportunity!  Especially for the tickling fans - I'm making a super low price for all those fans that want a tickling-theme'd custom.  So don't wait around...try a custom today.  :)

April 12th, 2010 - Whew...so much to talk about!  Where to begin?  First, my girls Christina Carter & Fayth flew in to town Saturday morning to spend the entire weekend with me, visiting and filming.  It was just SO nice to have them back (as always), and we had a total blast.  We did my first evening shoot (as I normally do them in the mornings) on Saturday, filming late into the night, shooting all kinds of naughty nylon movies!  Damn I had so much fun, as did they.  We filmed a movie for my private collection, which was just amazing (I LOVE being able to see Christina as only a few people get to see her...such a treat).  We also filmed a couple Wonder Christina movies, one in particular was a POV (point-of-view) that was just amazingly hot!  Chinese food for dinner, and more shooting...what a night!  Sunday we repeated the process, with more filming, including a HOT wrestling/forced-orgasm custom production I did for a fan.  Really unbelievable how cool it turned out (at least I think so!).

Also had another first for me...after we wrapped up filming on Sunday morning, all the pleasuring/teasing must have been too much for them, as they proceeded to use the hitachi's to masturbate themselves (with Christina on the bed, and Fayth over in the corner of the room on the floor...yeah, no comment lol!).  So I've just spent the weekend visiting and filming with my incredible friends, and now after we're finished, I've got them in the bedroom masturbating w/ vibrators.  Yeah...to steal a line from my girl Fayth..."I LOVE MY LIFE!"  For such a regular joe like me to be in the position to have such cool friends, to film my fantasies, and then share some of them with you...well...sometimes it's just incredible.

So, as you can probably tell, I'm still on cloud nine, and can't wait to have my favorite woman of all time Christina back in a few weeks (yeah, monthly visits, because that's how good she treats me).  So many new shoots happening in the next few weeks that I'm beside myself.  Just really, really cool!

And in some other shoot-related news: I was contacted by Nicole Moser (see Nicole Moser) because she lives near me and wanted to see if I was interested in working with her.  She's a super cute blonde, and seems really nice, so of course I'm going to give her a shot and see if she's cool enough to hang with my girls and join my little shoot group.  It's not often that I want to bring new people in, but because she's local, and made the contact, I'm always willing to give a shot to someone like that.  I hope it works out, and you know what, I think it will.  Customs anyone???

Finally, I've also uploaded a new scene in my store today.  Check it out below!

  • I've uploaded Part 9 of "I Dream of Hollywood," featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  Fayth (wearing a white dress w/ sheer black pantyhose) continues to lose control in her fantasy dream with her dream woman Hollywood (wearing sexy black babydoll lingerie w/ sheer suntan pantyhose). Opens to Hollywood knocked out lying face-up spread eagle on the bed, as Fayth NYLON FOOT WORSHIPS HOLLY'S SEXY PANTYHOSE FEET (sensual kissing worship). But unknown to Fayth, Hollywood wakes up, and USES THE SLEEPY CLOTH TO KNOCK OUT FAYTH! We now see Fayth lying spread eagle on the bed, as Hollywood looms over her, tickling her awake! Hollywood begins tickling Fayth's sheer black pantyhose feet, as Fayth laughs and squirms, trying to understand what's happening and why she's losing control of her dream. Fayth fights back, and both Hollywood & Fayth ENGAGE IN A BACK-AND-FORTH TICKLING FIGHT, as the each try to tickle the other into submission! They're both tickling each other at the same time, and each lady is getting her fair share of tickle torment! Hollywood is able to get Fayth in some wrestling holds on the bed and tickles her, and eventually is able to NYLON FOOT SMOTHER KNOCK OUT FAYTH! We now see Fayth lying on the floor with her hands tied behind her back, her legs running up the side of the bed, right in Holly's lap! Hollywood tickles her awake, and then begins tickling Fayth all over her sexy little pantyhose soles! All Fayth can do is scream and laugh and squirm, but she's going no where, as Holly continues her tickling, even occasionally using her own suntan pantyhose feet to tickle Fayth's ribs! Super fun scene, as this series begins to wind down (only a few episodes left to find out what happens to Hollywood in Fayth's dream...can she escape this loony lesbian, or will she be destined to be a dream tickle slave to Fayth!?!

April 10th, 2010 - Oops, totally forgot to upload this when I wrote it lol!  I'm out the door to go pick up my girls Christina Carter & Fayth at the airport, and then spending the weekend with them filming all kinds of naughty nylon movies.  So excited!!!  In the meantime, since I won't be on here for at least a couple days, I've uploaded a brand new scene in my store featuring my good friend Kobe Lee!  This scene was from a cool custom I received from a fan, and features a damsel-in-distress theme, mixed with chloro KO's, ass fondling, and tons of struggling!  Pretty hot scene!

  • I've uploaded "Kobe: Sleepy Fondled Damsel in Distress" in my store!  It follows the lovely model as she comes home only to be chloro KO'd by a masked intruder!  Flopped over the couch, she has her ass fondled while wearing super tight pants.  Tied up, cleave gagged, and blindfolded, she wakes up and heavily struggles and whimpers, realizing the horrible predicatment she's in!  In the end she's chloro KO'd by the intruder, and left to sleep on the couch.  It's a great scene for those that enjoy Sleepy/KO fetish (2 chloro KO's), on-screen tight tying (hands behind back, feet together), tight cleave gags, lots of ass fondling, and of course, tons of great struggling and moaning/crying/whimpering.

April 9th, 2010 - Well, the day before a big weekend-long shoot is always exciting.  My girls Christina & Fayth are flying in tomorrow, and I'll be picking them up in the afternoon, and then heading back to the shoot spot where we'll be doing an all-night shoot!  I'm planning on a Wonder Christina movie, and will post about it on my twitter for those folks that want to follow my nonsense.  Sunday morning we'll be wrapping things up with a cool fan custom, and if we have time, maybe something else short & sweet.

Because I'm going to be away all weekend long filming & hanging with my friends, I'm going to be uploading a HOT new damsel-in-distress/chloro/bondage/struggling/fondling scene that I shot with Kobe last weekend (it was a fan custom).  Very hot struggling, 2 chloro KO's, tight bondage & cleave gag, ass fondling, and lots of whimpering from Kobe!

I'll be back on either Sunday night or Monday to post more new content and other things...till then!

April 8th, 2010 - It's almost Friday folks, which means I'm gearing up for a major girl-girl shoot with Christina & Fayth this weekend!  We'll be filming Saturday & Sunday, and I've got a super hot Wonder Christina adventure planned, as well as a cool custom from a fan.  So it's definitely going to be a great shoot, which I'm very excited about (as I always am...I think the day I get jaded about visiting the girls and filming is the day I hang it up...thank God that'll never happen since to me it's such a personal experience, and never about business).  :)  So everything is working out great for this shoot, and for all the rest of my April shoots!  I've got my girls Christina & Fayth flying in for this weekend.  Then in two weeks I have my girls Tomiko, Savannah & Hollywood (what a trio!) coming in for a super hot wrestling/cat-fighting/destruction movie I've been fantasizing about filming.  Finally, at the end of the month/beginning of May, I have Christina & Kobe coming in for a big girl-girl.

Because of the upcoming big shoot this weekend, I've uploaded a brand new scene in my store tonight, which just so happens to feature the two ladies showing up here soon!  More hot lesbian nylon foot worshiping/tease/denial action from my gorgeous ladies, if you're a fan of seeing Christina Carter be dominated this will definitely be something you might consider picking up!

  • I've uploaded the latest installment in one of my favorite series!  Part 7 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter & Fayth!  Continued from the last part. Carter sister "Christine" (the red catsuit-wearing heroine sister) who was out looking for her missing sister "Kristen" (and was subsequently captured just like her sister), has been getting tormented, teased, and forcibly pleasured by evil lesbian Fayth, as Fayth continues her quest to have all 3 sisters under her control, and at her mercy! The premise is that Christine, like her sisters, loses her powers the more she's subjected to fetish acts, which is exactly what Fayth does! The scene opens to Carter sister Christine (Christina Carter, wearing just sheer tan pantyhose), tied full spread eagle face-down on the bed, as lesbian Fayth (wearing a black top w/ skirt and sheer tan pantyhose), HEAVILY SUCKING & LICKING HER HELPLESSLY TIED NYLON FEET! All Christine can do is moan as she feels her powers taken away, as Fayth continues to heavily worship her pantyhose feet. Fayth uses her tongue to LICK CHRISTINE'S ASS, HER NECK, AND HER BACK, using her bound body as Fayth's playground. Fayth returns to sucking, licking and worshiping Christine's nylon feet, with Christine moaning helplessly. Fayth now wants to continue the torment with forcible pleasure, so she takes out the hitachi, and HEAVILY TEASES CHRISTINE'S PUSSY WITH THE VIBRATOR! Fayth shoves the vibrator against Christine's pussy, heavily teasing her, getting her hot, but denying her an orgasm! The TEASE/DENIAL continues, as Fayth continues worshiping Christine's nylon heavily throughout. Fayth rubs her own nylon feet on Christine's ass while the vibrator does its work, heavily teasing Christine! Fayth asks Christine if she's ready to become her slave and help lure her last remaining sister to Fayth. Christine promises, but is still showing some spirit yet to be broken, so Fayth continues the sexual/fetish torment, as she vibe teases & nylon foot worships Christine! A really HOT scene, with Christina Carter tied face down on the bed, being forcibly foot worshiped and vibrator teased by Fayth! Great tongue worship action from Fayth, and hot tease & denial action w/ Christina (she's denied at least twice), as well as great up-turned nylon foot shots & ass shots of Christina!

April 6th, 2010 - Well folks, I guess it's a DOUBLE RELEASE day lol!  I couldn't help it...I wanted to post the first episode in my new "POV Stories" series because, hey, it's freakin' HOT!  Kobe just lights up the screen with her hotness, and transfers that to you as the interactive viewer!  And then, of course, I had a tinge of nostalgia, so I had to post one of my earlier scenes I've ever shot, featuring (yes more Kobe!) and Hollywood!  So a cool double release for you awesome fans!

I'm gearing up for a big girl-girl shoot, as I'm flying in my friends Christina & Fayth this upcoming weekend (which means I'll be indisposed all weekend lol!).  You're certainly welcome to follow me on twitter as I update about it before/during/after.  I've decided to film a new Wonder Christina fantasy movie, and I'm now putting the premise together.  I'm starting to think that a sex slave auction featuring a captured Wonder Christina being bought & sold to a very horny lesbian woman (Fayth) sounds like a grand idea (lol!!).  Don't you agree?  I certainly do!  We'll also be filming a custom for one of my awesome fans (thanks Richard *wink*).  All of which will be shared with you fine folks very soon.  Damn...now I REALLY can't wait for my girls to get here...the weekend can't come fast enough!

  • Ok, it's a double release day in my fantasy world!  First up is my debut episode in the new series "POV Stories."  This one revolves around your (as the viewer) girlfriend Kobe Lee coming home from a tough day of modeling, and all she wants to do is give you pleasure by performing a strip tease for you, and forcing herself to orgasm!  Along the way, she asks you to tickle her pantyhose feet (which you do!), and she ties one of her hands down to the bed posts, because she knows how much you enjoy seeing her helpless.  After she's forced herself to cum, she even hands you the hitachi so you can tease her now-sensitive pussy!  Yeah, just beyond hot, and very, very interactive as Kobe verbally interacts with you the entire time!  The second of the double release is "Wonder Womyn: Dreamland," featuring Hollywood & Kobe Lee!  All WW wants is a relaxing day away from fighting crime, but she's blind-sided by sexy minx Kobe, who chloro's her out.  Kobe takes advantage of the situation by removing WW's boots, and sensually worshiping her sexy pantyhose feet!  WW continually wakes up every few minutes, and is put back to sleep with more chloro!  4 separate chloro KO's in this scene folks, so it's a must have for the KO lovers!  Not to mention the lesbian/sensual nylon foot worship fans, as there's plenty of that, and great close-up action shots of WW's sexy sheer suntan pantyhose feet!

April 5th, 2010 - Just a fast word here: A LOT of new clips & scenes are coming to my store throughout April.  Even more than the "new-clip-every-other-day" thing I've been doing for a couple months now.  Starting tomorrow, I'll be uploading clips slightly more regularly throughout the month of April, to unload a lot of scenes in preparation for a ton of new stuff I'm filming later this month.  I've got 3 separate large shoots coming in April, which means just a ridiculous amount of super hot footage will eventually be shared with you.  In the meantime, tomorrow I'm going to be re-working my "Sneak Previews" area above to update it with all the scenes that are coming soon.

April 4th, 2010 - Here are a couple screen caps (collage) from some of the customs a few fans commissioned during Kobe's visit.  A big thank you to all those that commissioned them!  More than likely, I'll be releasing these in the future so others can check them out - or I might donate them to Kobe so the fans can give her some support for her store.  Either way, they were a lot of fun.

April 4th, 2010 - Happy Easter to all!  I'm seriously happy this weekend (just look at the post or two below this to find out why lol!), so in the spirit of having fun and enjoying life (and honestly, just cuz' lol!), here is a brand new scene in my store.  For all you tickle torture enthusiasts, here is a fun scene featuring Fayth giving Tomiko & Savannah their just rewards!  Tomiko gets her just reward for having the nerve to cheat on her ex-lover Fayth, and Savannah gets it because she had the nerve to go after Fayth's woman...something you DON'T do.  If you love upperbody & nylon foot tickling of two very sexy (and very ticklish) ladies by a little lesbian minx, you'll definitely love this!

  • It's Sunday, and a beautiful day out, which means what the heck...time for a brand new scene in my store!  Haven't uploaded many tickle torture scenes, so for the tickling enthusiasts out there, here is something just for you!  Part 9 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" featuring Fayth, Tomiko & Savannah!  Crazy lesbian Fayth has her ex-lover Tomiko, and the woman Tomiko was cheating on Fayth with, Savannah, on the bed next to each other with their hands tied behind their backs, as Fayth administers some tickle torture punishment upon both of them!  Fayth is slowly turning them against each other, as her master plan of having them both as her slaves continues to work.  Tomiko & Savannah, once lovers, now verbally berate each other, as Fayth tickle tortures them both.  HOT upperbody & nylon foot tickling!  Fayth breaks out the hitachi vibrator, and uses it to tickle torture both of them all over their bodies.  They continually blame each other for getting into this predicament, in between bouts of forced laughter and screams!  There is also an implied forced-orgasm scene for both Tomiko & Savannah here (it fades out as Fayth is threatening each of them with the vibrator, and fades in after it's done).  In the end, after all this tickle torture, Fayth works on spreading more lies to Savannah about Tomiko, which really turns Savannah against Tomiko!  HOT SCENE!

April 3rd, 2010 - Man o' man, what a fun day/evening I spent with my friend Kobe.  If you've been following her twitter, you know she's been going through a lot of stress lately, so hopefully this visit picked up her spirits.  That's all I wanted it to do, anyway.  Not shooting for content or site material, but rather, just to film a couple customs, and then just goof around and have a nice day and pick up her spirits.  Sometimes lending support to your friends is better than trying to be a photog.  I find myself often in that situation, because at the end of the day, friendship is worth SOOO much more than film content.  I understand a lot of fans & producers don't GET that concept, but hey, it takes all kinds in this world.

Had a great day & night last night, but am now feeling it.  We were both freakin' tired (Kobe especially, considering she's driving from bean town back to her home town in ATL), but wanted to stop here to visit on the way.  Regardless, it was a ton of fun, as always, and I can't wait until our next shoot (28 days from now, but it's not like I'm counting or anything).  Still recovering from last night, so later today I'll be posting some stuff on the site, as well as the new preview pic of what's coming next in the store.  I got Kobe's feedback and opinions on everything we shot, and together we came up with 2 short scenes (10 mins each) that focus on POV (point of view - i.e. "you're" the camera, in the scene with Kobe).  Both turned out amazing, and will definitely be shared here (wait till you see the one Kobe helped formulate....Detective Lee getting naughty w/ her Glock 9mm for you, her "boyfriend").  But honestly, it's so damn nice out in NoVA right now (weather-wise), who can stay inside!?!?  The golf course & fishing spots are calling me.

And to Kobe: you're a dream.  You've always been that way to me during the last few years, and always will.  What an angel.

April 2nd, 2010 - OMFG it's finally Friday!  TGIF and all that!  And what a busy day it's going to be for me.  In the office all day workin' like a crazy person.  Then meeting up with my friend Kobe Lee for a long, long night of filming customs and other nylon fantasies!  Finally, staying up late night (if I don't pass out from all the fun we'll be having) to start putting together customs, and everything else!  YIKES!  But hey, no big deal, because like I said...it's FRIDAY!  Oh yeah baby!  And because of me being so damn busy, I've uploaded a REALLY hot nylon foot worship scene in my store this morning.  Get your morning (and weekend) started right with some hot freakin' Christina Carter action baby!  I know that's how I start my mornings (LOL!!!!).

  • It's a brand new month, and my good friend Kobe is stopping by this afternoon for some good ol' fashioned fetish shenanigans!  So since I'll be busy with her, here is a SUPER HOT scene in my store this morning to kick start your weekend the right way!  Part 10 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!" featuring Christina Carter and Kobe Lee!  We all know Christina is a nylon foot slut...at least she is when she visits me!  Here you get to watch Kobe force-feed her super sexy little size-6 nylon feet into Christina's face/mouth (as she's tied down face up on the bed), forcing her to lick & suck them heavily, turning Christina into her personal nylon foot slut!  Kobe just LOVES having this power over the normally powerful Christina, forcing her to worship her dominant nylon feet.  After 3-4 minutes of this humiliation, Kobe is getting turned on herself by having Christina suck and lick her nylon feet (but she'll never admit this to Christina!), so she foot smother KO's Christina until she's knocked out, as we fade to Christina now tied down full spread eagle on the bed, this time face down!  Kobe wakes her up by slapping her ass, and then enjoys a long, sexy round of heavily worshiping Christina's pantyhose feet.  Now Kobe is going to make love to Christina's helplessly-tied pantyhose soles, as she licks & sucks them.  Christina Carter is definitely Kobe's nylon foot slave here folks...check it out!

April 1st, 2010 - Just a quick word: this is going to be a fun update weekend for you fans!  First, tomorrow morning I'll be uploading a brand new clip to kick start the lovely Spring weekend.  Some hot Christina Carter action to get your blood pumping (I know mine always does when I fly her in to visit & film).  Always love watching Christina forced to suck/lick gorgeous nylon feet, and then have her own sexy nylon feet sucked & licked!  If you call yourself a nylon foot worship/lesbian dom fan, take a look at this scene!  The reason why I'm uploading a clip early is because my good friend Kobe Lee will be stopping by!  Her big move had some slight issues, but it's all on track and she's almost here.  Tomorrow afternoon/evening we'll be filming all the customs, as well as some special goodies for me, most of which I'll be sharing with you.  Re: the customs, I'll be rendering late into the night Friday, into Saturday, and will keep those that requested them, informed of what's going on.  Finally, will be posting new update material later on Sunday, so stop by for that.  Thanks to everyone (once again!) for making my March THE BEST month ever.  You guys that support my work by buying it are just incredible!

March 31st, 2010 - The last day of March is upon us, and boy what a month is was!  My best month with the store EVER, all thanks to you awesome fans enjoying my work and sharing my nylon fantasies with me.  I really appreciate it more than you'll ever know, and as always, it makes me want to keep sharing more and more with you all.  So again, a huge thank you to each and every person that bought a clip(s) in March...you guys rock ass!

I felt bad for my friend Kobe though.  She's in the middle of doing a big move (to a whole other state), by herself no less, which of course is difficult as you may imagine.  But she's such a strong woman, I'm so happy that she's finally got it going the right way.  She had a very slight delay, but now is back on track, and will be visiting me this Friday for filming fun.  We'll be doing all the custom work then, and I'll be emailing screen pics from everyone's customs later that night (unless I pass out from fun lol), and will be available all weekend long editing/rendering the vids, as well as to take emails and mail items.  So it's all good in the (expensive) hood!  LOL!  Now, on to a hot little scene I just uploaded in my store tonight to both kick off the last day of March, as well as an awesome new month tomorrow!

  • For tonight, I've uploaded Part 2 of "Hollywood: Unwilling Fetish Queen," featuring Hollywood & Kobe Lee!  The series continues, as Kobe continues to keep Hollywood sleepy while kissing and worshiping her sexy nylon feet!  Kobe removes Holly's white blouse, leaving her in her bra & mini skirt, as she worships and has her way with Hollywood's helpleslly sleepy pantyhose feet.  Kobe even plays some sleepy tickling games with Holly, gently tickling her nylon soles, causing Holly to let out some giggles and shift position, but not wake up!  Until Kobe gets carried away and tickles her a little too much, waking Hollywood up.  Holly tries to escape, but it's no use, as Kobe is there with the chloro rag, ready to KO Holly back to sleep!  With Holly back in dreamland, Kobe removes Holly's mini skirt, leaving Hollywood in bra & panties (and pantyhose, of course!).  Back to worshiping Holly's feet, but Hollywood wakes up once more, and a brief struggle over the chloro cloth until Kobe smothers her once more with it, sending her back to sleep!

March 29th, 2010 - A brand new series has debuted in my store, for all you lesbian/heroine lovers out there!  For the last couple years, one of my pet projects that I wanted to film, but just never got around to doing because of all my other shoots, was my own fetish/fantasy take on the movie Misery.  At least the premise of that movie is what I was interested in.  What would happen if an injured heroine, upon escaping from a villain, stumbled upon a lonely lesbian who just happened to be completely and utterly obsessed with her!?!  Well, that is what I found out a couple months back when I filmed this!  Tomiko as the heroine Tomi Kat is incredible, and Fayth as the lonely, obsessed lesbian is awesome (ok, not much of a stretch for her...take out the lonely part and that's pretty-much Fayth lol!).  So here marks the debut of a brand new series for you all!

  • Hey fans - here is the debut of a brand new series!  Part 1 of "Tomi Kat: Obsessed." It's based a little bit on the movie "Misery," but with a lesbian/heroine/fetish twist! It's a cold winter day, and black catsuit-wearing super spy heroine Tomi Kat (Tomiko, wearing a sexy body-hugging black catsuit w/ black boots) has just escaped from an evil villain. Cold and exhausted, she goes to the nearest building she sees. Coming home from work, Fayth (wearing a tan blouse/skirt, w/ sheer suntan pantyhose & high heels) discovers the injured Tomi Kat outside her door, and takes the poor woman inside, where she collapses on the floor. After hours of rest, Tomi Kat wakes up on Fayth's bed, as Fayth comes in and greets her. Tomi Kat is appreciative of being rescued by Fayth, as the two have a short conversation. Tomi Kat wants to get going, but Fayth doesn't want her to leave, as she starts to give her a shoulder massage. Tomi Kat thanks Fayth for everything she's done for her, but insists that she needs to go. In a panic, Fayth convinces Tomi Kat that she could use some water. Not wanting to be rude, Tomi Kat agrees, as Fayth runs off. In the kitchen alone, we see Fayth pour water in the glass, and then spot nearby sleeping pills. Fayth drops a single pill in, but then says that Tomi Kat is a big girl as she dumps a handful of them in! Back in the bedroom, Fayth offers the water to Tomi Kat, who drinks it, with Fayth prodding her along the way (really great scene for the spiked drink fans, as Fayth keeps prodding Tomi Kat along to drink more and more). We learn that Fayth has some secrets of her own in the dialogue between them, as she lets it slip that she does in fact know of Tomi Kat (and in later parts, you're going to see just how much she knows!). After a couple minutes, Tomi Kat begins to get drowsy, and heavily insists on leaving, forcing Fayth to phsyically restrain her. When Tomi Kat tries to get away, Fayth throws her down on the bed and chokes her out! In a panic, she gently slaps Tomi Kat awake, but when she tries to flee again, Fayth is forced to choke her out a second time! A really HOT start to this amazing movie, especially for the KO fans (sleeping pills spiked water, as well as 2 neck choke out scenes!). The emphasis is on building the story here as well as the KO scenes!

March 28th, 2010 - A brand new series is debuting in my store tomorrow.  "Tomi Kat: Obsessed," featuring Tomiko & Fayth, is a brand new multi-part (10 part, most likely) series, featuring some very hot lesbian play, extreme tickle torture (to the point of crying), heavy, heavy nylon foot worship, spanking, OTS carrying, multiple KO's, and more!  The series starts slowly, but builds intensity over time!  Look for Part 1 tomorrow!

March 26th, 2010 - Oh yeah baby, it's FRIDAY!  As is my tradition (it seems), I've saved the SUPER HOT scene for my store, for today, to get your weekend kicked off the right way!  The next installment of my best-selling (and most fan-response/feedback) series is up and available in my store, and let me just say...if you LOVE lesbian domination/extreme tickle torture/spanking/pussy-breast cropping, you'll freakin' LOVE this clip!  And honestly, it really got me thinking about filming more of these do-whatever-you-want scenarios in the future.  One thing you need to realize about this particular series that makes it so special...there is NO direction from me (while the cams are off/behind the scenes).  I simply told the girls to do whatever they wanted when they were in control, and make the other lady their lesbian nylon bitch!  And that's exactly what they did!  Simply incredible, and possibly my favorite production I've ever shot, and one that I'm VERY happy to share with you all!

  • I've uploaded Part 5 of "Dom Battles: Christina vs. Diana" featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight!  In this scene, Christina REALLY shows Diana who the queen bitch of domination is, as she puts a tape gag on Diana right away, and then tortures the SHIT out of her body!  Christina heavily crops Diana's pussy, tickle tortures her pantyhose feet (really great tickle torture here, as Diana is VERY ticklish and Christina knows all her spots!), crops Diana's breasts, sucks/licks worships Diana's sexy nylon feet, sucks/licks Diana's breasts, and a final Hand Smother KO!  Christina Carter is in charge and makes Diana her fucking lesbian bitch!  Take a look at the description in the store to see all the juicy details, and check this clip out today.  Nothing short of incredible for lesbian domination fans!

March 25th, 2010 - Just a quick word: I've got my good friend Kobe coming in about mid-next week for some fun custom (and my own) fantasy work.  Everything we do on this particular shoot will be shared experiences, so keep an eye out for some hot M/F Kobe scenarios (OTS carrying, several POV scenes where "you" are the star, and lots more) coming to my store in April and beyond!  Also, I've got 2 more clips coming to finish out March.  One is coming either tomorrow (or Saturday at the latest), and the second is coming very early next week (Mon or Tues).  The one coming next week is the debut of a brand new series, "Tomi Kat: Obsessed," featuring Tomiko & Fayth, and features some VERY HOT action scenes!  Like much of my work...starts slowly, and builds to something awesome!  Can't wait to share it with you all.  Tis' all from me for now...back to work and the real world!

March 24th, 2010 - It's the middle of the week (Wed), and I'm doing a happy hour at my place tonight with friends, because...er...uh...just cuz' lol!  But seriously, it's all downhill from here, so in the spirit of it being downhill toward the weekend, I've got a fun "psychotic foot worship/tickling clip" going up in my store tonight!  It's about that time for a new episode in the "No More Feet" series featuring my two sexy chicas Tomiko & Kobe Lee, roommates who started out innocently playing nylon foot worship/tickling games, but ended up in a crazy/psychotic place!

But before I mention the new clip, I wanted to personally thank all those who are requesting customs with my good friend Kobe Lee for her visit next week.  I've got several of you awesome fans who have requested custom vids, and I'm really excited about filming them for you.  Truth be told, these will be my first custom productions I've done since announcing my intention of doing them about 2 months ago.  I've done them in the past for my friends I film (mostly as favors, as I've done them for Fayth, Tomiko & Kobe before at various times), but it's exciting to start doing them myself and for fans of the site/work/ladies.  I've got a POV nylon/sock custom, an OTS carry/KO/hypno custom, and some others.  Of course, I'll also be filming some of my own fantasies with Kobe, including a HOT dream I had about seeing a bitchy professional woman get what she deserves, as well as some other goodies!  Ok, on to the clip!

  • I've uploaded Part 9 of "No More Feet!" in my store tonight, featuring Tomiko & Kobe Lee as sexy roommates!  In the previous scene, Kobe had been torturing and tormenting her roommate Tomiko.  She had called the psychiatric hospital to schedule Tomiko a permanent visit, but Tomiko was able to get control, and Kobe found herself at the mercy of her psychotic roommate!  In this scene, Tomiko tells Kobe about her plan (I guess it's a plan...she's a freakin' nut job, who knows what she's thinking!!!) to put Kobe in the psychiatric hospital, because Kobe never mentioned a description of the woman she was scheduling the appointment for!  With Kobe tied down (arms tied spread) on the bed, in just her bra/panties/tan pantyhose, Tomiko (wearing a sexy blue babydoll w/ suntan pantyhose) worships Kobe's nylon feet (kissing), as she tells her the plan.  About 3 minutes in, we fade to later, as we see Kobe now having a ballgag in her mouth, as Tomiko begins to tickle torture her, first with her upperbody, and then down to her feet, where she spends the most time tickling and foot worshiping Kobe, sending her over the edge of insanity!

March 22nd, 2010 - I can't believe it's Monday!  I mean, seriously...what's up with the weekends going by in a blink of an eye!?!  Just when we start to relax...BOOM!  Back to work!  LOL!  But hey, I guess it's not all that bad, because at least it gets us thinking about the next weekend.  Hey, that's my excuse to get me through the week...what's yours!?!  Ok, it's the start of a new week, which means I really need to upload something hot & fresh in my store for you awesome fans, and with Kobe stopping by the house next week (you want a custom - email me now!), I've got Kobe & Christina on the brain.  Ok, I've ALWAYS got them on the brain.  Sue me.  So here is something sexy featuring these two gorgeous ladies giving each other some heroine love:

  • Part 2 of "Super Heroines After Dark" featuring Christina Cat & Kobe Kitty (Christina Carter & Kobe Lee, respectively).  Here we see Christina Cat untie Kobe Kitty (except for leaving one hand bound), as she heavily worships Kobe Kitty's nylon feet while at the same time teasing her pussy with the vibrator!  Eventually she turns the vibrator over to Kobe Kitty, who uses it in her free hand to pleasure herself, forcing herself to orgasm while Christina Cat licks and sucks her nylon feet!  After she's been pleasured, Kobe Kitty wants to return the favor to Christina Cat, whom she kisses on the lips as she begins to tie her down spread eagle.  Kobe Kitty ties Christina Cat down full-spread, while Christina Cat rubs and touches herself during the bondage.  When she's all tied down, Kobe Kitty begins heavily worshiping Christina Cat's nylon feet, as well as positioning her own sexy nylon feet so that Christina Cat can worship hers at the same time.  Eventually Kobe Kitty takes out the chloro rag, and gently smothers Christina Cat to sleep with it, waking her up with gentle caresses.  The scene ends with Kobe Kitty heavily worshiping Christina Cat's nylon feet, as she moans in pleasure.

March 20th, 2010 - Just a quick stop-in here to let you know I posted a fun little tickle session scene with Kobe Lee in my store.  POV camera style facing her upturned sheer black stocking soles, with her laying on her stomach on the bed, hands tied behind and ankles tied, as I tickle and tease her nylon soles, as well as her legs (with some very brief upperbody as well).  Fun little scene I called "Kobe: Black Stocking Soles Made For Tickling."  For the more playful/teasing tickle fans, this is for you.  NOTE: If you're a tickle torture person, give my Fayth M/F clips a look, because I gave Fayth a wicked tickle workout in those ("Hogtied & Tickle Wrecked," as well as the "Nylon Soles Made For Tickling" clips).

March 20th, 2010 - Just a quick word re: an upcoming release that I'm very happy to share with you all in my store.  Near the end of the month I'm going to be debuting a brand new movie.  "Tomi Kat: Obsessed," featuring Tomiko & Fayth, a 2-hour movie that I'm breaking up into parts and will be sharing with you awesome fans, in my store!  It'll probably be an 9-10 part series (give or take), featuring extreme tickle torture, many, many KO's (of different varieties, including drugged drink, chloro, hand & foot smothers, sleeper holds, and more), lesbian play, heavy, heavy nylon foot worship, and some OTS carrying.  Really excited to share with you guys (and ladies!).  Look for the debut in a little more than a week from now!

March 19th, 2010 - TGIF!  TGIF!  It's Friday, so it's worth saying twice!  I don't know about you, but Friday can NEVER come soon enough for me.  Even if I have nothing exciting planned with the girls, it's just nice to relax for once and not be a slave to the clock.  I'm 30 years old and I'm the boss...and I'm STILL a slave to the clock!  I swear it never ends lol!  But no worries, because it's Friday, which means (as usual it seems) I'm going to upload a hot new scene in my store for all you awesome fans.  I'm so appreciative of you guys (and gals) who take time out of your busy day to browse my site/store, and even MORE appreciative that you spend your hard-earned money buying my work.  You're all just the best!!

My good friend Kobe is stopping by the house near the end of the month for some nylon fun!  I'm planning on debuting some "masked villain" scenes in my store later in April that I'm going to shoot with her, including A LOT of OTS Carrying/KO scenes, forced orgasm, tickle torture, sleepy play, and more!  I've even got a great fan whom I'm doing a custom for with Kobe (a fun sleepy/sock removal/pantyhose POV scene) that will be a lot of fun.  Mainly though, I'll be filming a new movie with Kobe (as a professional business woman, as well as a catsuit-wearing cat burglar) who fall victim to a silent/mute masked villain who says nothing, and is only interested in capturing them and keeping them as his nylon slaves, as he tortures their bodies with tickle punishment and forced orgasms!

On that note, here is my latest scene I'm sharing with you:

  • I've uploaded a brand new scene tonight - Part 8 of "Ultimate Rival Roommates" featuring Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  In the previous part, we saw a Hollywood (dressed as her WW character) KO, tie-up, and tickle torture her roommates (dressed as hooters girls) for trying to stop her from going to the costume party (which she clearly would have won...WW is an awesome costume!).  But at the end of last scene, we saw Tomiko & Kobe gain control, and in this scene, they're out for tickle revenge!  Tomiko & Kobe slap handcuffs on on a knocked out Hollywood, and wake her up with nylon foot tickling!  What follows next is Tomiko & Kobe taking Hollywood apart with nylon foot tickling, some upperbody tickling, rubbing their nylon feet in her face as humiliation, as well as occasionally kissing her sexy helpless nylon feet (because they know she hates this!).  In the end, a very exhausted Hollywood is given a forced nap with the chloro rag!  Revenge is sweet!

March 18th, 2010 - Coming tomorrow, a really HOT tickling scene featuring Hollywood, Tomiko & Kobe Lee!  It's the conclusion to the "Costume Party Showdown" mini-series within the "Ultimate Rival Roommates" movie, and features Holly getting the tickle torture punishment she (and her sexy suntan pantyhose soles) deserve!  It's a 14-minute scene, so I'm going to make it available in several ways, including the full scene at a discounted price, as well as broken up into 2 different parts (each 7 minutes), so for those that prefer seeing it that way or having a choice.  Rendering them today at work (lol - c'mon, I'm a paper pusher, I need SOMETHING fun to do during my day), so I'll have them available tomorrow morning!  There's just something about seeing Hollywood being tickle tortured that REALLY appeals to me (obviously lol).  Must be the age thing - so much fun seeing more experienced ladies get punished!

March 16th, 2010 - Another quickie note to all my Kobe fans.  Kobe is more than a model to me...she's a personal friend.  Someone I trust completely, and someone that I really enjoy spending time with whether shooting sexy movies or not.  She's just one of the most amazing ladies I know (this side of Christina...shut up!!).  Above all else, I love being her friend.  So with that in mind, I donated another clip to her store tonight.  I helped motivate her to open her own C4S store late last year, as well as helping with the design, so it gives me a lot of pleasure to occasionally upload some of my work in her store, so she can benefit from it. 

This morning I created a special version of my scene "You're Not Stealing MY Woman, Bitch!" featuring Kobe Lee & Akira Lane, an uploaded it into her store.  This version contains a bonus 10 minute wrestling/cat-fighting scene (in addition to the 10 minute bedroom scene available in my store), together as a complete 20 minute movie!  This version is exclusive to her, so if you haven't picked this scene up yet, and want a complete story version that features the sexy wrestling & KO's that started it off, then stop by my awesome friends site and buy it.  You'd not only be getting a hot clip, but supporting a wonderful person.  Just a thought.

March 16th, 2010 - It's Tuesday, I'm bored out of my mind at work, so of course, why not jump on my private fantasy island (er....uh...Heroine Universe!) and upload something new and hot for all you awesome fans of mine!  Have I said how awesome you are lately?  Yes?  Well, how about again...YOU'RE AWESOME!  I can't thank you enough for the support you've shown by buying the clips, sending emails, and trusting me to film customs for you.  It's incredibly humbling, and makes me WANT to continue to share content with you.  No matter if I'm feeling good or bad, you guys make it worthwhile by enjoing my private nylon fantasies.  So thanks, as always.

Not a whole lot going on at the moment, as we're just now getting out of the winter slump, and enjoying some nice weather.  Spring is upon us (or, technically, in a few days), which means I'm flying in the girls again for a whole bunch of wild & crazy nylon shoots, starting in about 2 weeks!  My girl Kobe is stopping by my place and we'll be filming some cool stuff, including some customs for some of my super cool fans, as well as a couple things that I'll definitely be sharing with you in my store next month.  Even though she's a good personal friend, and a super sweetie, I think she needs to take some well-deserved forced KO's, don't you!?!  Maybe some tickle torture?  OTS carrying?  Yeah, all of the above sounds good to me.

  • I've uploaded a brand spanking new clip in the store tonight.  Part 10 of "A Bad Day For Detective Carter," featuring one of my favorite pairings of ladies I try to regularly do, Christina Carter & Fayth!  Evil lesbian Fayth had the tables turned on her and was captured herself by the sexy detective last part, tied up, forced to suck nylon feet, and eventually forced to cum in a sexy forced orgasm!  Now we see Fayth's punishment continue, as she's forced to endure YET ANOTHER forced orgasm at the hands of Christina!  After being forced to cum again, Fayth is foot smothered until she's knocked out.  As Christina is moving Fayth's limp body, ready to take her to jail, Fayth surprises her, putitng Christina in a sleeper hold, knocking her out!  With Christina KO'd, Fayth spends the second half of the scene heavily worshiping Christina's now-sleepy pantyhose feet, helpless to stop Fayth's tongue explore Christina's nylon toes, arches, heels, soles and everywhere she wants!

March 14th, 2010 - WOW, just a rainy weekend the last couple days.  Oh well, it keeps you inside and lets you slow down and relax a little, which is a good thing for most people.  And of course today is the "Spring Forward."  Damn I hate losing an hour, especially for a guy like me who has NO time already...now I've got less lol!  Just busy busy busy, with no end in sight.  But hey, that's how it is when you're a career/company guy, who also happens to share a passion/hobby with fans on the weekends.

I've got just an incredibly HOT (WAY FUCKING HOT!!!) scene in store for all you superheroine fans that check out my site.  This is the scene of the week, and is definitely going to be scene of the month at Heroine Universe.  This particular series ("Wonder Christina: Asian Influence") wasn't a particularly long series, only a little more than an hour long (maybe a little more).  But it has its fair share of very hot scenes, and this one is one of them.  Christina is AMAZING here, and you know me, I DON'T shill my work.  But if you (as a fan of Christina's) were to ask me whether this scene is worth it, I would say a resounding YES!  FUCK YEAH!  Laughing  I have a handful of scenes in my store that are must-owns - for the forced orgasm & forced nylon foot worship fans, this is one of them.  Bottom line.

  • I've uploaded Part 3 of "Wonder Christina: Asian Influence" featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane, and Tomiko in my store!  The series continues, as Wonder Christina has been captured previously by evil cat burglars Tomiko & Akira.  Brought back to their lair, the evil duo decided to sell Wonder Christina as a sex slave to make a fortune.  But before they do, they must train her and break her spirit, which is exactly what we see here.  In the previous clip, we saw Tomiko & Akira force some sexually-suggestive pills down Wonder Christina's throat.  In this scene, we open to Wonder Christina tied spread eagle on the bed, as Tomiko & Akira heavily dominate her!  Wonder Christina is still under the influence of the pills, so she's licking and sucking away at Tomiko's gorgeous nylon feet with abandon and enjoying it, while Akira is heavily teasing her with the vibrator.  Akira, being the lesbian of the duo, seems interested in having fun with Wonder Christina, while Tomiko is more biz oriented, having to restrain Akira every so often.  About partway through, Tomiko grabs Akira and drags her out, slapping her around a little.  We now see Wonder Christina struggling, the pills having worn off, and her bitchy attitude is back!!!  As Wonder Christina tries to fight them off, she fails, as they ultimately force her to cum in an amazing forced orgasm scene as she cums and is forced to lick and suck nylon feet!  More teasing and torture is in store for this heroine, who is clearly being defeated!

March 12th, 2010 - Oh yeah baby...it's...FRIDAY!!!  Fuck yeah!!!  Out of the office for me, and hopefully for you, out of wherever you kill time in between the weekends.  It's funny how the dumb little things in life (like the weekend arriving) just pick you the fuck up, and make you so happy.  For me, it's taking care of this monster beast of a house I now own.  Yes, I'm a home owner, since about 14 months ago, the first one I've ever owned.  And yes, it's a damn castle, for those wondering.  WAY to big for me, and I stupidly bought it because....er...hell, I don't know why I bought it.  Maybe for having a status symbol at such a young age.  Maybe because I thought it would be cool to own such a place.  Or maybe because the market was in a downturn the last couple years, and the prices you can find on huge damn houses is amazing.  Whatever the reason, I live in an awesome house, one that I'm thankful every, single morning of my life for having.  Because without all the endless work, it wouldn't be possible.

Ok, now that I'm off the tangent of talking about my ridiculous house, how about some sexy stuff!?!  That's why you're here, anyway, not to hear me ramble about my stupid personal life, but rather, to see some sexy chicks engaging in even sexier lesbian shenanigans.  Right!?!  Also a quick word to all those fans that have been contacting me lately about custom work...THANK YOU!  While I always film my own personal dreams and fantasies, I think it's going to be great trying my hand at filming yours for you as well.  This April & May I'll be starting the bulk of filming them, so I really can't wait to see what happens and how they turn out.  Hopefully they'll be everything you imagined.

  • I've uploaded Part 9 of "Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" featuring Kobe Lee & Fayth!  Kobe Kitty was able to turn the tables on evil lesbian Fayth last episode, but instead of escaping, she chose to stick around and torture poor Fayth (poor Fayth...yeah right!).  Big mistake, as Fayth is able to now turn the tables on Kobe Kitty, and re-capture her with some chloroform!  The first half of this scene is Kobe Kitty being KO'd with the chloro rag, and then tied up (on-screen) by Fayth.  Definitely for the bondage folks that like seeing it done.  The second half is all lesbian craziness, as Fayth continues torturing poor heroine Kobe Kitty with vibrator tease & denial, and worshiping her helplessly tied nylon feet.  SUPER HOT!

March 10th, 2010 - Hump Day!  Hump Day!  Yes it's Wednesday, which means for us office dudes & dudettes, we're halfway to freedom.  Total "Braveheart" moment...FREEEDDDOOMM!!!  Trying to find the time to upload a new clip in the store tonight, and since it's been about a month since the last "Jilted Lovers Triangle" scene was posted, it's about right-time for a new one.  Because c'mon...for no other better reason than Christina, Kobe and Akira fucking rock together!  This is obviously in my top 3 movies I ever created, and I'm really happy to be sharing it with you, my awesome fans.  This combination of ladies is just HOTNESS!  If I could, I'd have them together all the time and film the naughtiest of naughty things, but variety is the spice of life, which means I like to mix and match my shoots with my various ladies.

On an unrelated note...I asked my good friend Tomiko to put in a good word for me with a model that I've wanted to shoot for a long, long time.  I'll give you a couple hints: she works for Kink (and their various sites).  She's recently become friends with Tomiko, and has shot with her a couple times.  She's known as a Dom, but can film both ways.  She has an incredibly gorgeous face, and from what I hear, a personality to match.  She's no rookie, and has been doing fetish for quite a while.  And she's Asian.  Enough hints!?!  I hope she contacts me soon, because I would LOVE to introduce her to my work later this Summer, and of course, share some of it with you!  Ok, now on to the clip!

  • I've added Part 5 of "Jilted Lover's Triangle" to my store, featuring Christina Carter, Kobe Lee and Akira Lane!  Christina has made up with her lover Kobe, and after a night of passion together, they've decided to keep Kobe's fling-on-the-side Akira as their private sex slave!  This scene opens up with Akira tied full spread eagle on the bed, as Christina & Kobe commence to massaging her sleeping body (all 3 wearing just sheer black pantyhose, looking amazing!).  Once Akira wakes up from the massaging, the fun really begins, as Christina and Kobe basically make love to her sexy helpless nylon feet, licking and sucking them, while she protests and tries to tell Christina that Kobe is lying to her about their relationship being a one-night stand.  But Christina doesn't want to hear it, and forces Akira to suck and lick her nylon feet (HOT!).  A definite must for heavy tongue-action nylon foot worship lovers out there.

March 8th, 2010 - Damn, just when the weekend here, it goes away and out comes Monday!  Oh yeah, I've definitely "got a case of the Monday's."  Office Space fucking rules!!!  But for most it's the start of a new week, which means back to the grind, people.  For me, it means a short commute (thank God I live close to work) but a long-ass day in the office, basically pushing paper.  Yes I'm a paper pusher - so what!  LOL!  But, as usual, it also means it's time for more hot stuff going up in my store.  Just like I had Hollywood and her sexy ass on the brain this past weekend, now I've switched gears over to Christina.  Funny how that happens!?!  Honestly, not it's not funny...it's probably how it is for thousands upon thousands of her fans.  I'm one of them myself (as if you haven't noticed), so it's rare to find a time when I'm NOT thinking of her.  Like Tomiko and Hollywood (my two friends whom I've known and worked with the longest), Christina is my dream woman.  The PERFECT woman, in every way, shape and form.  Just perfection.  But even more than that, I'm lucky enough to know the real "Christina."  The woman behind the stage name.  The woman that is SO generous with her time, her efforts.  The woman that I'll continue to have back over, and over, and over, until she either gets sick of me (hopefully never!!) or she retires.  Who am I kidding...just like Tomiko, if Christina ever retires, I'll still ask her to come visit and film.  Love the mature ladies!  On that note...

  • Here is Part 6 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters" featuring Christina Carter and Fayth!  Evil lesbian (ok...maybe just misguided lesbian!) Fayth has captured Carter sister "Christine," and realizes that performing fetish acts on her (like heavy nylon foot worship, or tickling, or forced-o's, or breast suckling etc) drains her powers, so that's exactly what she does!  This scene sees Fayth HEAVILY worshiping "Christine's" nylon feet, and then her breasts.  Eventually she has "Christine" tied spread eagle face down naked (save for the pantyhose, of course), as she continues to torment and torture her body with fetish acts (nylon foot worship and tickling!).  Just incredibly HOT, and Christina looks incredible tied face down in just sheer suntan pantyhose as Fayth works her over.

March 6th, 2010 - The weekend is upon us, which means I actually have time (believe it or not) to get on here and upload something new and hot in my store!  For all the SLEEPY/CHLORO/TICKLING fans out there (yes that's the right combination!), definitely give the scene below a look.  Of course I have Hollywood on the brain right now, and it just so happens that the clip below is the next one to upload.  I'm really, really excited about all my upcoming shoots this Spring.  I only wished I lived in a popular area like NY or Cali.  All those folks that live there and do what I do have it SOOO easy....just waiting for the girls to roll into town.  Oh well, my system is something I love, and will always keep it this way.  Now enough about that...on to the clip!

  • Here is Part 8 of "I Dream of Hollywood" featuring Hollywood & Fayth!  Fayth's dream continues, as she has her dream girl Hollywood (looking especially sexy in her black babydoll lingerie and sheer suntan pantyhose) in the bed with her.  Fayth wants to play some tickling games, as she tickles Holly's nylon feet, with the instructions not to move.  But Holly keeps disobeying and squirming around while laughing from the tickling, so Fayth has no choice but to use the chloro cloth on her!  Four separate chloro's on Hollywood, as she's knocked out repeatedly, only to be woken up with tickle torture and continuously tickled on her nylon feet!  Really sexy and fun scene!

March 4th, 2010 - Screw waiting till Friday to release something HOT...I'm starting early this week!  I've got THE hottest scene posted and available for sale in my store that I've uploaded in quite a while, featuring two of my favorite beauties this side of Christina (shut up!!!).  This particular story-line series was the first I ever shot with Akira Lane (my first work with her), and boy were we able to film something incredibly hot.  The "Captured Cat Burglar" series will always remain one of my favorite, just because I'm a sucker for a good cat burglar being captured scenario.  Something is just really sexy about having a catsuit & nylons-wearing sexy thief being caught and punished.  Damn I love it!  Yeah, I'm obsessed...sue me!  But back to what I was saying...I really just love Akira in the catsuit, but once we stripped it off of her...oh my!  Christina and I were chatting about this at one of my other shoots a couple months back, about how Akira has just the PERFECT proportioned body.  Her legs, her feet, her breasts...everything is just perfect.  Anyway, enough rambling...I'm very happy and proud to share the following scene with you fans, the conclusion of this series!

  • Part 8...The Conclusion...of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star" featuring Akira Lane and Kobe Lee!  I'm not going to get as detailed here with the description.  Suffice to say, this IS the scene you've been waiting for, if you're at all a fan of hot lesbian domination, multiple forced orgasms, and erotic play!  Sexy cat burglar Akira, who had been held captive by fetish mogul Kobe and turned into an unwilling fetish star, is finally free, but she's not going anywhere.  Instead, she's out for erotic revenge on Kobe, using the vibrator to heavily tease & deny Kobe an orgasm, while interrogating her.  Rubbing her nylon feet in Kobe's now-sensitive crotch, Akira drops a surprise bombshell on Kobe (read the description in the store for the reveal), and the final half (almost 2/3'rd actually!) of the scene is just AMAZING for all the serious forced-orgasm fans out there.  If you're a serious fan, you owe it to yourself to buy this scene.  Nuff' said!

March 2nd, 2010 - Sort of in the middle of the week (give or take), which means a whole lot of days left before the weekend.  Which also means, it's time for some HOT Christina Carter action!  Ok YES I'm obsessed, but can you really blame me?  Christina just makes what I do so much better than it would be if I did what most folks do in my position (i.e. hire random or young models).  To me that's a silly thing to do.  There are literally hundreds of models out there...but there will always only be ONE Christina.  I hope the people that get to spend time with her and film her appreciate just how incredible she is, as much as I do.  Ok enough worship (lol!), on to the good stuff.  Like I said, I have Christina on the brain today at work, so I'm spending my time to upload a new scene from one of my favorite series'...

  • Part 9 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring my girls Christina Carter and Kobe Lee!  In the previous part, Christina was torturing Kobe's sexy body, forcing her to orgasm, tickling her, forcing her to worship Christina's beautiful nylon feet, and taking advantage of Kobe's sexy little helpless nylon feet as much as she wanted.  But now, a simple nap on her part leads to Kobe escaping, and choking her out before she knows what's going on!  With Christina now back under Kobe's control, the sexy little minx Kobe wants to PLAY...with Christina's feet and pussy!