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My first work with Nicole this past Friday was terrific, so I thought I'd pull a pic from our video shoot to share.  She's a wonderful model, and makes for one sexy damsel!  As you probably know looking around my site, my interests lie more in the girl-girl side of things (duh!).  So the entire time I'm filming with her, I can't help but think, "damn, I can't wait to have my girls Kobe, Savannah and the rest film with her soon!"  Nicole looked amazing in sheer white pantyhose (a color I don't often film with), and we'll definitely have to repeat that next month when she returns to film with my friend Kobe.  Forced-O's and other naughtiness is definitely in order.  I'm happy to welcome Nicole into my little fold of models I love to film, and if you're someone out there looking for a fun, sexy blonde to spice up your photo or video work, she's definitely someone to take a look at.