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Release Debut Calendar - See What Is Coming When! 

*Currently being updated for March/April/May/June debuts - check often for updates*

Want to know what NEW SERIES' are coming out in my clips store and when!?!  Find out here, where I'll be listing all my current/future releases that will be debuting in my store over the next 3 months (updated with new entry's when I have them).  NOTE: Many of these you can look in my Shoot Archive to see a little bit about them, but others are either currently being filmed, or near-future filming's, and don't have any pics yet, which is why I've given a short synopsis for each.  This list doesn't include short random scenes that I upload OR scenes/movies already being released...just the new stuff (new clips, and new series') making debuts.  ANOTHER NOTE: Please remember these dates are not firm, and are subject to change based on any number of circumstances.  There may be some overlapping with some series' debuts, but for the most part, this should be accurate.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

March 2010 Releases (no particular order):

"Super Heroines After Dark" Christina Cat & Kobe Kitty - A multi-part series featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee as sworn super heroine enemies, who just happen to be lesbian lovers, coming together to enjoy each other when no one is looking.  Series debuting in March 2010.

"Hollywood: Unwilling Fetish Queen" - A super hot new series (long, multi-part movie) that focuses on Kobe wanting to turn her friend Hollywood into a fetish star, but Holly refusing (at first) to partake in fetish work.  A definite must-have for the chloro & sensual nylon foot worship fans, as well as the tickling fans.

"Tomi Kat: Obsessed" Series - A long multi-part series featuring Tomiko & Fayth.  Tomiko is Tomi Kat, world famous spy/cat burglar heroine, whom Fayth finds hurt and beaten outside her front door.  Taking in the poor heroine, Fayth nurses her back to health, before it's revealed that Fayth has a connection with Tomi Kat...a sick, twisted psychotic connection!  OTS carrying, extreme tickling, multiple KO's, heavy nylon foot worship, and much more round out this amazing series.

April 2010 Releases (no particular order):

"POV Stories" - Kobe is your girlfriend, as she comes home from a hard day of modeling, and all she wants to do is please you by performing an erotic strip tease for you!  She knows how much you enjoy watching her cum, so she breaks out her hitachi and teases herself, eventually forcing herself to orgasm!  This is a true POV experience, with Kobe talking to you the whole time, as well as asking you to participate (tickling her feet, as well as passing you the hitachi after she's cum so you can tease her now-sensitive pussy!).  HOT!

"Kobe: Sleepy & Fondled Damsel in Distress" - Kobe is nabbed coming home by a masked creep, who proceeds to tie her up, fondle her ass, and chloro her out!  This was a fun custom production from a great fan!

"Wonder Womyn: Dreamland" - I had previously made this scene available in my store a long time ago, but took it down only recently.  I'm putting it back up this month for those new fans that may have missed it.  It's a single clip featuring Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) being chloro'd by Kobe multiple times, her boots removed, and her sexy sleepy nylon feet worshiped.

"Kobe: Hypno'd Hooters" - Kobe Lee is exhausted as she arrives at her next photo shoot.  The photographer gives her a hypno remedy to cure her tired body, but when she's out, takes advantage of her by OTS carrying her around, removing her boots, playing with her nylon feet, putting high heels on her, before he takes her back to the bedroom for a final chloro KO!  A super hot custom from a great fan of mine!

May 2010 Releases (no particular order):

"Savannah: Sleepy Fondled Damsel in Distress" - All Savannah wants to do is relax, but she ends up the sleepy, struggling damsel prisoner of a masked man obsessed with fondling her ass and chloro'ing her out!  From a fan custom, the same fan as "Kobe: Sleepy & Fondled Damsel in Distress."

"POV Stories: Detective Lee" - Your girlfriend Detective Kobe Lee is dead tired from a long day of solving crimes, but not too tired to give her man (you) some pleasure by performing an erotic strip tease, as well as forcing herself to orgasm!  More sensual, awesome POV experience fun in this scene, where Kobe gives you exactly what you want!

"Super Heroines After Dark: Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian" - A long, multi-part movie featuring these two sexy super heroines coming together when no one is looking, and showing their true lesbian tendencies, as they engage in lesbian games.  Consensual heavy nylon foot worship, multiple forced orgasms, wrestling/cat-fighting, multiple KO's, OTS carrying, and of course, lesbian play.

"Dom Battles: Fayth vs. Akira Lane" - Fayth challenges Akira Lane to see who is the best Dom between them, and who is the little bitch!  Find out who comes out the winner in the end in this long, extremely sexy movie featuring two gorgeous ladies going back and forth in a constant battle for control!  One is a horny lesbian, the other a gorgeous Asian superstar.  One movie series you're NOT going to want to miss!

"One Last Job" - Tomiko is a cat burglar trying to retire, but has one last dangerous job...one that she'll regret doing after she meets the evil sleepy & nylon foot obessesed home-owner she tries to rob!  Watch as Tomiko becomes his sleepy prisoner, being chloro'd dozens of times, tickle tortured, nylon feet played with, breasts and ass fondled heavily, and so much more!

"Wonder Womyn: Nylon Foot Slave" - I had previously released this before, and will be bringing it back to the store in May.  A sequel to "Jungle Womyn: Nylon Foot Slave," it's a single scene that follows evil lesbians Kobe & Fayth as they ambush and make Wonder Womyn their latest nylon foot slave!

June 2010 Releases:

"Bitch You're Going Down!" - An amazing movie featuring Hollywood as the new model in town stealing away all the work (and men!) from rival models Tomiko & Savannah!  Well that isn't about to fly with them, as they ambush the sexy wrestling goddess.  Twists and turns, more ambushes, escapes, chloro (30+ times!), forced foot worship, extreme tickle torture, strippings, beatings, belly/pussy punching, domination, OTS carrying, and so much more...this movie is NOT to be missed when released!

"Detective Carter: Searching For The Sisters" - A multi-part sequel to "The Case of the Carter Sisters," featuring Christina Carter & Fayth.  Christina is looking for the 3 missing Carter sisters, and her investigation as led her to Fayth.  She heavily interrogates Fayth, until she makes a breakthrough...one that she won't like.

"Cat Womyn Caught" - I catch the sexy cat burglar Cat Womyn (Hollywood in a black unitard & sheer suntan pantyhose & leopard-print heels) sneaking around my hotel room, and decide to teach her a ticklish lesson for being foolish enough to be caught.  Going to be a single scene release, but possibly a 2-part.

"Lesbian's At Law" - A multi-part movie release, with Christina Carter & Akira Lane as lesbian lovers who just happen to be lawyers.  Tomiko, a fellow lawyer at the same law firm (and a straight woman), tries to get ahead by following Christina & Akira to one of their rendezvous and taking incriminating pictures of them.  Unfortunately for Tomiko, it completely back fires on her, which leads to some hot & steamy lesbian play, tickle torture, heavy nylon foot worship, forced orgasms, and more!