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This site is my personal fan site dedicated to my nylon fantasy work, and is ONLY intended to be viewed and enjoyed by ADULTS, as it contains nudity and/or fetish activities.  If you're NOT an adult (18 years old or older in the USA, or whatever ordinance your local/state government considers as adult age), thank you for visiting, but PLEASE CLICK HERE & GO ELSEWHERE.  If you're an adult, and want to view my nylon fantasies & fetish work, then please proceed by scrolling down and/or clicking any of the links above, and enjoy the site!

SITE UPDATES: The latest happenings here at my fan site!

Latest Update: May 10th, 2010

Finally.  FINALLY I'm done with the whirlwind of shoots I've been doing the last 5 weeks!  Seriously, it's been really nuts, especially for an average guy like me who does these shoots in his very limited spare time.  April (and the first week of May) was a rockin' time, filled with shoots with my girls Hollywood, Kobe, Christina, Tomiko, Savannah, and Fayth, along with my first introductory work with my new local girl Nicole Moser (which was fantastic)!  So now that I have a 3-4 week window of relaxing without a million shoots, I'll be working on getting this place looking right with content, updates, new clips in my store, and much more!

I'm updating my Shoot Archive all this week (you'll notice a work-in-progress look to the latest photo sets as I get them up and running on their own pages).  New photo sets are going up, as well as many of my latest shoots being displayed.  I'm also updating my Coming Soon - Customs Available area on the front page here (see below), to showcase my upcoming shoots that, if you'd like a custom, you can request for.  I'm booking out for everything between now and December 2010, so keep checking back all week to see what's coming up!

Finally, I'm updating my sneak previews area (found at the top of my Heroine Blog) this week to show ALL the scenes and movies coming out between now and June!  Thanks for your patience with a fellow fan as I get my little spot on the web updated in between working longer than most people in the real world.


PIC O' THE WEEK: A new sexy picture every week!

Latest Update: May 11th, 2010

A sexy new picture each week (NOTE: sometimes I update sooner than a week, so check often) - Click Here to see this week's pic!  NOTE: The displayed picture *may* occasionally contain nudity, and just like everything on my site, is intended for mature viewers.  If you're unsure, click here.

STORE UPDATES: The latest clips & scenes I've uploaded in my store!

Latest Update: May 12th, 2010

COMING NEXT!  Part 1 of "Perils of the Blonde Undercover Cop: Episode 1"

05/12/2010 - It's hump day (Wednesday for the non-weekly workers), which means, although I just uploaded a scene yesterday in my store, I'm going to go ahead an upload another one!  Part 11 of "Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee is up!  This incredibly HOT series is coming to a close soon with the special Part 12 conclusion coming soon! Christina Carter & Kobe Lee have been battling it out to see how can make the other lady her nylon foot slave bitch, and so far, it's been about even between them. But for the last couple episodes, Kobe has been in control, having her complete way with Christina and her sexy body. We open here to Christina (wearing sheer black pantyhose & a thong), tied face down spread eagle (complete spread tie), as Kobe (wearing sheer black pantyhose & panties) is there to continue tormenting her body. Kobe takes out the hitachi vibrator, and begins heavily teasing Christina's pussy, as she moans from being forcibly pleasured! Kobe is relentless, as she WANTS to see Christina forcibly orgasmed once more, as Kobe pushes the vibrator in hard against Christina's pantyhose-covered pussy. As always, Christina tries to fight the urge, but is too weakened from all the torment Kobe has put her through, and resists less, beginning to enjoy the slow methodical teasing Kobe is putting her through. After much forced vibrator teasing, Christina is FORCED TO ORGASM, as she screams and moans like only she can as she cums!

Now that she's been forcibly pleasured, Christina is moaning and enjoying herself (as much as she can being helplessly tied!), but Kobe wants to play with her more. Not wanting to hear her comments, Kobe takes out a black cleave gag, and pushes it in between Christina's lips, CLEAVE GAGGING HER! With Christina gagged and tied spread eagle, Kobe unstraps the leather straps securing Christina's ankles, and begins to HEAVILY WORSHIP CHRISTINA'S SEXY BLACK PANTYHOSE FEET. Kobe LICKS, SUCKS, KISSES, and WORSHIPS THEM (great up-close tongue action for the heavy nylon foot lovers), and generally has her way with Christina's sexy nylon feet during the last several minutes of the scene!

05/11/2010 - A brand new scene in my store late tonight (and technically, Tuesday morning!), especially for you Hollywood nylon foot lovers out there!  Nice close up shots of Holly's sexy pantyhose feet being sensually kissed/worshiped, so a must for fans of that.  Part 3 of "Hollywood: Unwilling Fetish Queen," featuring Hollywood & Kobe Lee, is up and available!  Hollywood's journey of being turned into an unwilling fetish star by Kobe Lee continues! After playing sleepy and nylon foot worshiping games with Holly for several hours, Kobe Lee (looking amazing in a black latex dress w/ sheer black pantyhose) has Hollywood (looking super hot in bra/panties w/ sheer tan pantyhose) tied up full spread eagle on the bed, knocked out. Kobe wakes Holly up with a quick tickle on her belly, who immediately begins to protest. Hollywood tells Kobe she "doesn't do this fetish crap!" but Kobe doesn't care, as she TICKLES HOLLY'S PANTYHOSE SOLES TO GET HER IN THE SPIRIT! With Holly now protesting less (obviously not wanting to be tickled!), Kobe begins to SENSUALLY KISS & WORSHIP HOLLY'S NYLON FEET. Kobe just loves to kiss and worship Hollywood's sexy pantyhose feet, as she moves from one foot to the other, sensually kissing them. All-the-while, Holly continues to protest, but it's no use, as she's fully bound and helpless as Kobe continues to worship her nylon feet.

Of course that doesn't stop Holly from continually protesting what's happening to her, telling Kobe she doesn't do bondage or fetish work and to let her go. When Hollywood's protesting gets too much, Kobe USES HER OWN SEXY PANTYHOSE FEET TO SMOTHER & RUB IN HOLLWOOD'S FACE! Holly winces and tries to struggle, but Kobe rubs and puts her sexy little nylon feet all over Hollywood's face to shut her up. Kobe knows Holly HATES this, so she just LOVES doing it to shut up her protesting! Now with Holly mouthing off less, Kobe goes back to sensually kissing Holly's nylon feet. But of course, Holly keeps up the protesting, which Kobe can only stand for so long before she gets tired of it, and using THE SLEEPY CLOTH, SMOTHER'S HOLLYWOOD WITH IT! Hollywood struggles but is soon in dreamland, lying knocked out, awaiting whatever Kobe wants to do next as her helpless slave!

05/08/2010 - It's a beautiful Saturday where I'm at, hopefully it's the same way where you live!  And because of that, here is another great scene in my store, especially for you Tomiko and Fayth lovers out there, or those of you that love good dialogue/improv/stories.  While the boot removal is a highlight for those that enjoy shoe removal, the dialogue is really great too, and sets up the storyline of the movie very well.  Part 2 of "Tomi Kat: Obsessed" continues where the first part left off.  In the previous scene, black catsuit-wearing super spy Tomi Kat (Tomiko, wearing a black catsuit, boots, and sheer suntan pantyhose underneath) was rescued by passerby Fayth, who brought her in her home. What Tomi Kat didn't know, is that Fayth was an overly obsessed fan of hers, and being a lesbian, always fantasized about her (and a whole lot more, as is beginning to be revealed in this part!). Unfortunately for Tomi Kat, when she tried to leave, Fayth spiked her drink, and when that didn't work, ended up choking her out.

In this part, we open to Tomi Kat lying knocked out on the bed, with her arms tied spread eagle, as Fayth (wearing a top & skirt, along w/ sheer suntan pantyhose and high heel pumps) comes into the room. Tomi Kat wakes up, and demands to be let go, but Fayth tells her it's for her own protection that she stays here with her. Some incredible back-and-forth dialogue between them, as it's revealed that Fayth knows a lot of inside information about Tomi Kat. As Fayth reveals more and more specific details about places and events in Tomi Kat's life, her obsession with her clearly starts to show. Tomi Kat begins to panic, really wanting to get out of the situation. Eventually, Fayth reveals that she's a lesbian, and in fact, she wants Tomi Kat to be her partner and live with her forever! Fayth slowly moves down to Tomi Kat's boots, slowly removing them one-by-one, as she exposes Tomi Kat's sexy sheer suntan pantyhose feet, which starts to panic and weird-out Tomi Kat even more, as the scene ends. A really great scene, especially for those that love good dialogue and stories, this entire scene was improv'd by Tomiko & Fayth (as was the entire movie), and turned out pretty amazing, as you begin to see Fayth's lesbian obession!


Latest Update: May 10th, 2010

Displayed below are some of my friends who I'm having come in for shoots w/ me, and will be available for all types of custom work (from the very mild to the very wild, and everything in between).  If you'd like a custom, please email me with your custom idea, and I'll be sure to get back to you promptly.

Coming May 2nd - Kobe Lee & Christina Carter

Coming May 7th - Nicole Moser

Coming June 5th - Christina Carter & Savannah Costello

Coming June 19th - Kobe Lee & Nicole Moser

Coming July 18 - Savannah Costello & Nicole Moser