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Let me say, first and foremost, WELCOME to my Shoot Archive!  This area is a visual representation of many of my nylon fantasy movies that I've created, both in the past and present, and continue to create every day with my awesome friends.  I created this page because I wanted an area where I could share some screen captures from many of my fantasy movies, as well as archive what I've done, to both help keep me straight, as well as show the fans some of my film work.  Below you'll find much of my work I've done, some of which you'll recognize in my Store from movies I've decided to share with you, my awesome fans.  Thanks again (as always!) for the support.  Check back here often, because I try and upload new photos whenever time permits.  The photos will always be here for you to enjoy.



Each movie I've created is housed on its own page, as you can see below.  In the description text underneath each display picture, you can see what pics I've uploaded (dipslayed in GREEN of what & when - thus, you don't have to go clicking on everything).  Click the display picture to go to that particular movies' main page.  There you'll find a small collection of pics (usually called either "scenes" or "parts"), that showcase a little bit about that particular movie.  If you can click on a picture, that means there are photos that have been uploaded, and it'll take you to view the photos.  If you can't click on a picture, that means I haven't gotten around to uploading pics yet.  Simple.  Long story short: take a look at the descriptions below to get all the details!  NOTE: new movies I've filmed are always added at the top of the page.  ANOTHER NOTE: the movies are in no particular order in the Shoot Archive, although the last few at the top are more recent additions.


04/14/2010 - Set 2 of "Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan!"

04/12/2010 - Set 1 of "Taking Out The Trainer"

04/12/2010 - Set 2 of "Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star"

03/30/2010 - Set 1 of "You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!"

03/28/2010 - Set 1 of "Tomi Kat: Obsessed"

03/23/2010 - Set 3 of "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star!"

"Dirty Cops" - Detectives Lee & Carter sneak away to a seedy location during their lunch hour to engage in some VERY HOT lesbian activities with each other, their love for each other kept secret from the police department.  They strip each other out of their professional clothing, down to just their sheer black pantyhose, as they kiss, fondle, heavily nylon foot worship each other, erotic gun play (yes, with a real gun!), before tying each other up with their own handcuffs and forcing each other to orgasm multiple times (including Kobe forcing Christina to relive a past experience a criminal had put her through).

"Perils of the Blonde Undercover Cop" Episode 2 - Sexy cop Nicole is back, and once again after the nylon creep!  This time she's wearing a sexy red dress as she searches his place.  And once again, she falls victim to him, as he puts her through another round of sleepy/chloro torture, as well as more tickling!  She ends up handcuffed in a chair with her own handcuffs, as her breasts are exposed and the nylon creep forces her to sleep over and over.  The next day, she wakes up on the bed in sheer white pantyhose, as the nylon creep continues to have his way with her body, tickling, fondling, and more sleepy torture!  Can she escape, or is she destined to become his nylon slave!?!

"Hide & Seek" - Christina Carter & Kobe Lee are lounging around one day when they decide to play a game of hide & seek with each other.  The only difference: they chase each other around with a bed sheet & chloro rag, and when caught, get wrapped up in the sheet and chloro'd out!  Possibly one of my funniest movies ever (from a custom), includes lots of outtakes, chloro play, hide & seek silliness, bed sheet wrapping, and general wacky behavior!  A super fun movie, especially for those that love camp, and seeing the girls being themselves and acting silly (you really need to see Christina having fun here lol).

"Corporate Spy: Tickle Slave" - Sexy blonde Nicole is a corporate spy visiting a CEO in order to dig up dirt on him for a third party.  Unfortunately for her, she's caught in the act and chloro'd to sleep.  When she wakes up, she's in a hogtie on his bed, as the CEO wants to know who she's working for.  She's not about to give up the info...that is, until he removes her high heels and start tickle torturing her suntan pantyhose feet!  After prolonged tickling, she still doesn't want to give up the info, so the CEO has her tied spread eagle on the bed for upperbody tickle torture and sleepy torture, until she finally gives up the information.  Unfortunately for her, the CEO tells her he's not letting her go, and instead, she's going to become his tickle slave!

"The Lesbian Fantasy" - Christina and Kobe are sitting around one day when they get to talking about Kobe's latest job interview.  Kobe, being the straight one, is only interested in the hot guys at her new job, while Christina (the lesbian!) wants to know if there are any hot chicks.  The conversation leads to Kobe revealing a lesbian encounter from her past involving a school girl fantasy, which gets Christina's dirty mind thinking.  Later we find Christina in the bedroom, wearing a school girl outfit, as she calls Kobe to join her.  Kobe is weirded out, but being bi-curious, doesn't necessarily dislike the idea of living out her fantasy.  HOT forced orgasms, wrestling, lesbian play, kissing, chloro/sleepy play, and more await these two, as Kobe gets to live out her fantasy!  From a custom.

"Kobe: Hypno'd Hooters" - My friend Kobe Lee stops over for a hooters theme'd shoot, but she's really exhausted.  I offer some quick hypno to get her feeling better, but instead of relaxing her, it puts her in a sleepy state!  With Kobe knocked out, I enjoy playing with her body, carrying her around, removing her boots and playing with her pantyhose feet, before putting on some high heel pumps on her.  More carrying, before off to the bedroom, where more playing with her nylon feet before finally giving her a chloro nap!  From a custom.

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Kobe Lee" - As is tradition in my Domination Battles, we have two ladies coming together to out-do the other one in the dom department, and the domination will NOT stop until one lady declares the other one the dominant female.  Both Christina and Kobe trade sub and dom positions, as they try to out-do the other by sexually dominating them with forced nylon foot worship, tickle torture, multiple forced orgasms, lesbian play/fondling, sleepy torture, spanking, heavy pussy fondling, and much more!  In fact, each of these ladies' pussy's are the playground of the other woman, so much so that it became the theme!  Super hot amazing movie!

"Perils of the Blonde Undercover Cop" Episode 1 - Sexy cop Nicole Moser is out to arrest the evil silent villain known as the nylon creep.  She does so, but soon learns he's been let out due to lack of sufficient evidence.  Sneaking back inside his lair to gather some evidence (looking super hot in black shirt & jeans w/ suntan pantyhose), she's soon captured!  Ending up knocked out on the creep's massage table, Nicole is nylon foot fondled, stripped out of her clothing, repeatedly chloro'd, before being tied down and tickle tortured!  In the end, she wakes up nude on her couch, another victim of of the nylon creep!

"Bitch You're Going Down!" - Tomiko & Savannah are BFF's and the top models in their city, and enjoy having all the jobs and attention of the men.  That is, until Hollywood arrives.  With her glamour and charm, she steals away all the modeling jobs and the men's interest.  Finding themselves with no work and no dates, Tomiko & Savannah plan to ambush Hollywood and teach this bitch a lesson!  Finding her at her home, Tomiko & Savannah attack Holly, but things go poorly for them and then end up stripped naked and knocked out on the mat!  But they recover and ambush Holly once more, and this time, they completely dominate her, stripping her out of her clothes, and heavily punishing her body with punches, wrestling holds, foot worship, and tickle torture!  But instead of dumping her out of town like trash, they decide to bring her to their bedroom where they setup a live fetish web cam so they can start making money off this hussy!  Tied down and constantly chloro'd, Holly is subjected to the most one-sided domination of her life, as these two evil vixens torture her body, all for the pleasure of the viewing audience as they constantly talk to the camera!  Holly eventually escapes, but before she can get out of town, she's re-captured, and in store for a brutal experience at the hands of these evil women!  OTS carrying, Chloro (30+ chloro KO's!), Forced Foot Worship, Extreme 2-on-1 Tickle Torture, Wrestling/Cat-fighting, Belly/Crotch Punching, and much much more!

"One Last Job" - Tomiko is a gorgeous black catsuit-wearing cat burglar who is trying to retire from a life of crime, but has one last job to finish before she can call it quits.  Her employer instructs her that she needs to steal a certain idol statue from a location, but she should be wary of the home owner, who is a known nylon and sleepy fetishist.  Tomiko doesn't heed the advice, and does the job anyway.  Sneaking in, she finds the idol, but is soon knocked out via chloro by the home owner (who remains silent in the entire movie, to add to the creepiness!).  Waking up on a massage table, Tomiko is continually chloro'd over and over (dozens of times), as she becomes the sleepy prisoner of the demented home owner.  He plays with her nylon feet, removing her boots, putting socks on (and removing them), putting high heels on (and removing them), and heavily fondling her body, breasts and ass, all the while keeping her constantly knocked out with multiple chloroforming's.  Eventually she wakes up tied in a chair, where the real fun begins, before she ends up in his bedroom!  Can she escape, or is she doomed to continue to be his sleepy prisoner!?!

"Savannah: Sleepy Fondled Damsel in Distress" - (from a fan custom) - Sexy model Savannah is coming home from an exhausting day in front of the cameras, when she's attacked by a masked intruder in her home!  Knocked out with chloro, she's draped over the couch and has her ass fondled in her tight jeans, before she's tied up and cleave gagged.  Waking up, she struggles around but cannot escape, falling back on the couch, where the masked intruder subjects her to more ass fondling, as well as putting a blindfold on her, before a final chloro knockout!  But that's not all the torment this gorgeous blonde is going to suffer...she wakes up tied in a chair for a chloro marathon, where she's continually forced to sleep via the chloro cloth, only to wake up and experience the terror all over again multiple times!

"POV Stories" Detective Lee Strip Tease & Orgasm POV Experience - Continuing with my "POV Stories" series, your girlfriend, Detective Lee, comes home from a long day at the police station, and the only thing on her mind is to tease you by performing an erotic strip tease in front of you, as well as forcing herself to cum...all for your pleasure!  Your sexy cop girlfriend strips off her clothes, asks you to tickle her feet, takes out her glock 17 9mm service weapon and erotically plays with it, before finally taking out the hitachi and forcing herself to orgasm, after which she hands it to you and asks you to tease her now-sensitive pussy!

"Super Heroines After Dark: Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian" - The sexy series that focuses on what super heroines do when no one is looking continues, with Wonder Christina and Golden Guardian sneaking off to a seedy, out-of-the-way spot where they can show their true love for one another.  Lots of sleepy/chloro games, consensual tickling/foot worship/lesbian play, and a final double forced-orgasm embrace make this one SUPER HOT movie!

"Kobe: Sleepy & Fondled Damsel in Distress" - All Kobe wanted to do was come home and relax after a hard day modeling, but her dream is shattered when a masked intruder chloro's her from behind, knocking her out.  Dumping her over the couch, the man fondles her ass in very tight pants, then ties her up.  More fondling is in store for this lovely lady, including a tight cleave gag & blindfold!  After a heavy bout of struggling, she's chloro'd a final time, left to finally get some rest...albeit not the way she wanted!

"Forced Orgasm Wrestling w/ Christina Carter & Fayth" - Christina and Fayth are just lounging around one day when Fayth asks Christina if she wants to wrestle.  Christina is hesitant, but Fayth tells her that she can make it worth her while by adding a stipulation: the only way to win each round is to get your opponent in a submission, and not release them until they agree to make you cum with the vibrator!  Christina loves it (of course!!), so a 3-round wrestling/cat-fighting match begins, with an orgasm to end each round!  In the end, the winner drags the loser to the bedroom where the loser pleasures the winner even more!  Really incredible scene!

"Kobe: Passed Out Sock Removal/Pantyhose Foot POV Experience" - You're reading a book in bed one night when your girlfriend Kobe comes home, tipsy drunk from a night out on the town with her girlfriends.  She crawls over the bed toward you, but passes out face down right in front of you.  You use the opportunity to have some sock & pantyhose foot fun with her, as you walk over to her sleepy feet.  Shoe removal, multiple (2 pairs) sock removal, and pantyhose foot play/tickling occur in this POV experience that puts you up close and personal with Kobe's sexy socked & sheer black pantyhose feet!  In the end she wakes up and teases you about playing with her feet while she was passed out.

"Wonder Christina: Fayth's Birthday Surprise" - This is an incredible POV experience movie, where you're a witness/participant to the action!  Fayth is your girlfriend, and it's your birthday, as you walk with her into her home.  She has a big surprise for you, as she introduces you to a knocked out Wonder Christina lying tied up on the couch!  Fayth, being the bi woman that she is, tells you that she knows how much you enjoy watching her have her way with sexy women, and as your birthday gift, she's captured Wonder Christina and brought her home so that she can entertain you by forcibly having her way with Wonder Christina's gorgeous body...just so you can watch!  Vibrator teasing, nylon foot worship, multiple chloro's, lesbian play, and more in this incredible POV experience, as Fayth verbally interacts with you while she's having fun with Wonder Christina!

"POV Stories" Kobe: Striptease & Orgasm In Green Pantyhose - My first true POV experience in a brand new series I'm calling "POV Stories," the series that puts YOU right in the middle of the action!  The idea behind this is that YOU (as the viewer) represent the camera (and the silent camera is your face), as your interact with the model in the scenario, thus being able to place yourself "in the scene," so to speak.  In this debut episode, Kobe is your girlfriend, coming home after a long day modeling, and all she wants to do is tease you with a striptease, and pleasure herself in front of you, as she knows how much you like watching her.  She asks you to tickle her sheer lime pantyhose feet, ties one of her arms down because she knows how much you like to see her bound,  and even has you tease her now-sensitive pussy with the hitachi after she's forced herself to orgasm in front of you.  The entire time she's interacting with you!  Many, many more episodes in this new series featuring all my girls are coming soon!

"Tomi Kat: Obsessed" - Fun-loving lesbian Fayth is coming home one day when she finds an injured black catsuit-wearing super spy heroine Tomi Kat outside of her door.  Taking the poor woman in to nurse her back to health, Tomi Kat has NO idea she went from one bad situation to an even worse one!  As we find out, Fayth not only knows of Tomi Kat, but she's completely and utterly obsessed with her.  When Tomi Kat tries to leave, things take a turn, and she ends up as a sexual prisoner to a lesbian with an out-of-control obsession with her.  This multi-part 2+ hour movie features everything from heavy nylon foot worship, extreme tickle torture, lesbian domination, strippings, multiple KO's, bondage, fighting, OTS carrying, nylon fetish, and more!  A super hot movie that I'm breaking up into multiple parts as a store release!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 03/28/2010 (Set 1)

"Wonder Christina: Asian Influence" - Tomiko & Akira are two sexy cat burglars looking for their next score, casing out a joint, when they're confronted by Wonder Christina!  Double teaming Wonder Christina, the two thieves are able to get her in a bear-hug and squeeze the life out of the sexy heroine.  Seeing an opportunity to get away from a life of petty theft, they decide to "steal" Wonder Christina instead!  Bringing her back to their lair, they figure selling her as a white slave would make them beyond wealthy, but first they need to train her to be an obedient nylon love goddess!  Forced nylon foot worship, tickling, and forced orgasms are in store for the lovely heroine...but in the end, will the evil cat burglars make a fortune selling Wonder Christina, or will she escape and turn the tables on these two sexy babes!?!  A multi-part scenario that I'll be sharing in my store!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 02/22/2010 (Set 1)

"Dom Battles: Fayth vs. Akira Lane" - Just based on how incredibly happy I was with my first series featuring Christina & Diana, I had to do another one.  This time it's Fayth taking on Akira Lane.  Fayth accuses Akira of being a fake glamour bondage model, with her gorgeous looks and fake tits.  Fayth declares herself the true fetish diva, and calls Akira a fake!  Well those are fighting words, as Fayth and Akira get together and talk trash, as Fayth invites her over to her place to settle the score about who's the best, and who's the bitch.  Unfortunately for Fayth, she's unprepared for Akira's sneaky tactics, and ends up on the bottom as Akira teases, tickles, and tortures her.  But knowing Fayth, she doesn't remain captive for long, and once she's in control...look out!  Akira is forced to orgasm over and over, tickle tortured out of her mind, has her nylon feet heavily, heavily worshiped, spanked, falls victim to Fayth's lesbian advances, and much more.  But will Fayth win in the end, or does Akira have a trick up her sleeve?

"Jungle Womyn: My Private Love Slave" - Jungle Womyn (Hollywood) has once again found herself in my clutches.  This time I don't intend on letting her go; rather, I want this sexy bitch as my nylon foot love slave forever!  I toy with her, knocking her out with sleeper holds, playing with and worshiping her sexy sheer suntan pantyhose feet while she sleeps.  She is mine forever, and she knows it, as I have my way with her helpless nylon feet.  I tie her down to the bed, as I tickle torture her gorgeous body and feet for hours on end, leaving her sweaty and exhausted each time.  I torture her body until she submits.  Time has no meaning for her, as I constantly keep her drowsy with the chloroform rag, while tying her in various positions, for the naughty things I intend on doing to her helpless body.  Let's just say Tickle Torture, Belly Punching and Foot Worship are the tame activities in relation to all the things I do to her.  In the end, I have her hogtied, her mouth taped shut, ready and willing to be my private love slave.  NOTE: As you can probably tell, this was one of my private shoots and thus not something I'm going to share on video, so please don't ask.  I'll be posting some of the more "tame" pictures here to share with you though.

"Dom Battles: Diana vs. Christina" - The debut of a new series of movies I'm shooting starts here!  In something I'm calling Dom Battles, the ladies featured come together and dominate each other until there is one clear winner.  It doesn't stop until one lady is declared the top dom, and the other lady accepts her defeat and agrees to become the nylon foot slut of the other woman (or women).  Here we see Christina wanting to prove to Diana that she's the number one bitch in town, as she invites Diana over to have a showdown.  Unfortunately, Christina wasn't prepared for Diana's sneaky tactics, as Diana chokes out Christina from behind.  Waking up tied spread eagle on the bed, the Dom Battle begins!  I'm not going to spoil it, but suffice to say both ladies take (and lose) control during the 3-Hour movie production.  Asses are spanked into oblivion, pussy/breasts are tortured, bodies tickle tortured, feet are extensively worshiped (both forced or otherwise), and many orgasms are forced.  In the end there is only one true dom bitch...find out who!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 03/03/2010 (Set 1)

"Jilted Lovers Triangle" - Easily one of my favorite productions I've ever done.  Christina and Kobe are lovers in a long term relationship.  But it seems Kobe has been cheating on Christina by sleeping around with her girlfriend-on-the-side Akira.  Being the paranoid lover that she is, one day Christina checks Kobe's blackberry and finds dozens of sexually-explicit text messages back-and-forth to/from Akira.  Christina interrogates Kobe about this, forcing her to call Akira under the guise of inviting her over for a quickie rendezvous.  Upon arrival Akira is ambushed by Christina and knocked out, only to wake up tied in a chair right next to Kobe (also tied), as Christina exacts her lesbian domination revenge against these two cheating bitches!  What follows next is an epic story-line of betrayals, revenge, shifting alliances, and finally a twist ending.  Who comes out on top, and who ends up as the sex slave - or slaves? - of an out-of-control lesbian - or lesbians!  A little hint - you NEVER fuck with Christina's woman.  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 02/15/2010 (Set 1)

"Nurse Tomi Lounging By The Fire" - Just a couple stills taken during one of my shoots with Tomiko.  No joke - it was November (East Coast USA) and the heat wasn't working for this shoot, so we had to light a fire.  And of course all I had was one of those crappy starter logs.  Still turned out to be an incredible shoot nonetheless (the Detective & Nurse Tomiko productions were done from this shoot - lol Tomi was happy with the tickling scenes for once - even though they were tortuous - since they warmed her up lol).  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/12/2009

"Kobe: Hogtied & Tickle Tortured" - Kobe was over at my place for a scheduled girl-girl shoot, but told me about a paid request she had from a fan of hers that wanted to see her hogtied & tickled in a t-shirt/jeans in her barefeet, while ball gagged.  So of course I'm happy to help my friend out, so I shot it for her and uploaded it to her store.  It's Kobe's clip, so if you want to check out the actual video see my "Friends" page for a link to her store.  Trust me if you're a barefeet tickle person you'll definitely love it.  My little drooling tickle slave....so freakin' cute!

"My Nylon Leopard Tickle Slave" - Jungle Heroine Tomiko just can't help getting captured, tied up, and having her sexy suntan pantyhose feet tickled and tortured endlessly.  Having such ticklish nylon feet doesn't help her cause, as she's tied down on the bed and tortured out of her mind (as usual)!

"I Dream Of Hollywood!" - Pulled from a really sexy story I shot with Fayth & Hollywood.  Fayth is obsessed with Holly, and wants to have her as her girlfriend.  Hollywood isn't having it, and refuses, so Fayth turns to an experimental drug that will allow whatever she thinks to come true.  Going to sleep she wakes up to Hollywood (decked out in sexy lingerie & sheer pantyhose) in the bed with her, sleeping.  It looks like Fayth's dreams have come true, as she spends the whole day dreaming up various ways to play with her beloved Hollywood (and her sexy nylon feet!).  But the drug starts to have a side effect, as we see Holly getting some control in Fayth's dreams!  A crazy back-and-forth nylon-inspired tickling, foot worship and bondage free-for-all happens, with one lady coming out on top in the end.  But who?  BIG multi-part series.  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1), 03/04/2010 (Set 2)

"Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!" - Kobe invites her rival model friend Christina over with the intention of making Christina her nylon bitch!  Is she successful, or does Christina have some tricks up her sleeve?  Kobe and Christina fight for a dominant position, and when they are they force the other to worship their superior nylon feet while forcing out orgasms with the hitachi (among other things!).  In the end can they come to a mutual understanding, or will they remain rivals in nylon!?!  This is a big 16-Part Series featuring two of my favorite ladies I work with, spanning an almost 3-hour movie.  Content Includes: Extreme Nylon Foot Worship, Forced-Orgasm's, Tickling, Bondage, Sleepy/KO, and a whole lot more!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 10/12/2009 (Set 1); 03/22/2010 (Set 2)

"Wonder Womyn: Laughter Filled Weekend!" - All Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) wants to do is have a nice, relaxing weekend for a change, with no crime fighting whatsoever.  Not if I have my way!  As the evil villain, I want to have Wonder Womyn at my mercy and tickle her into insanity (as most villains would like to do!).  Wonder Womyn checks into a hotel for a long weekend of fun, but doesn't realize that I'm lurking nearby.  After rendering her knocked out, I put her through various ties, tickling her sexy nylon feet (and body) as she struggles to get away.  Can Wonder Womyn escape me, or is she doomed to become my nylon tickle slave for the entire weekend!?!  I think you know the answer!  From a movie I shot with Holly, with Holly in various types of bondage, always having her sexy nylon feet tickled until she couldn't stand it anymore!

"Clothing Thief Roommate Becomes Their Nylon Bitch!" - Fayth & Tomi are roommates with Kristiana, but it seems that Kris has been dipping into their clothing again.  This chick just won't learn, so Fayth & Tomi decide to make Kris their nylon bitch to teach her a lesson!  This is a great Multi-Part Scene with Tomi & Fayth putting Kris through the ringer with plenty of tickling, bondage, sleepy torment and nylon foot worship!  Will Kris learn her lesson?  Also included is a bonus scene where one roommate is betrayed!  Can she team-up with the clothing thief and get some revenge?  Find out all here!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1), 02/11/2010 (Set 2)

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter!" - More like a bad lifetime if Fayth gets her way!  Christina is Detective Carter, out to arrest the evil Fayth for various sex & fetish crimes (you know Fayth!).  But Fayth has other plans for the sexy cop, and puts Christina through an epic adventure of fetish behaviour, including many, many forced orgasms, tickling, bondage, extreme nylon foot worship, sleepy/ko, and did I say forced orgasms!?!  Fayth doesn't just want to toy with the sexy cop...she wants to "clean her" of her dirty ways (in Fayth's twisted mind all heroines are evil and should be dealt with in her special way).  Will Christina escape, or is she doomed to become the nylon sex toy of a crazy lesbian bent on domination - and if so, does she secretly like it?  You be the judge!  An incredible ending!  This is a huge story-line over many, many parts, pulled from a 3-hour movie I shot.  Featuring my two beauties Christina & Fayth.  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 10/12/2009 (Set 1), 02/11/2010 (Set 2)

"Kitty Kat Caught" - Tomiko is a sexy cat burglar looking for revenge against an evil doctor (Fayth) who captured her and performed some evil nylon foot-oriented experiments on her in the past.  After sneaking into the place and catching an unsuspecting Fayth off guard, Tomi's revenge is cut short by her insatiable need to worship nylon feet whenever she sees them (a side effect of Fayth's earlier experimenting).  This lets Fayth wake up and knock Tomi out while she's busy worshiping.  Now Fayth has the power, and she's going to have her way with the sexy cat burglar (and her gorgeous sheer tan pantyhose feet!).  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009

"Savannah: Foolish Model" - Savannah stopped by for what she thought was a simple bra & panties photo shoot, but I had other things on my mind!  After a little sleepy rag KO, she's down for the count on the massage table.  I quickly tie her down to the massage table, and when she wakes up I start in on what I like to best...tickling!  Several times over I tickle her, knock her out and change positions, and tickle her some more.  Rinse and repeat, I remove her bra as well for some upper-body tickling.  In the end she ends up in a hogtie, and after I've had my fun with her sexy nylon feet, I knock her out one more time.  This is a Multi-Part Series, with her "revenge" coming later (revenge...yeah right!).  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1)

"Clothing Thief Just Doesn't Learn!" - Tomi & Fayth's roommate Kristiana apparently didn't learn from her earlier encounter with her roommates (and becoming their nylon bitch!), because she's at it again!  Having caught her in the act and knocked her out, Tomi & Fayth carry Kris into the bedroom for another lesson.  They continue with more nylon tickling, foot worship, sleepy torment, and bondage until they feel she's learned her lesson.  Do you think she has?  Another great scenario with Tomi, Fayth, and Kris from the big movie I shot with them.

"You're Not Stealing MY Woman Bitch!" - Akira is really upset with friend Kobe, who is stealing her girlfriend away from her.  Akira won't stand for this, and attacks Kobe on the wrestling mat!  After wrestling her, Akira finally knocks her out, stripping Kobe's bra off and leaving her laying on the mat.  When Akira returns, Kobe plays possum and returns the favor with a low blow.  With Kobe in control, she makes short work of Akira, knocking her out.  But Kobe isn't done...she's going to teach this bitch a lesson that Kobe can have any girl she wants, as she drags Akira to the bedroom.  Waking up tied on the bed, Akira is tickled and forced-orgasm-ed into defeat by the superior Kobe, before being knocked out!

"Sexy Nurses Shouldn't Make House Calls" - Tomiko is a nurse making a house call, but unfortunately the patient turns out to be a nylon-foot obsessed crazy guy!  Nurse Tomi finds herself quickly tied up and blindfolded on this creeps couch, as he removes her shoes and tickle tortures her sexy sheer tan pantyhose soles!  Her ordeal continues when she finds herself strapped down to this sicko's massage table, as he tickle tortures her incredibly sexy feet, with no intention of ever stopping.  The last thing Nurse Tomiko hears before she passes out from the tickle torture is his intentions of keeping her as his nylon tickle slave.  This scenario most likely may be kept private, since it involves nylon foot worship along with the tickling.  I'll take a look and see if I can share something from it, or pull a scene for my store in the future.

"Nylon Wrestling" - Hollywood is the queen of apartment style wrestling, and Fayth & Kobe are here to take her crown!  Finding Holly on the mat, they challenge her to a 3-out-of-5 falls match.  Fayth & Kobe constantly double team Holly, who loses a couple falls.  But Holly fights back and wins a couple as well, and it comes down to the final round to declare who's the best wrestler among them!

"Super Heroines After Dark: Kobe Kitty & Christina Cat" - In my world, heroines & villains don't always fight each other.  When the public isn't watching, they secretly enjoy making out and worshiping each other!  Here we see the heroine Christina Cat secretly meeting her enemy Kobe Kitty for some nylon worship and forced orgasm fun.  They each play with the other, tying them down and forcing orgasms out of each other while worshiping each others incredibly sexy nylon feet!  After they've had their "fix," to keep up appearances Kobe Kitty allows Christina Cat to handcuff her as she takes her away to jail...with no one the wiser to their sexy nylon escapades.  From a super hot scenario I shot with my favorite pair Christina & Kobe.  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/12/2009 (Set 1); 03/17/2010 (Set 2)

"Hollywood Wants Those Nylon Feet!" - Hollywood has Kobe tied up in a hogtie and one thing on her mind...to tickle Kobe's sexy nylon feet!  Kobe begs as Holly removes her high heels and begins to tickle torment Kobe's super sexy nylon feet.  All Kobe can do is laugh and hope it ends soon!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009

"Jungle Girl: Alter-Ego Nabbed 1" - Jungle Girl (Kristiana) is in her sexy civilian clothes on her day off when she's suddenly attacked by a nylon foot-obsessed crazy guy with a sleepy rag!  After knocking out Jungle Girl, he proceeds to remove her shoes and fondle/play with her feet.  He then ties her up on the bed, and as she wakes up, makes his intentions known about wanting to tickle and tease her - which he does!  Jungle Girl can only struggle and laugh as he has his way with her sexy nylon feet (and upperbody!).  Sleepy rag KO's allow him to change her position several times, for better access to her body and feet.  She's teased, tickled, and tormented over several days, finally ending up on this creep's massage table for a closer inspection of her gorgeous nylon feet.  Can she escape this guy?

"The Case Of The Carter Sisters"- An epic 3 hour movie I shot with Christina & Fayth, displayed here in a huge Multi-Part Series!  Christina plays 3 roles here as 3 sisters who fight crime in their sexy cat-suits (each with a different color - purple, red and black!).  It seems the evil Fayth is back and up to her sick and twisted ways.  Fayth wants to "cleanse" the world of all heroines, who she sees (in her twisted mind) as unclean, dirty, and evil.  And she has set her evil eyes on the Carter Sisters (Kristen, Christine, and Christina) to become her next targets!  One by one, each sister is lured to her eventual doom, to become the nylon sex toy of Fayth.  Over time Fayth breaks each sister with much tickling, nylon foot worship and plenty of forced orgasms, until each sister is her willing nylon plaything.  Golden Guardian (Fayth) makes an appearance as well, and we get a little background origin for her character.  Can any of the sisters stop this evil crazy woman, or are they all doomed to become a trio of nylon sex toys!?!  Find out in one of my favorite productions!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 02/18/2010 (Set 1)

"Kobe Gets Revenge On Hollywood...In Her Own Way!" - After being in a hogtie and tickled by Holly, Kobe wants to get a little revenge against her, but in her own special way.  She knows that Holly HATES having anyone worship her nylon feet, so Kobe ambushes Holly and uses a sleepy rag to knock her out!  With Holly unable to stop her, Kobe worships Holly's incredibly sexy nylon feet.  When Kobe is finished, she leaves Holly lying knocked out on the bed.

"Clothing Thief Roommate: The Final Act" - Well, after all the tickling, sleepy, and nylon worship torment Kristiana endured at the hands of her roommates Tomi & Fayth, it STILL seems she's up to her old tricks!  Which means that Tomi & Fayth just have to try harder in their efforts to make Kris their permanent nylon bitch!  After knocking her out, they carry in her limp body to the bed once more and tie her down, ready to tickle, tease, and use sleepy torment to get this chick in line.  Multi-Part Series where Tomi & Fayth continue to tie Kris in different ways, tickling and teasing her body as she becomes their nylon bitch!  Will Kris ever steal their clothing again?  You decide in this final act of this storyline pulled straight from my movie!

"Taking Out The Trainer" - Hollywood is a fitness trainer who seems to be stealing all the men (and women!) away from the sexy bi pair of Kobe & Fayth!  Not standing for this, they set up a bogus appointment to lure Holly to them, and then pounce on her!  They continually wrestle and fight her, double teaming her until she's knocked out, as they have their way with her nylon feet while she's helpless to stop them.  Each time she wakes up they fight her more until she's knocked out.  Will Holly escape these crazies, or will Kobe & Fayth have their way with her?  PHOTOS UPLOADED: Set 1 (04/12/2010)

"Savannah: No Revenge In Sight!" - After her previous encounter with me, Savannah wanted to get some explanations for the tickle and sleepy abuse I put her through.  No answers for you honey, as I sneakily KO her again!  This time in her jeans and a t-shirt, I lay her knocked-out body on the massage table once more.  I want to play with her sexy nylon feet a bit, so I use some sleepy stuff on her to keep her drowsy-but-awake so I don't have to tie her right away.  Eventually I tie her, and give her another round of tickling until she's exhausted, finally using the sleepy stuff on her once again to send her out.  During the tickling I even put a blindfold and gag on her just to keep heighten her tickle torment!

"Jungle Girl: Alter-Ego Nabbed 2" - It seems that Jungle Girl (Kristiana) is pretty elusive, as she escaped me last time.  I won't let that happen again, as she's been re-captured (in different alter-ego clothing) and laid out once more on my massage table.  Once and for all she'll remain as my nylon foot tickle slave, available for me to fondle & tickle her sexy nylon feet whenever I choose.  No escaping this time!  Afer I've inspected her feet enough with fondling & tickling, I let her have a little nap with the help of a sleepy rag as I leave her...my latest nylon foot tickle plaything.

"Wonder Womyn's Biggest Fan!" - It seems that crazy obsessed fan Tomi not only loves Jungle Womyn, but also her counterpart Wonder Womyn (Hollywood)!  Luring the sexy super heroine to a location, Tomi fights with her and knocks her out.  What follows is a whole lot of tickling, teasing and foot worship abuse at the hands of Tomi.  Wonder Womyn is put through the ringer as she endures multiple ties, tons of tickling, sleepy torment, and other related craziness!  Will she escape, or is she doomed (like Jungle Womyn before her) to end up as a nylon plaything of a crazy woman!  This is a Multi-Part Series featuring Hollywood & Tomi, pulled straight from the big movie I shot.

"Detective Carter: Searching For The Sisters" - A direct sequel (and another favorite 2-hour movie I shot) to "The Carter Sisters" production, this features Christina as Detective Christina, doing her best to track down the evil Fayth and rescue the Carter Sisters.  Christina has Fayth at her mercy, and instead of bringing her to the jail, she takes her to an out-of-the-way spot so she can interrogate her.  Using all the tools of the trade she took from the crime scene, Christina tickles, teases, and forces Fayth to reveal the location of the kidnapped Sisters.  But Fayth has another motive, and makes Christina a deal...the only way she'll reveal the info is if Detective Christina agrees to experience what the Sisters did.  Knowing it's a trap but not having any choice, Christina agrees, and is forced to knock herself out with a sleepy rag.  When she wakes up, she's back in Fayth's evil lair, and has now become the latest nylon sex toy of the crazed Fayth!  Fayth has no intention of ever letting Detective Christina go, and begins her work of transforming the proud cop into a nylon plaything with plenty of tickling, nylon foot worship, and lots and lots of forced orgasms!  Will the Detective survive this ordeal?

"Clothing Thief Roommate: Bagged & Tagged" - Out of the blue both Tomi & Fayth decided that roommate Kristiana needed a reminder lesson to not mess with their stuff!  Just because they can!  So after knocking out Kris, they throw her into the red body sack for some nylon foot love & tickling, as a reminder that she'll always be their nylon foot bitch!  After all the torment they've put Kris through, I'm sure she's learned her lesson.  Right?

"Golden Guardian Loses Her Boots" - The Golden Guardian (Fayth) encounters the evil Tomi, and after a brief battle, is knocked out!  Tomi has her way with the knocked-out Golden Guardian, removing her boots and giving her sleepy nylon feet a little worshiping before exiting, taking her boots with her as she goes!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009

"Girlfriend Games" - Akira & Kobe are sexy girlfriends who love nothing more than to tease, tickle, and worship each other's sexy bodies and nylon feet!  After a hard week working, both meet in the bedroom for some nylon fun.  What follows is a very mutual forced-orgasm, tickling, nylon foot worship, and sleepy play between two incredibly sexy ladies who love each other.  Who likes to be in control, and who ends up in control?  A very hot scenario pulled from a longer production, featuring two of my favorite ladies.  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 10/18/2009 (Set 1)

"Fed-Up Models"- Tomi & Fayth are very sexy models, but they're also professional models.  When their roommate Kristiana (also a sexy model) isn't prepared for a mutual nylons jungle-themed photo shoot they're doing, they get fed up with her and attack her, knocking her out!  It seems Kris picked the wrong time NOT to be prepared!  Tomi & Fayth drag Kris over to a massage table where they put her sleepy body on it, and begin to put the stockings on the knocked-out Kris!  After they have her looking right, they decide to tie her down to the table and teach her a lesson through tickling!  When Kris wakes up she's given a thorough tickling by Tomi & Fayth as a lesson NEVER to mess with their photo shoots again!

"Savannah: Third Time Is Not A Charm!" - Twice in the past Savannah has shown up for glamour photo modeling and instead, has been knocked out, tied up and tickled.  She's not buying my excuses anymore and shows up looking for revenge!  Well, I guess I'm a smooth talker because when she lets her guard down...she goes down....again!  A quick sleepy rag later and she's laid out once more on my massage table.  I tie her down, fondle her nylon feet, and of course tickle her until she's totally exhausted!  KO's & tickling are what's in store for Savannah, and this time I think I'll keep her.

"Hollywood: Unwilling Fetish Queen" - This is a huge Multi-Part Series from a 3-hour movie.  Kobe loves fetish and her work as a fetish model, but she sees that Hollywood isn't as excited doing fetish work.  In fact, Holly refuses to do any type of nylon fetish anymore!  So of course I hired Kobe to "work" on Holly and see if she could turn her around on fetish.  How to accomplish this?  By trickery of course!  Holly is lured to a location to meet with Kobe, who has a sleepy rag at the ready.  Holly refuses to budge on doing fetish, so Kobe goes to work, knocking Holly out, and slowly over time transforming her into a full-blown nylon fetish queen!  Using tickling, nylon foot worship (which she knows Holly hates to have done to her), bondage, and sleepy play, Kobe wears down Holly until she becomes more willing to do fetish work.  But it's not over, because Holly has some tricks of her own.  Maybe Holly isn't so against fetish after all?  Check it out and you be the judge!?!?  Does Holly come around, or is she just a plaything for Kobe?  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/12/2009 (Set 1)

"Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star!" - From a fun movie I shot, featuring Christina & Fayth.  Christina is Wonder Christina, doing her best to rid the world of evil people.  Fayth is a down-and-out fetish clips mogul who has seen her business tanking of late and needs a "next big thing" to put her back on top.  Fayth is so desperate she's been donning a catsuit and stealing for a living, and just so happens to run into Wonder Christina.  Pulling a fast one, Fayth is able to knock out the lovely heroine, and suddenly has an idea, as she drags her away.  Wonder Christina wakes up in the bedroom as Fayth explains her evil plan...to keep Wonder Christina as her prisoner and use her as a fetish film model to put her business back on top!  What follows is a big Multi-Part Series with Fayth putting Wonder Christina through a lot of various fetish activities and scenarios, with a unique premise of having a silent cameraman "filming" it all (and thus, the girls interacting with the camera, who remains silent throughout).  Tickling, Forced Orgasms, and lots of Nylon Foot Worship make this an incredible piece!  One of my favorite movies!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1), 01/23/2010 (Set 2), 03/23/2010 (Set 3)

"The Other Woman" - Hollywood has been seeing her girlfriend Kobe on the side for months now, and that just doesn't sit well with Fayth (Kobe's real girlfriend).  So Fayth & Kobe decide to ambush Holly and make her their nylon sex slave (that way Fayth can keep her girl, and both can play with their new toy).  Holly is meeting Kobe, but it's an ambush and she's quickly knocked out.  After some nylon foot worship and fondling, Fayth & Kobe carry Holly to the bed, where they strip her down and take advantage of her sexy nylon feet!  Holly wakes up several times and tries to fight them, but they double team her and KO her each time.  Can Holly escape, or is she doomed to become a nylon foot sex slave of this pair?  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/12/2009 (Set 1)

"Wrestler: Double Teamed Into A Nylon Slave!"- Kristiana is an apartment wrestler who has drawn the ire of Tomi & Fayth, who happen to be up-and-coming apartment wrestlers.  Tomi & Fayth don't like Kris, and make that known.  As Kris is stretching on the mat, Tomi & Fayth attack her, continually wrestling and knocking her out.  In a multi-fall match, they double team her (throwing tickling and other torments into the match), and will only stop if Kris agrees to be their nylon bitch!  Caught in a hold and being tickled, Kris agrees, and is led out to a massage table where she's tied down by Tomi & Kris.  I don't think Kris had this in mind when she agreed to be their nylon slave, as she's tickled and tormented until she can't take anymore!  How does it end for Kris?  Find out here in this awesome scenario from a larger movie!

"Jungle Womyn's Biggest Fan!" - Hollywood (as the super sexy heroine Jungle Womyn) has her share of fans.  One of them (Tomi) is just totally obsessed with her.  Wants to be around her.  Just plain wants to BE HER.  Luring Jungle Womyn to what she believes is a charity event, Tomi springs into action, capturing the gorgeous heroine and taking her through a wild adventure that includes lots of bondage, lots of sleepy/ko, lots of tickling, and plenty of nylon foot worship!  Will Jungle Womyn escape this crazy woman, or is she doomed to become a nylon foot slave!?!  Big Multi-Part Series pulled from a very sexy 1 1/2 hour movie featuring Tomi & Hollywood!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1); 04/14/2010 (Set 2)

"Captured Cat Burglar: Unwilling Fetish Star" - Akira is a super sexy Cat Burglar looking for her next score.  Kobe is a fetish mogul who is looking for her next big star to put her business back on top.  Breaking into Kobe's place, Akira is sneaking around until discovered and knocked out by Kobe!  As she's dialing the cops, Kobe gets the brilliant idea about how to put her fetish empire back on top...by making this sexy cat burglar her latest star!  Kobe puts Akira through various ties and scenarios, all-the-while having her evil silent cameraman film the cat burglar in all kinds of fetish acts, including tickling, bondage, nylon foot worship....and yes, forced orgasms!  Can Akira escape this new life as an unwilling fetish film star, or is she doomed to live the life of a sex slave!?!  This is a Multi-Part Series from a long movie I shot featuring Akira & Kobe!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1)

"Wonder Womyn: Dreamland" - All Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) wants to do is have a nice, relaxing weekend to herself.  Not if Kobe has anything to say about it!  Sneaking up behind the heroine, Kobe knocks Wonder Womyn out with a sleepy rag.  With the heroine in dreamland, Kobe removes her boots and goes about worshiping Wonder Womyn's sexy nylon feet!  When Wonder Womyn wakes up Kobe puts her right back to sleep, and continues her worship.  Will Wonder Womyn be kept the sleepy nylon prisoner of Kobe?  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009

"Jungle Tomi's Sleepy & Tickled Weekend!"- Jungle Tomi (Tomiko), just like other heroines, wants to relax on the weekend.  But when I'm around that's just NOT going to happen!  Through a series of encounters, I continually knock out, tie up, tickle, use sleepy play, fondle, and have my way with Jungle Tomi and her gorgeous nylon feet.  She's helpless to stop me (as always!).  She eventually does escape, but it's short lived, as she always fall prey to me in the end.  This is a fun collection of Jungle Tomi scenarios I pulled from a larger movie I shot, with the emphasis on Tomi's sexy nylon feet in sheer tan pantyhose.  Lots of tickling & bondage & foot fondling in this one!  Can she escape me?  HELL NO!

"Golden Guardian Loses Her Boots...Again!" - Golden Guardian (Fayth) just can't seem to keep her boots on (or her nylon feet from being worshiped while she's knocked out)!  This time she encounters the evil Kobe, who knocks her out and has her way with Golden Guardian as she sleeps.  Removing her boots, Kobe worships her sleepy nylon feet and Golden Guardian can't do a thing to stop it!  Will Golden Guardian ever be able to keep her boots!?!

"Jealous Roommate" - Tomi is a hard-working Hooters girl, while Fayth is her super successful - yet does nothing - roommate!  Fayth brags about her awesome life just ONE too many times to Tomi, who takes matters into her own hands and wrestles with and knocks out Fayth!  Dragging Fayth to the bed, she ties her down and administers a little tickle revenge on her roommate!  When she feels Fayth has learned her lesson, her compassionate side kicks in and she begins to untie her.  But don't let Fayth fool you...she's going to teach this Hooters girl a lesson in laughter as she gets her own revenge!  From a short scenario I shot in the past with Fayth & Tomi.

"Jungle Womyn: Laughter Filled Weekend" - After having my way with Wonder Womyn, I picked Jungle Womyn (Hollywood) as my next target.  Like Wonder Womyn, all Jungle Womyn wanted was a nice fun weekend.  Well she got the fun part, as I knocked her out and tied her up on the massage table.  I go to work tickling her sexy nylon feet (and a little upperbody), as all she can do is struggle and laugh.  Each time I want to change positions I knock her out with the sleepy rag, tie her, and then more tickling.  Will these heroines ever learn (or stop being ticklish!?).

"You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!" - Fayth loves her girlfriend Tomi, and would do anything for her.  But when Tomi betrays Fayth with her new girlfriend Savannah, Fayth is livid!  Together Tomi & Savannah ambush and abuse Fayth, eventually throwing her out in the trash!  This triggers something crazy in Fayth, who now only lives for revenge against her former girlfriend (and the blond she replaced her with!).  Tomi & Savannah are enjoying a night in together, but are interrupted by Fayth who ambushes them.  Fayth doesn't want simple revenge...she wants to make both of them suffer, to become her nylon sex toys to do with whatever she likes!  Crazy Fayth spends weeks having her way with Tomi & Savannah in this huge Multi-Part story from a 3-hour movie I shot.  Tickling, Nylon Foot Worship, Sleepy Play, even some psychological play with them as she slowly turns them against each other.  Can Tomi & Savannah escape this loon, or are they destined to become Fayth's nylon playthings!?!  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 03/30/2010 (Set 1)

"Ultimate Rival Models!" - Tomi & Kobe are big rival models who love nothing more than to humiliate and dominate the other (usually through tickling and nylon foot worship).  Tomi starts the feud with a sneaky ambush, and it goes from there!  Kobe wants to make Tomi her nylon bitch, while Tomi wants to prove to Kobe that she's the superior woman (with superior nylon feet of course!).  Over the course of 4 separate encounters they trade dominant positions, and use sleepy play, tickling, and nylon foot worship to gain a dominant position over the other woman.  Who will come out victorious in the end, and can there be a mutual understanding between these rival chicks!?!  This is a huge Multi-Part Series featuring 4 separate encounters between these ladies, pulled from a 3-hour movie - one of my favorites.

"Tomi Kat's Biggest Fan: The Sequel!" - In this follow-up to the first one, we see Tomi Kat has been kept as a nylon prisoner of the evil obsessed fan Fayth.  Fayth torments Tomi daily with tickling and nylon foot worship, but that's about to change as Jungle Girl (Kristiana) happens upon the scene.  Fayth being the sneaky devil she is, is able to knock out Jungle Girl before she can untie Tomi.  Now Fayth has 2 playthings, tied up on the bed, as she tickles and teases both of them, worshiping their nylon feet while they're helpless to stop her.  What becomes of them!?!

"Jungle Womyn: Nylon Foot Slave" - Kobe & Fayth are dreaming up who they want to capture next to make their latest nylon foot sex slave, and of course Jungle Womyn (Hollywood) pops into their devious little minds!  They make arrangements for Jungle Womyn to stop by, which she does, when they sneakily ambush her from behind.  Wrestling Jungle Womyn down on the bed, the evil duo begin the work of making her their latest nylon sex toy, as they continually knock her out and worship & play with her sexy nylon feet while she's in dreamland, only to send her back out when she wakes up.  Can Jungle Womyn escape these crazies, or will she indeed end up as their nylon love toy?  From a short scenario I shot with Kobe, Fayth, and Holly.

"Wonder Womyn: Nylon Foot Slave" - Kobe & Fayth are back to their old tricks of capturing heroines to keep as their nylon sex toys, and now they want the ultimate heroine...Wonder Womyn (Hollywood)!  Wonder Womyn aims to stop this evil duo, but can she, or will she end up like Jungle Womyn before her...as the mere nylon foot sex toy of evil Kobe & Fayth?  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 10/04/2009

"The Mirthful Microchip 1" - Kobe is a sexy courier who has a microchip worth big bucks.  Fayth is the catsuit-wearing thief who is going to steal it!  Just how can Fayth figure out where it is?  Tickling of course!  Kobe is tickled into revealing where the chip is, and Fayth ends up with it.

"Sorry Honey...I'm Not Calling The Cops!" - Sexy cat burglar Kristiana was lurking about looking for her next score.  Unfortunately she happened into my place, and was promptly knocked out!  Being the crazy nylon-foot obsessed guy that I am, I looked upon this as the opportunity to have my very own nylon slave, which I related to her when she woke up.  No way was I calling the cops!  Instead, I tied her down to my massage table and waited for her to wake up.  When she did, I removed her sexy high heels and started tickling, teasing, and fondling her gorgeous nylon feet!  All she could do was laugh, scream, and protest...but I wasn't stopping!  Over several days I would knock her out with a sleepy rag, only to re-tie her into a different position on the table for more nylon foot fun.  Did she escape...or does she remain my nylon foot plaything?  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 3/10/2010 (Set 1)

"The Mirthful Microchip 2" - Fayth now has the microchip, and wants to sell it and make some big bucks.  Unfortunately, on the way to her rendevous I intercept her.  I'm going to get that chip, and of course the only way I know how is to tickle the info out of Fayth!  I tickle her nylon feet until she's exhausted and finally reveals the location.  Then I tickle her some more just for good measure!

"Officer Tomiko: Follow-Up Interview Gone Wrong 2" - Officer Tomiko's tickle torture & nylon foot worship continue, as the suspect she'd been looking for now controls her!  He puts her knocked out body on the massage table and ties her down.  Waking her up, he tickle tortures her nylon feet as she screams and laughs, unable to escape this creep.  Several more knockouts (and being tied face down), the tickling and foot worship continues, until in the end she's broken and passes out from the tickle torture.

"Fayth's Girlfriend" - One thing you DON'T do when you're Fayth's girl is give her any reason to think you're cheating on her!  Kobe is Fayth's g/f, and Fayth suspects Kobe is cheating.  So of course when they get together Fayth knocks her out and ties her up for some tickle interrogation!  A short scenario from a much longer production.

"No More Feet!" - I'm very pleased to share with you one of my 3-hour movies I shot with Tomi & Kobe.  Something I'm calling "No More Feet!"  This is a huge Multi-Part Series showcasing one of my favorite movies I've shot.  Tomi & Kobe are roommates, each with a secret past.  It seems that Kobe wants to take advantage of Tomi's sexy nylon feet, so she gets her drunk one night and in her drunken stupor, Tomi doesn't realize she's being tied up and continually knocked out so Kobe can have her way with her.  When Tomi is finally able to wrestle control away from Kobe, past secrets are revealed (by both girls), as they fight for control of the other (and the other's sexy nylon feet!).  A back-and-forth ordeal sees both in control, and both losing control again and again.  Tickling, Sleepy Play, Nylon Foot Worship, and more is featured in this huge production, with a surprise ending that I won't spoil.  PHOTOS UPLOADED: 11/01/2009 (Set 1), 03/07/2010 (Set 2)

"Ultimate Roommate Rivalry!" - This is a VERY epic production, and a Multi-Part Series featuring the lovely trio of Hollywood, Kobe, and Tomi!  Tomi and Kobe are sexy girlfriend roommates, and all day long want to have their sexy roommate Hollywood join them in their fetish activities and general kinky stuff.  But Holly refuses, letting the girls know she doesn't do that kind of stuff, and to back off!  Well that's just an invitation of disaster for Holly, as over the course of 4 separate encounters she is continually ambushed, wrestled, tickled, tied-up, abused, teased, has her nylon feet worshiped (and is forced to worship Tomi & Kobe), among many other things!  Holly always seems to come out ahead in the beginning, but double teaming from Tomi & Kobe always wear her down and she always succumbs and becomes their nylon bitch at each encounter.  Some very entertaining encounters in this one, including a Wonder Womyn costume party, and an ambush by Holly herself!  Huge Multi-Part Series, and probably my all-time favorite.

"Cat Womyn Caught" - Cat Womyn (Hollywood) is sneaking around, looking for loot, when the owner of the house comes upon her.  Trying to talk her way out of it doesn't work, as the owner sprays a sleepy spray into her face, knocking her out.  Waking up tied on the bed, Cat Womyn is surprised that the owner doesn't call the cops.  Instead, he removes her sexy high heels exposing her super sexy nylon feet, and begins tickling her!  Cat Womyn is tickled, knocked out and put into a different position, and then tickled again...several times!  It looks like the owner is only interested in tormenting the gorgeous cat burglar, and has no plans to ever let her go!

"Kobe Kitty: Nylon Sex Slave" - Kobe Kitty, cute & innocent heroine that she is, is lured to a location by the evil (and sex crazed) Fayth.  Fayth wants a new plaything, and Kobe Kitty fits the bill!  After knocking out Kobe, Fayth ties her down and goes to work transforming her from a sweet heroine to Fayth's personal nylon sex slave!  Can Kobe Kitty get away from this crazy chick, or is she doomed to become a nylon sex toy?  And if so...does she secretly enjoy it?  Find out here!  This is a huge Multi-Part Series pulled from a 3-hour movie, and goes on a journey featuring extreme nylon foot worship, tickling, bondage, forced orgasms, sleepy play, and much, much more!  One of my favorite movies, this one has it all, and is incredibly sexy and hot!

"A Very Hollywood Tickling!" - Holly thought she was just stopping over for some easy bondage & glamour shoots.  Boy was she wrong!  After I have her tied up on the bed, I start in with the foot tickling!  Included are several scenes where I've put Holly in various types of bondage and tickled her sexy nylon feet until she couldn't take anymore.  No story-line attached with these (per se), as they're more tie-up and tickle scenarios we've done for fun in between the more story-line oriented movies I normally shoot.

"Late-Night Partying Consequences" - Kristiana is decked out in a sexy black dress and nylons, and had a fun night out on the town the night before.  Unfortunately, she may have had a little too much fun, as she wakes up to find herself tied face down on her own bed.  Apparently one of the guys she was friendly to followed her home, and decided he wanted to have some fun!  He starts tickling her sexy nylon feet, waking her up with laughter.  All she can do is struggle and laugh as this apparent crazy guy tickles & fondles her sexy nylon feet!  After having his fun with her in this position, he knocks her out and re-ties her into a different one for more access.  Eventually she winds up on the floor with her gorgeous nylon soles in the air as he has his tickle & fondle way with them!  Will this guy ever stop?

"Officer Tomiko: Follow-Up Interview Gone Wrong 1" - Police Officer Tomiko was doing what she thought was a routine follow-up interview with a witness at his apartment, but the witness was actually the suspect.  After questioning him, Officer Tomiko became suspicious, as the witness excused himself and left the room.  Before she could call for backup, the man returned with a chloroform rag and smothered the unsuspecting Officer out!  Waking up tied to the couch, the man returns and explains that he's the guy she's looking for, but it won't do her any good since she's now HIS nylon tickle slave!  The man removes her high heels as he tickle tortures her sheer tan pantyhose feet, not to mention worshiping them!  After he's had his fun torturing the poor Officer, he knocks her out again and strips off her clothes, leaving her in her underwear, as he moves her to his massage table for extended tickle torture.

"Jungle Wrestling" - Tomiko & Fayth are both Jungle heroines, who come together for a showdown on the mat to see who is the best jungle super heroine!  It's a back-and-forth battle between these two sexy sheer suntan pantyhose-wearing jungle babes!  Who wins, and who ends up defeated underneath a victory pose?  This scene was made available in my store.