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"You Betrayed Me...Now You're My Nylon Bitches!"

Fayth loves her girlfriend Tomi, and would do anything for her.  But when Tomi betrays Fayth with her new girlfriend Savannah, Fayth is livid!  Together Tomi & Savannah ambush and abuse Fayth, eventually throwing her out in the trash!  This triggers something crazy in Fayth, who now only lives for revenge against her former girlfriend (and the blond she replaced her with!).  Tomi & Savannah are enjoying a night in together, but are interrupted by Fayth who ambushes them.  Fayth doesn't want simple revenge...she wants to make both of them suffer, to become her nylon sex toys to do with whatever she likes!  Crazy Fayth spends weeks having her way with Tomi & Savannah in this huge Multi-Part story from a 3-hour movie I shot.  Tickling, Nylon Foot Worship, Sleepy Play, even some psychological play with them as she slowly turns them against each other.  Can Tomi & Savannah escape this loon, or are they destined to become Fayth's nylon playthings!?!

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