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This is a work of pure fiction and was created for entertainment purposes ONLY.  "Jungle Womyn" is a fictional character based entirely on the character I had a hand in creating, and have shot extensively with Hollywood, and the likeness is based 100% on her (see picture below for a character reference/appearance).  Any other characters found in this work of fiction are not based on any real person, and any such likeness is purely a creative coincidence.  The author does NOT condone any behavior described in this story except in the world of fictional fantasy, and this work was created with that in mind.  For origins and character biographies, please visit the Nylon Covenant section on my site.  Thank you!

Character Featured In This Story:

Jungle Womyn: Dungeon of Laughter

A Tickling/Sleepy story featuring Jungle Womyn!

4:17 AM.  The City - Southside Warehouse District.  A Secret Room In The Basement Of A Shady S&M Club.

"MMMPHHAHAAHAMMPPHHAAHAHAMMPPHHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn, the red ball gag in her mouth stifling the laughter being forced from her.  She was laying on her back in what could best be described as a modified gynecologist's chair.  Her back rest on a padded-backing, propping her up at a forty-five degree angle.  Leather straps held her in place below and above her large size-D breasts, as well as across her forehead, holding her head in place.  Her arms were outstretched away from her body, each arm strapped down to an extended armrest at the wrist and elbow.  Her long legs, encased in sheer tan pantyhose, were spread apart almost as wide as her arms, elevated slightly, and strapped down to the padded leg-rests at the ankle, knee and thigh.

Jungle Womyn's eyes were covered by a small blindfold that was just big enough to block out the light.  Her head secured by the leather strap across her forehead, a pair of headphones had been placed on her ears, playing a looped audio track of passionate sexual sounds mixed with intense screaming and laughter caused by tickle torture.

Surrounding Jungle Womyn were five well-built, well-groomed men of various ages ranging from early twenties to early forties, all of Eastern European origin.  Each man had taken a position near her body.  One man was at each of her sheer tan pantyhose feet, tickle torturing Jungle Womyn's ultra-sensitive nylon soles.  The man on her left foot was busy scrabbling his fingers all over her long arches, while the man on her right foot was more delicate in his torment, tickling in between her toes, sending Jungle Womyn into ticklish agony.

"MMMPPHHAHAPMMPPPHAHSTTPPHHHAHAMMPHH!!!" was all the Jungle Womyn could muster as the man tickling her left foot suddenly found a particularly sensitive area.  "That's right my little tickle slut...laugh like the nylon tickle slave that you are!" the main said sarcastically.

Two other gentlemen were seated on either side of Jungle Womyn's torso, using their fingers to tickle her ribs, stomach, knees, hips, and of course, her armpits.  The final man was seated directly between Jungle Womyn's wide-spread legs, vibrator in hand.  Every so often the four men tickling Jungle Womyn would give her a few minutes to regain her breath, during which time the man seated in between her legs would use the vibrator on her, forcing her to orgasm.  Jungle Womyn was far too exhausted to try and resist, and let the orgasms be ripped from her body.  After which, the tickling would resume, driving her into fits of screaming laughter.

This had gone on for hours.  And hours.  She was near breaking point.

9:46 PM.  The City - Eastside.  Several Days Earlier.

In a luxurious apartment in a trendy part of town, a gorgeous and shapely woman lounged on her mocha-colored leather sofa, taking in the televised evening news as she sipped a piping-hot peppermint tea.  The body belonged to Ms. Holly Wood, a wealthy socialite who spent her days as both a human and animal rights activist, a proud voice of equality and justice to those who couldn't speak for themselves. 

In her early thirties, her auburn-colored hair flowed gently across her muscular shoulders and down to her large, beautiful breasts.  Covered by a conservative pants suit was her incredibly toned body.  Six-pack abs hard as a rock, and legs long as the Nile, strong as a python.  5'9" and weighing 122lbs, she was in a word...perfect.  But what the entire world didn't know was that by night, Ms. Wood shed her conservative attire, and replaced it with a 2-piece leopard print ensemble and sheer tan pantyhose, as she prowled the city as the heroine Jungle Womyn, putting evil-doers in their place! 

Not just any sheer pantyhose mind you, but a specially-made pair that was impervious to damage, and retained their glossy shine and silky-smooth feel at all times.  Early in her career as a secret crime fighter, Holly realized she needed an advantage over the criminals she pursued.  She didn't have super strength like Wonder Womyn.  She needed an edge, and she found her calling in the world of stealth, thanks to her special nylons. 

Countless hours (and quite a bit of money) went into the development of them.  When worn, they make her movements all but silent, allowing her to move in silence and remain undetected until she strikes at the last minute.  The only problem...Holly was insanely ticklish, especially on her pretty size 8 1/2 feet, and the silky smoothness of the pantyhose only made her even more sensitive.  She had done a good job keeping her ticklishness under wraps in her crime-fighting career, but lately it seemed the villains she fought knew about her weakness and exploited it any chance they got.

Holly opened a file folder and spread the contents out on her coffee table in front of her.  Pictures she had taken of a seedy S&M Club days earlier where some local women had gone missing.  The police had done their investigating but hadn't come up with anything substantial to link the place with any of the missing women.  But the police were hindered by their own charter...they had to act within the confines of the law...Jungle Womyn didn't!  She could go where they couldn't.  Warrants were replaced with stealth and cunning.  "I KNOW there's some evidence linking those missing girls in that disgusting place, and tonight after they close I'm going to pay them a visit and find it," Holly said out loud.

1:32 AM.  The City - Southside Warehouse District.

Having donned her 2-piece leopard-print ensemble, matched with her sexy and stealthy sheer tan pantyhose, as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop, making no sound as she bounded from building to building.  At last she was on the roof of the Club, as she quietly opened the skylight and crawled inside.  Looking around, Jungle Womyn found herself in a small room that appeared to be a classroom, complete with desks and a chalkboard.  "What a bunch of freaks," she thought to herself.  "These guys get off by having women dress up and role-play scenarios.  Tying up and tickling and torturing them...what a bunch of creeps!  I can't wait to find something that will shut this sleazy place down for good," Jungle Womyn thought.

Jungle Womyn silently opened the door and crept into the darkened hallway.  Opening another door, she found a room filled with bondage equipment, including stocks, tables, and suspension gear.  On the wall was a rack filled with vibrators, feathers, whips, chains, and a host of electric stimulation devices she didn't EVEN want to know about.  "Nothing so far, better keep looking."  Moving down the hallway, she came to the stairs.  She silently moved down them step-by-step, as she neared the bottom.  Peering around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, she noticed several cctv cameras mounted in various places. 

"Quite a bit of security equipment for a simple S&M club," she thought to herself.  "I better find a way aroun..." Jungle Womyn's thought was suddenly cut off and replaced with panic as a strong, muscular arm was wrapped around her torso, while a cloth was shoved over her face, covering her mouth and nose!  Jungle Womyn instantly smelled the sickly-sweet smell of chloroform, a chemical she had become familiar with in her storied career as a crime fighter.  In her panicked state, Jungle Womyn accidentally took in a big inhale, breathing in the chloroform as she struggled with the powerful arms holding her in place.

With all the strength she could muster, Jungle Womyn grabbed the assailants arm and tossed him over her shoulder, the attacker landing with a resounding thud on the floor in front of her.  She got a glimpse of her attacker: a heavy-set man, muscular build, bald, with a sinister look on his face.  Jungle Womyn went on the offensive, moving forward to engage the man she had just thrown.  She placed her sexy sheer tan pantyhose foot on his throat as he lay in pain, stepping down hard as to get his attention.  "Obviously no one ever taught you how to treat a lady," she said in a booming voice!  Now I'm going to let you up and you're going to tell me what you know about the missing women and why you have this chloroform, or else this is going to be a very long - and painful - night for you!  Got it creep!?!"

Just as Jungle Womyn finished her sentence, a heavy baton came smashing down on the back of her head from an unseen person behind her.  "UUNNGHHH!" cried Jungle Womyn as she crashed to her knees, holding her bruised head in her hands. Stepping out from the shadows was another man, holding a wooden baton.  Jungle Womyn's vision was blurry from the blow, so she wasn't quite sure what this sneak attacker looked like. 

"You bitch!" screamed the man she had thrown to the floor earlier.  "You want to know why I have this chloroform...its to subdue sexy bitches like you when you give us trouble!"  The man from behind suddenly grabbed Jungle Womyn's arms, pulling her to her feet, and pinning them behind her in one forceful move.  "You'll never get away wit..." was all Jungle Womyn could get out before the chloroform rag was once again clamped over her nose and mouth.  Trying to struggle with the men was impossible, as they held her tight, letting the chemicals do their job.  "MMMPPHHHMNNHPHHH!!" screamed Jungle Womyn from under the chloroform rag, as the chemicals slowly went to work on her body.

"MMPPPHHHEEETTTPHEEEGGVVOOOHHMMPP!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn, as she struggled with the man holding back her arms.  She was a strong woman, but was not match for these two burly men who held her tight.  Jungle Womyn tried to control her breathing, but it was no use...all that struggling was forcing her to take small breaths, each bringing her closer to sleep.

With one last surge of strength, Jungle Womyn thrust her legs up, catching the man with the chloroform rag under the jaw with her knee, sending him crashing backward.  Unfortunately, with that last surge of energy, Jungle Womyn had to take in a breath of chloroform, which was now starting to blur her vision.  The man holding her arms suddenly let go, but quickly put Jungle Womyn into a sleeperhold!  "NNHHGGHUNNHGH!!" yelped Jungle Womyn, trying to use her arms to get out of the hold.  But the man held fast, and Jungle Womyn soon started to get drowsy, as her vision continued to blur further.

Suddenly the man with the chloroform rag appeared in front of her and clamped the cloth over Jungle Womyn's face once more.  "NNOWPHHPHHHMMPHMPH!!" cried Jungle Womyn as she took in a deep breath of chemicals, which made the room start spinning.  Her eyes started to roll back, and she soon went limp in the arms of her attackers.

Slumping into their arms and then splayed out on the floor, the two men turned the lights on to get a better look at the sexy intruder they had just captured.  "Damn Johnny, we really scored tonight" said the man holding the baton.  "You know who this bitch is!?!  The leopard print outfit.  The nylons.  And that face...I'd recognize her anywhere.  This is Jungle Womyn!"  The man holding the chloroform rag knelt down and brushed the hair away from her face.  "You know something, you're right Brandt, this IS Jungle Womyn," he said, a huge smile stretching across his face.

"Prepare her."

The City - Southside Warehouse District.  Present Time.

 Jungle Womyn's limp body had been brought to a secret room in the basement of the club, known only to those that worked there.  She drifted in and out of consciousness, as she felt her body being strapped down to some type of device.  She tried to control her arms and legs, but powerful hands held them fast as they were strapped down.  Jungle Womyn heard muffled voices, but in her weakened condition could only pick out bits and pieces.

"She's waking up, finish getting her tied down.  This bitch is our ticket out of this dump and into the big leagues of white slavery," Jungle Womyn thought she heard, but she couldn't be certain, as they finished strapping her into the device.  Just as her eyes were beginning to focus, someone covered them with a blindfold.  Jungle Womyn tried to shake her head, but a leather strap was quickly put across her forehead, securing her head to the headrest.  Jungle Womyn tried to struggle, but to no avail.  Her entire body had been immobilized...the best she could do was move her hands and feet slightly an inch or two.

"No use struggling Jungle Womyn!" one of the men standing near her said aloud.  "We've modified this gynecologist chair to completely immobilize the person in it.  You're going nowhere, so stop struggling, you'll only make the bonds tighter."

Jungle Womyn realized they used her name, which meant these creeps knew her identity.  "It's obvious you know who I am, so why don't you do the smart thing and untie me.  I can help you reform from your wicked ways and become a productive member of society!" said Jungle Womyn in a forceful yet sincere tone, still working off the effects of the chloroform.

"HAHAHAHA!!!" laughed the men standing around the room.  Jungle Womyn couldn't be certain because of the blindfold, but she detected at least half a dozen different voices, which suddenly made a knot in her throat as she realized she was severely outnumbered even if she could find an escape.

"Thanks for the laugh Jungle Bitch," said one of the men.  "The life of a white slaver is a rather boring one...it's not often we get a good laugh.  Most of the time it's our victims getting the laughs."  Jungle Womyn's mouth went agape as her brain instantly thought about being tickled.  The men in the room picked up on her panicked look as well, each one sneering a sinister smile as they looked at each other.

"Since you're going to make us very wealthy men, I think it's only right that we explain to you exactly what we do.  We're white slavers, no doubt the men you were looking for.  We kidnap and supply beautiful girls to act as sex slaves to the rich and powerful throughout the world.  But most girls resist, which is why we designed this sound-proof room beneath the Club.  Our clients want only girls broken and ready to be slaves, not protesting and resistance.  Hence the chair you're strapped into.  Over the last several years we've broken dozens of women in that chair.  Strapped em' down, and tortured them until they were obedient."

Upon hearing the word torture, Jungle Womyn's panic set in.  "Please...you don't know what you're doing.  You're sick.  You need help, and I can help you all.  Just please let me go!" Jungle Womyn said, a sense of urgency and fear in her voice.  "You have my word I'll do everything in my power...gannahhaa!" Jungle Womyn stopped mid sentence as she felt someone's fingers scrabbling up and down her pantyhose-encased right foot.

"WWWHAA....NNOOOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAPLEASEHEEHEAHA!!" Jungle Womyn cried out as she felt another hand pull the toes back on her left foot and scrabble fingers all over her nylon sole.

"That's right Jungle slut!  You've stumbled upon one of the methods we use to break our victims and make them ready for their new owners...tickle torture!  The perfect way to break your spirit without physically harming your body," one of the men said.

The men tickled Jungle Womyn's nylon feet, poking their fingers into her pantyhose-encased toes, running their fingers up and down her nylon arches.  "NNOOHHOHAHAHAHAHAHASTOOPPAHAHPAHA" cried Jungle Womyn as her nylon feet were assaulted.

After several minutes the men tickling Jungle Womyn's nylon feet stopped, giving her a moment to catch her breath.  Jungle Womyn was insanely ticklish, even more so with her special sheer tan pantyhose.  "Ok Jungle broad, so now that we know you're ticklish, let's introduce you to the rest of our methods."  Jungle Womyn panted, small beads of sweat starting to trickle from her forehead.

"PLEASE....NO....MO....MORE...PLEA...SEE....NO....NO" was all the Jungle Womyn could say as she breathed heavily.

"Are you kidding me bitch!?!" said one of the men.  "That was nothing!  We're going to torture your body so much you'll be begging us to do whatever we want you to.  Just you wait!"

With that, one of them men produced a set of headphones connected to a nearby speaker system.  Standing over Jungle Womyn, the man said "part of our method includes some mind control.  We block out your sense of sight, and we replace your sense of hearing with this" as he placed the headphones over her ears.  The man flipped a switch, and suddenly Jungle Womyn's head was filled with the sounds of tortuous laughter mixed with chaotic sexual sounds.  She tried to resist, but the sound was so loud...so strong...with her vision gone, she was forced to listen.

Almost instantly Jungle Womyn felt a vibration in her hip area.  Unknown to her, one of the men had taken a seat in between her spread nylon legs and began to work a corded vibrator on Jungle Womyn's lower region.  Up and down, left and right, the man teased the heroine with the vibrator.  Jungle Womyn tried to resist the urge, but the sounds ringing in her head made it impossible.  After teasing her with the vibrator for several minutes, the man finally pushed it hard over her pantyhose-covered vagina, forcing Jungle Womyn to try and resist the urge to orgasm!  Jungle Womyn let out an animalistic grunt as she pulled at her bonds, but they held firm.  "RRRNNNRRRAAAANNNAANAA" belted out Jungle Womyn as she strained in the chair as the orgasm overcame her.  She screamed in ecstasy, and then went slack into her bonds.  Sweat poured from her entire body, as the man turned the vibrator off.

"Now that we've made you more comfortable, I think it's time to start the breaking process," one of the men said, as each of the men in the room took a position near Jungle Womyn's body.  Jungle Womyn was screaming now..."GEEZUS...PLEEA....PLEASEE....DON'T....D....DO....THIS..." as each of the men, using their hands, began to tickle her entire body.

"GGAHHHAHAHNNONNOHOHOHOAAHAHAHAAHAPLLEEAAA" screamed Jungle Womyn as she instantly felt nearly a dozen hands tickling what seemed like every inch of her body.  The men seated near her upper body were tickling her ribs and armpits...one man digging into her left armpit, while the other was tickling each rib on her right side, one by one.  "STOPPAHAHAHANONAONOANOTTTHEERRRIBBSSSHAHAHA!!"

A man seated near her left nylon foot was alternating using his fingers scrabbling up and down, left and right, giving no mercy and not stopping even when his fingers became tired.  Poking Jungle Womyn's arches and the ball on her left sheer tan pantyhose feet send Jungle Womyn's body into a spasm.  "HAHAHANAONAONOTTATHEEAARRCCHESSHAHA!!"  The man seated at her right nylon foot was using his mouth, his tongue and teeth biting at her pantyhose-encased toes.  Each time he bit into a sensitive spot Jungle Womyn let out a wild cry "NNOOHHAHAHAHAHA!"

"HAHAHAHANOONONOTTTAAAAHTTTTHHHEEETTOOEESSSS!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as the toes on her right pantyhose foot were tickled by the mans biting action.  She was slowly being dissected by the tickling torture, her gorgeous size 8 ½ feet encased in sheer tan pantyhose receiving the brunt of the abuse, as several pairs of hands scrabbled dozens of fingers over them, sending Jungle Womyn into a maddening spiral of hysteria.  "NOOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAPLLEEASSEEAHAHAHAHNONONO!!!" cried Jungle Womyn as her body was tormented.

The man seated in between her nylon legs started up the vibrator again, and began using it on Jungle Womyn, alternating between teasing her vagina and using it to tickle her knees and inner things.  The recording continued to play the sounds of tortuous laughter in her ears as Jungle Womyn could do nothing but scream, beg, plead, laugh, and moan in forced ecstasy as the men slowly broke her will.  Tears soaked through the blindfold, and sweat glistened over her entire body.  Jungle Womyn begged for mercy that never came.

8:09 PM.  The City - Southside Warehouse District.  Three Days Later.

Jungle Womyn had been pushed near the brink of insanity with the constant around-the-clock tickle torture and forced orgasms.  At first she tried to resist the orgasms, but slowly her willpower was fading, and each orgasm met with less resistance until, as it stood now, she almost didn't fight at all.

Tickle tortured all over her body, including heavily on her nylon feet, Jungle Womyn was nearly ready to be transported.  The men had done some negotiating with several prospective clients in the last couple days.  The usual bunch...a lonely sultan in the Middle East.  A drug baron in South America.  But the winning bid came from a group residing on the East Coast of the United States.  In fact, when they learned it was Jungle Womyn, they doubled their offer immediately.  Said they specialized in nylon tickling, but were vague to offer any more details.

Jungle Womyn was still strapped into that infernal device, and being tickle tortured by two men on both of her nylon feet when the rest of the men walked in the room.  She had a red ball gag stuffed in her mouth, silencing her cries and muffling her forced laughter, and a blindfold covering her eyes. "MMMPPHHAHAHAHAHPMMPHAHAHAAHAPMAPHAHAHAHA!!"

The man motioned for the other men to stop tickling her, which they did.  "Well Jungle Womyn, it looks like you'll be leaving us tonight.  We've lined up a buyer for you, and they're sending someone to pick you up in a few hours.  I still can't believe it, but you just made us six million dollars richer!" said the man.  "Your new owners are really into nylons and tickling, so I think you'll work out for them just fine."

Jungle Womyn's heart sank when she heard that.  For a brief moment, she thought maybe...just maybe...she would have an end to the tickling.  But no such luck.

"In the meantime, I think we can keep you entertained...gentlemen" said the man as he called in several of the girls that worked in the club.  In walked three women.  A tall, thin Caucasian woman with long blonde hair.  A short curvy Latina woman with dark curly hair.  And a tall curvy Black woman with short black hair.  "Ladies..." the man said.  "This woman just joined our Club and she told me she has a role-play fantasy where she pretends she's Jungle Womyn and is captured and tickle tortured by several women!" said the man.  "Her name is Holly, but she requested that you call her Jungle Womyn."

The three ladies looked at Jungle Womyn and then each other, smiling devilish little smiles as they took up positions.  The Black woman sat at Jungle Womyn's right nylon foot.  The blonde woman sat at Jungle Womyn's left nylon foot.  And the Latina climbed up on top of Jungle Womyn and straddled her hips.

"Now remember ladies...this woman paid us a lot of money to make her fantasy come true, so whatever you do...DO NOT remove her gag or blindfold!" said the man.  "She wants to be tickle tortured as Jungle Womyn, so feel free to verbally tease her and call her Jungle Womyn while you're tickle torturing her."  Each of the three ladies began to position their fingers for the forthcoming tickle assault as the men walked out of the room.

As the last man walked out, he turned to face the ladies.  "One last thing I forgot to mention ladies.  Holly here requested that you dispense with the playful tickling and instead really let her have it!  She said the more merciless you are the more enjoyment she'll get, so please show her no mercy."

With that, the man departed, leaving the three ladies standing over the now-quivering Jungle Womyn.  She tried to scream through her gag... "MMPHHLPPEHHHEELLPPPMMMEEHHEMMEEEMEMEEHEEME!!" but the ladies just thought she was role-playing.

The Black woman began to feverishly scribble both hands up and down Jungle Womyn's right nylon foot, up and down, left and right.  "GAHGHANNAHAHAHAHAHANONHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn!  "Coochie coochie coo, Jungle Womyn" said the Black woman.  "Does the poor little super heroine have super ticklish nylon feet!?!  Aww poor baby, does it tickle right HERE" said the Black woman as she began to use her tongue to tickle in between Jungle Womyn's toes on her right nylon foot. 

"FFPHHEEAHAHAHEHHEHFFEHHAHAHAHA!!" cried Jungle Womyn as the Black woman's tongue found sensitive areas in between her nylon-encased toes.

The blonde did the same thing, although her technique was to hold back the toes of Jungle Womyn's left sheer tan pantyhose foot while using her other hand to tickle Jungle Womyn's smooth nylon arch.  "PLEENFEEENFEEPSSEEAHAHAHSAHAHAHHAHENHOHOHO!!" Jungle Womyn screamed into her ball gag. 

"Aww, does the little bitty super heroine have little bitty ticklish tootsies," said the blonde as she drew her fingers up and down the nylon arch of Jungle Womyn's left foot.  "Let mommy kiss it and make it all better," said the blonde in a mocking tone as she used her tongue to lick Jungle Womyn's sheer tan pantyhose left arch bottom to top. 

"MMPHHAHAHASTOPPPAHAHAPHAHAPPHAHAHA!!" cried the once-proud heroine into her gag.  The blonde just gave Jungle Womyn a smile and continued tickle torturing her sheer tan pantyhose soles.  "Aww the little baby wants us to stop tickle-wickling her soft nylon feet," mocked the blonde as she tickled harder.  "MMPHHAHAHAPAHAHAHA!!!."

"Just look at these little toes...so cutesy wootsie!" said the blonde in a mocking tone.  "And what cute little toe rings...do you think they'll protect your ticklish little tootsies, my little ticklish baby!?"  The blonde then concentrated on Jungle Womyn's toes, tickling in between, sending Jungle Womyn into more hysterics.  "MMPPHAHOOHAHAHA!!"

Finally, the Latina who was straddling Jungle Womyn's waist dug her hands into her open armpits, causing Jungle Womyn to pull as hard as she could at her binds, which didn't budge.  "AHAHAHAHAHAHANOANAHAONOAHANOAHAHAHAAHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn!  "Oh does the big bad super heroine have ticklish armpits?" said the Latina with a mock baby voice.  "How about her little ribs...does the little baby girl have ticklish ribs?  Let's count them and find out!" said the Latina as she poked her fingers into Jungle Womyn's sides, stopping at each rib to count it verbally in a mocking tone.

"How about your little super duper belly button?" asked the Latina as she drilled a finger into it.  "MMMPPHHHAAHA!!" cried Jungle Womyn.

"I think the little jungle baby wants us all to concentrate on tickling her little nylon tootsies, girls," said the Black woman.  "I think she just LOVES it when her little pantyhose piggies are tickled," said the blonde in a super mocking fashion.  The Latina stopped tickling Jungle Womyn's upper body and moved down to her feet.  "Ok girls, you heard the guys...let's really give it to her!" said the Black woman.  "I think we should all tickle the same foot at once!"

With that, all three ladies attacked Jungle Womyn's left sheer tan pantyhose foot with all their hands!  Jungle Womyn shook her head as much as the head strap would allow and screamed an unholy scream into her gag: "MMPPHHAAAHAHAHAHANONOAHAHAHAHAHAANAHAHA!!!" as six hands and thirty fingers assaulted her poor nylon foot.  Ten minutes of this and Jungle Womyn was on the verge of passing out, but the ladies showed her no mercy.  After all, they believed Jungle Womyn was just a lifestyle customer paying to be tickle tortured.

Jungle Womyn's left sheer pantyhose foot twitched and danced until she was too exhausted to move it, at which time she just gave in to the torture, laughing and screaming under the ball gag.  "MMPPHAHAHAHAHAHAMPMMPAHAHAHA!!!"  The ladies were too busy enjoying torturing the poor heroine to even notice she stopped struggling, as they continued to torture every inch of her left nylon foot.

"Aww...the little baby-wabey didn't like having her left nylon foot tickle-wickled like that.  I think her right nylon foot is lonely...c'mon girls, let's give it some attention" said the blonde as all three ladies turned their attention to Jungle Womyn's right sheer tan pantyhose foot.  Without hesitation, they attacked her righ nylon foot with tickling, sending Jungle Womyn's body into giant spasms in the chair she had been strapped down to for the last several days.  "MMPHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHANANAHA!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as her right tan pantyhose foot was tortured, from the ball to the arch to the toes, nothing was spared the torment.  Every inch of her foot was explored with tickling fingers and licking tongues, which sent Jungle Womyn into agony.

Just as when her left nylon foot was assaulted by all three ladies, Jungle Womyn tried to squirm and dance her foot away from the three brutal ticklers, but after about five minutes her right sheer tan pantyhose foot just went slack and she gave in to the torture once again.  "MMPPGHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" she screamed under the gag.

Sweat was dripping off Jungle Womyn's tortured body as the three ladies continued their merciless tickle assault on her nylon feet and body.  Tears had now started to flow beneath the blindfold, which was soaked through.  Her tan pantyhose feet received the worst of the torment, each nylon foot being tickled until it stopped squirming and just sat limp in the bonds as the tickling continued.

Over the next several hours Jungle Womyn had every inch of her sexy body tickled and teased by the three women.  The three women rotated positions, each having several turns to tickle different parts of Jungle Womyn's body.  Using their fingers and mouths, the women tortured Jungle Womyn's body for 3 hours and 42 minutes to be exact, until several men walked through the door.

"Ok ladies, I think Holly here had the time of her life.  She's probably too exhausted to thank you right now, but we'll be sure to pass on her thanks to you later," said the man.  "No worries at all," said the ladies in unison.  "She was a trooper...only passed out four times, which is actually pretty good considering how we were letting her really have it!" said the blonde.  All three ladies gave Jungle Womyn a kiss on the cheek before leaving.  Jungle Womyn, exhausted beyond belief, chest heaving up and down, body dripping with sweat, didn't make a sound except the heavy sound of her breathing.

The men approached the broken body of Jungle Womyn, still wearing the blindfold and the red ball gag in her mouth.  The floor around the chair she was strapped to was wet with perspiration, as was Jungle Womyn's body drenched in beads of sweat.  One of the men removed Jungle Womyn's blindfold, and pulled the dripping gag out of her mouth.  Jungle Womyn weakly licked her lips, as her eyes adjusted to the light.

"Your new owners are here Jungle Womyn," said the man who removed the gag.  They were very vague about themselves, but did offer one piece of information...they belong to some type of group or organization.  I'm sure they'll fill you in, seeing as you're their new plaything," said the man.

Jungle Womyn tried to speak but wasn't able to.  All she could get out was "UUNNNHHHHNNNHHH."  The men laughed at the once-proud heroine having been reduced to a nylon tickle slave, as one of the men produced a chloroform rag and placed it gently over Jungle Womyn's face.  "MMPPPHHMHHPPHH!!!" cried Jungle Womyn softly as she slowly drifted off to sleep, her eyes rolling up and finally closing.

6:56 AM.  The Capitol Beltway.  Two Black Luxury SUV's In Transit.

The sun was just peeking over the horizon as two black SUV's sped down the road, one following the lead.  In the lead SUV were two women, one driving, the other a passenger next to her.  Both were strikingly beautiful.  The driver was of Japanese origin, tall and slender, with flowing black hair and a hauntingly beautiful complexion.  The passenger was of Irish origin, tall and muscular, with medium-length ruby red hair and a somewhat freckled complexion.

"I can't believe our luck in acquiring Jungle Womyn!" said the driver.  "For years we've been tracking these super heroines, and to finally have one in our grasp...it's just amazing.  I can't wait to play with her body," said the Japanese beauty.  "I just can't believe those assholes tortured her so much...they KNOW we request our women to NOT be touched.  That's OUR department," said the Irish women with a sadistic smile.  "Don't worry...she's a true-to-life super heroine.  I'm sure she has plenty of spirit left to be broken."

Lying in the back of the women's SUV, with her hands tied behind her back and her nylon feet tied together was the body of Jungle Womyn.  A painters mask laced with chloroform had been placed over her nose and mouth, keeping her in a deep slumber during the trip to her new home, as the truck sped down the road.  Even though she was in a deep sleep, Jungle Womyn's sheer tan pantyhose feet twitched a little when her subconscious overheard where her new home was to be.  Something about a covenant.

To be continued...!