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This is a work of pure fiction and was created for entertainment purposes ONLY.  "Jungle Womyn" is a fictional character based entirely on the character I had a hand in creating, and have shot extensively with Hollywood, and the likeness is based 100% on her (see picture below for a character reference/appearance).  Any other characters found in this work of fiction are not based on any real person, and any such likeness is purely a creative coincidence.  The author does NOT condone any behavior described in this story except in the world of fictional fantasy, and this work was created with that in mind.  For origins and character biographies, please visit the Nylon Covenant section on my site.  Thank you!

"Jungle Womyn: In Route"

Continued from the story "Jungle Womyn: Dungeon of Laughter"...

The black, late-model Navigator sped down the highway to a destination known only to a select few.  The truck obeyed all speed limits and rules of the road, as did the second black Navigator following several car lengths behind.  Not for safeties-sake, but because it was transporting a very precious cargo: the sleeping body of Jungle Womyn, the beautiful heroine that was soon to become the latest nylon slave of the Nylon Covenant!

"How many miles left...what's the GPS say," said the driver of the lead SUV, a gorgeous Japanese woman wearing a white blouse and skirt.  "About twenty-five miles Miko.  We should be there within a half-hour...why do you ask," said the passenger, a sexy Irish woman in her late twenties wearing a navy blue professional pants-suit.  "No reason, it just makes me nervous transporting such a high profile catch like Jungle Womyn.  Know what I mean Michelle?  The Covenant paid out over six-million dollars for her...until we have her in the facility and under lock and key, I'm going to be a bundle of nerves!" said Miko, nervousness in her voice.

"Seriously, don't worry about it babe," said Michelle.  She's sleeping like a baby, so she's not going to give us any trouble.  Besides, we've got an escort," said Michelle, turning her head slowly to look out the back window of the truck.

Trailing behind the girls' SUV was a second black Navigator, this one filled with two men.  The driver, known only as Mr. Stark, was a bald gentleman in his early forties.  Muscular and tall, he was known within the Nylon Covenant as "the enforcer."  One of the longest-serving active members, Mr. Stark had been there from the beginning.  He was feared by slave and member alike, and no one ever, ever crossed him.

Sitting next to Mr. Stark was Will, a young man in his early twenties.  Puffy blonde hair and a thin build, Will was the newest member of the Covenant.  Young and brash, he wasn't nearly as respected around the Covenant as Mr. Stark, but he was possibly more feared than him by the nylon slaves.  Because of his age, Will had no remorse for his actions...he would often tickle torture a slave for hours and hours without mercy, just because he could.  While other members would often feel some pity for the nylon slaves and grant the occasional merciful break, Will would keep going, pushing the captive further and further into their own tickle hell.

"I still don't know why they sent us out here to play nurse maid to those bitches in front of us!" said Will.  "I could very-well be back at the facility right now having fun.  They just brought in this pretty brunette divorce attorney that I want to play with.  Apparently she represented the wife of a member and got a big settlement for her.  I can't wait to see the look on her face when she's tied down to a table in nothing but sheer pantyhose, and the husband of the wife she represented walks in!  Oh boy will she be shoc..." said Will as he was cut off mid-sentence...

... "Shut up and listen" said Mr. Stark.  "First off, those bitches as you called them in the truck we're following FAR outrank you, you sniveling little shit!" said Stark, his voice dripping with rage.  "The reason you're here on escort duty is for your ultimate fuck-up during our last collection expedition.  Remember?  The one where you single-handedly let the victim escape before you could get her back to the facility.  You cost us a lot of money and embarrassment that day.  We had to scramble several teams after her before she could reach the authorities and give them a description.  Luckily for you we were able to re-capture her.  But the message was clear...you're NOT ready to be a full-member yet.  Which is why you're in this truck.  So shut the fuck up and keep your eyes on that SUV!" screamed Stark.

Jungle Womyn slowly started to stir, lying in the cargo area of the SUV, the back seats folded down to allow more room.  Her hands were tied together behind her back, and her nylon feet had been tied together at the ankles.  Slowly she opened her eyes, making slight cooing sounds.  "UUNNNGGHHH" she quietly said, her head moving from side to side.

"Well well, it looks like our little nylon princess is waking up prematurely.  I guess I didn't use enough chloroform on that mask," said Michelle.  "No worries, we're almost there...another twenty minutes.  Why don't you crawl in back and keep our guest comfortable," said Miko.  "Love to!" said Michelle, as she climbed over the center console and toward the back of the SUV, laying down next to Jungle Womyn.

The red-haired Irish beauty pulled the chloroform-laced painters mask away from Jungle Womyn's face, revealing her gorgeous facial features.  Jungle Womyn's sight was starting to focus, as she stared at the woman laying next to her.  "Plea...please," said Jungle Womyn, her voice low.  "Please let me go...you can't do this."

Michelle gently ran her right hand over Jungle Womyn's right cheek, brushing her auburn hair away from her eyes.  "Don't be afraid Jungle Womyn.  You're in our hands now, and we'd never hurt you.  We're going to take wonderful care of you, treat you like the beautiful flower that you are," said Michelle, her voice dripping with both sincerity and excitement.

"Please...no more chloroform...no more tickling," said Jungle Womyn, slowly pulling at her bonds.  Hearing this, Michelle just smiled at her, as she removed her high heel shoes, revealing a perfect set of size 7 off-black pantyhose feet, toes painted in red.  "You're a woman...please...we have a common bond.  You can't do this to me...PLEASE!" Jungle Womyn said, emphasizing the last word.

Michelle used her left hand to grab hold gently Jungle Womyn's long auburn-colored hair, and slowly pulled her head back.  Moving her face close in to Jungle Womyn's... "I am a woman, and yes we do share a bond.  You're my nylon slave, and I'm one of your many new masters," said Michelle, her tone getting a little stronger.  "Just wait...plea..." said Jungle Womyn, but her sentence was cut short as Michelle unexpectedly kissed her on the lips, her tongue trying to explore the inside of Jungle Womyn's mouth!  Jungle Womyn was caught off guard by this, as Michelle continued to press her mouth down onto Jungle Womyn's in a passionate embrace, her right hand squeezing the left breast of Jungle Womyn through her leopard-print top.  Jungle Womyn tried to pull away, but Michelle held her fast.

"I think she likes you," said Miko with a laugh, looking in the rear-view mirror.  After nearly a minute, Michelle pulled away, leaving Jungle Womyn gasping, trying to spit.  "PGHGLLEEAGH!" screamed Jungle Womyn, shaking her head.  "Get away from me you freak!  You're sick and you need help...don't touch me!" screamed Jungle Womyn, pulling at her bonds even harder.

"C'mon now baby, you know you liked it," said Michelle.  "I could feel you resisting less and less...maybe you're a closet lesbian and you don't even know it!" said Michelle with a laugh.  "I'll bet she is!" said Miko.  Glancing in the rear-view, Miko secretly wished she was the one playing with Jungle Womyn.  "All in good time," she thought to herself.  "You know what," said Miko... "I think she's really depressed.  We've got about fifteen-twenty minutes before we arrive.  Why don't you cheer her up a bit, Michelle."

"You read my mind," replied Michelle.  With that, a look of utter horror fell upon Jungle Womyn's face, as she understood what was about to happen.  "PLEASE!  ANYTHING BUT TICKLING!!" screamed Jungle Womyn in a tone heavy with fear.  "Aww...is poor little jungle princess afraid of a little tickle-wickle," said Michelle in an incredibly mocking baby voice.

With that, Michelle plunged her hands into Jungle Womyn's exposed and vulnerable sides, feverishly tickling her ribs as Jungle Womyn screamed.  "NOOHAHAHAHAHSTOPPPAHAHAHAHAGGOODDDNNNOOOHOHOHAHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as Michelle's fingers poked, prodded, and found each ticklish rib, one by one.  "Is our sexy little nylon slave a big ol' ticklish baby-waby," mocked Michelle.

Jungle Womyn squirmed all around the cargo area of the SUV, kicking her bound nylon feet, trying to escape Michelle's exploring fingers.  "Aww the poor ticklish super duper hero is just a little ticklish baby," said Michelle with a sinister smile developing.  "GGGHAADDDAAANOOHOHOHOHAHAHAPPPLEEAASHAHA!!!" was all the Jungle Womyn could scream as Michelle straddled her waist, scrabbling her fingers all over Jungle Womyn's stomach.

"I can't be sure, but I think I heard her say she wants you to tickle her nylon feet!" said Miko loudly, her voice fighting with Jungle Womyn's screams.  "HAHAHNOOOHHOHAHOAHAHAHANNOTTTMMYYHYHYAAHAFFEEEEE!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as Michelle continued her tickle assault on her ticklish tummy.

"Sounds good to me," said Michelle.  She stopped tickling Jungle Womyn's upper body and slid herself off from the straddle position.  After only a few minutes Jungle Womyn was already wrecked, sweat glistening off her entire body, beads forming and pouring down her face, her throat hoarse from the laughter.  With one fluid motion, Michelle rolled Jungle Womyn over onto her stomach.  Jungle Womyn tried to protest, but in her weakened condition didn't put up much of a fight.

Michelle admired the view: Jungle Womyn's leopard-print thong panties perfectly accentuated her sheer tan pantyhose-covered ass.  "What a cute little behind she has Miko!" said Michelle.  "So nice and firm...I just want to GRAB IT!" Michelle said as she dug both her hands into Jungle Womyn's pantyhose-encased bottom.  "NOOHAHHAHAAHAHAHA!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as Michelle's fingers tickled her ass.  "Miko, would you believe it...even her ass is ticklish!  Must be these pantyhose...I wonder if the nylons make the back of knees ticklish too!" said Michelle as she started to run her wiggling fingers down the backs of Jungle Womyn's sheer tan pantyhose legs.

"HAHAHAHANANAHONNOOAHOHOHAHAHAHASTOOOPPPAHAHA!!!" scream Jungle Womyn as Michelle scribbled her fingers up and down Jungle Womyn's pantyhose-covered thighs, the smooth pantyhose letting her fingers glide effortlessly from Jungle Womyn's knees to her ass and back.  "Yep...she's ticklish anywhere the nylons are!" said Michelle.  "Oh my God...we TOTALLY need to encase her entire body in sheer pantyhose back at the Covenant!" said Miko with a devilish smile.  "Can you imagine how tortuous it would be for her?!?  I'm getting hot just dreaming about it" said Michelle. 

"You know Miko, with her hands tied behind her back like this, and her feet tied together, our little jungle princess could do for a nice hogtie tickling, don't you agree," said Michelle with a wicked smile.  "Absolutely...grab some rope out of the center console to connect her hands and feet.  But don't wear her out too much...save a little bit for me later," said Miko.

"NNNOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn upon hearing this.  "Please don't tickle my nylon feet...I can't take it...I'll die!"  Michelle had just finished connecting the ropes into a perfect hogtie, as she looked down upon the utterly helpless heroine.  "Oh don't be so dramatic!" said Michelle.  "You would be shocked to learn how much nylon tickle torture you can take before you die.  Trust us...we have first hand knowledge!" said Michelle in a serious tone that frightened Jungle Womyn.

"Oh my God Miko...would you just LOOK at these perfect NYLON FEET," said Michelle, emphasizing certain words.  "They're just gorgeous...what's your secret girl?  You must really pamper them!" said Michelle.  Jungle Womyn just closed her eyes and tried to find a happy place in her mind, for she knew what was coming.

"AHAHAANAHAHANOOHHHHAOAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as she felt ten fingers dig into her sheer tan pantyhose arches on both nylon feet!  "NNOOHOHAAOAHAHHOHOHAHAHSTTOOPPPAAAHHAHA" she screamed, as Michelle's fingers scribbled and scrabbled all over Jungle Womyn's perfect nylon feet.  Up and down, left and right, the fingers explored every nook and cranny.  Jungle Womyn swung her head from side to side, droplets of sweat flying off her face.  "HHAAHHAHAHGGGOODDDDHAHAHAANNANAHHAHA!!!" she screamed.

"Oh my you weren't kidding...you're sheer nylon feet ARE incredibly ticklish, aren't they!" said Michelle, surprised at the reaction she was getting.  "So soft and smooth, I just want to run my fingers up and down them FOREVER," said Michelle, emphasizing the last word, making Jungle Womyn scream even harder.  "HHAHANANONONOANAHAHAHAHAHOHOHAHAHAHASSTTTAPPPPAHA!!"

Michelle pulled back Jungle Womyn's nylon toes on her left foot, and with her free hand began drawing figure eights up and down Jungle Womyn's smooth arches, sending her into a state of hysterical panic.  "NNOOTTTAAMMYYHIIIAARRCCHHEESSHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn as her delicate nylon arch on her left sheer tan pantyhose foot was tickle tortured.

This went on for several minutes, until Michelle stopped drawing with her finger.  Jungle Womyn lay in the strict hogtie, panting, breathing heavy, gasping for breath.  "No....no....mmrrr.....moorrr....more....ppllle....pleea....please...ccnn...canntt...takkee....mmu...moo...morr...." Jungle Womyn struggled to say, her sweat-drenched body twitching.

"Damn girl...almost broken and it's been what...ten minutes?" said Michelle.  "Yep, just about ten minutes," said Miko, looking at the clock on the radio.  "Pathetic."  Michelle then used her left hand to grasp Jungle Womyn's right nylon foot, holding it tight.  "What about your toesie-woesies?" asked Michelle.  "Are they tickle-wicklish too?" she continued in a mocking tone.

Jungle Womyn didn't even have time to make a reply as she felt Michelle's right hand dig into her pantyhose-covered toes on her right nylon foot!  "NNHOOOHAHAHNNOTTTAHHAAHATHTHEETOOEESSSSSSAHAHA!!!" screamed Jungle Womyn in a raw, almost animalistic fashion.  "SSTOOPPAAHAHAHAHAGGGOODDDHHAHAHA" Jungle Womyn continued, laughing and screaming and praying for a quick death in her mind....anything to stop the tickling.

Michelle continued tickling Jungle Womyn's pantyhose toes on her right nylon foot for several minutes, until she decided to give the utterly defeated and exhausted heroine a brief moment of respite.  Jungle Womyn was near passing out, her head starting to spin from lack of oxygen caused by all the laughter.  "What's wrong Michelle, I was just beginning to really enjoy her laughter...such a cute laugh she has!" said Miko.

"The Covenant is only a few blocks up...I think we should give her a rest.  We don't want her showing up frazzled and haggard-looking, now do we," said Michelle.  "You're right," replied Miko.

Michelle then moved her off-black pantyhose covered left foot up into Jungle Womyn's face as she lay in the hogtie, unable to move.  "Ok princess, I want you to worship my nylon feet until we arrive at your new home.  Do a good job and maybe...just maybe...I'll put in a good word for you with the others about how much of a cooperative nylon slave you are," said Michelle.

Jungle Womyn was far too exhausted to protest, as her head was spinning from all the tickling.  "Yess....anythi....jjuss....tt....nnoo...mmmrr...oorree...tickk" was all that Jungle Womyn could muster.  Jungle Womyn opened her mouth and readily accepted Michelle's pantyhose foot into her mouth, sucking, kissing, and worshiping.  "Use your tongue!" said Michelle in a forceful tone.  Jungle Womyn began using her tongue to lick from bottom to top Michelle's left sheer off-black pantyhose foot.  "Now the other one," said Michelle, propping her right nylon foot into Jungle Womyn's face.  Jungle Womyn repeated the process, licking from bottom to top Michelle's sheer pantyhose foot.

Jungle Womyn had been turned into a nylon foot slut, but anything was better than being tickle tortured.  Jungle Womyn nibbled on Michelle's black sheer pantyhose feet, as Michelle alternated her left and right every few seconds.

"Such a good girl," said Michelle.  "I think I'll do the same with your sexy sheer pantyhose feet," said Michelle as she began using her tongue to lick Jungle Womyn's sheer tan pantyhose feet, from the balls to the arches to the toes, stopping to plunge her tongue in between each toe.  "NNHOOAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Jungle Womyn briefly screamed as Michelle's tongue tickled her nylon toes.  "Oh hush, you know you like this" said Michelle as she continued licking Jungle Womyn's sweat-glistened sheer tan pantyhose soles.

Suddenly lights appeared in the distance, as a large, castle-like manor came into view.  "You better get up here, we've arrived" said Miko.  Michelle stopped licking Jungle Womyn's nylon soles and crawled up next to her, her face inches away from Jungle Womyn's.

"You know, I really LOVE how your nylon feet taste after I've tickle tortured them.  We'll have to do this again," said Michelle as she kissed Jungle Womyn on her cheek, before crawling back up into the front passenger seat next to Miko.

Tears were beginning to well up in Jungle Womyn's eyes, as she anticipated what they had in store for her.  Closing her eyes, a single tear rolled down her cheek, as her mind swirled with a thousand thoughts of what ticklish horrors lay in store.

To be continued.